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Discuss - Ep #0020
« on: March 31, 2020, 02:36:22 PM »
Robservations #20

And if you'd care to look back, the first WP discussion topic for this ep:
Re: Discuss - Ep #0020

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Re: Discuss - Ep #0020
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2020, 03:47:55 AM »
Roger and Vickie pull up to the inn in the convertible and walk into the side door of the diner.  Roger goes to confront Devlin while Vickie waits in the empty diner. It seems the days of extras are over.  Roger accuses Burke of attempted murder and call Vickie  to  come and recount her seeing Burke by the car and Burke admits he had the wrench in hand.
Sam learns Maggie checks up on him.  They have a row over it and he accuses her of a lack of trust. Maggie is now a redhead. Assuming as her hair is dark and when the show goes color she is a redhead.
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Re: Discuss - Ep #0020
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2021, 02:01:53 AM »
Will this night never end?

Roger drives Vicki into town at midnight with the top down and neither's hair is worse for the wear. Roger has Vicki wait in the diner while he heads upstairs to confront Burke (past the night clerk, who'll sell info to anyone for five bucks, and believe it that Roger KNOWS this to be true). Vicki, uneasy, tries to persuade Roger to go to the police. She's also smart enough to know that Burke may not be guilty. Her pleas fall on deaf ears. Roger must do things his own way, because, well, you know, Roger is Roger.

Restless Sam shows up at the diner and engages Vicki in small talk in hopes of learning why she and Roger have come to town (so late at night?). I don't believe Vicki is happy to see Sam and who can blame her after their first (and last) encounter on Widows Hill? She shuts him down (Vicki still has plenty of NY in her veins) but he soon concludes that Roger has come to confront Burke. Why he needed to talk to Vicki to figure this out is beyond me, but as Roger is Roger, Sam is Sam.

Roger gains entry to Burke's suite talking and acting like the cat that swallowed the canary. RobinV found it annoying but I found it amusing. I admit it was slightly corny but I enjoyed the scene and Roger's sarcastic dialogue. And Mitch Ryan's Burke is excellent here. I thought he was very convincing. Burke finally asks Roger to get to the point, and he stands, accused of attempted murder. Of course Roger drags Vicki into it to try and get Burke to admit it but we know Burke can't do that. And Vicki pretty much backs up Burke that Roger's evidence is circumstantial. Burke warns Vicki, once again as he did the first night they met, to leave town. It looks like things are about to get ugly around Collinsport. He has heart enough though to warn an innocent.

Five'll get you ten that the night clerk is on the phone with somebody right now. Vicki no doubt will soon be know around Collinsport as, "That tramp from NY". Poor Vicky.

Sam returns home. The phone rings. It's Mr. Wells. He's inquiring about Maggie's well-being since she left the diner early with a headache. Sam blows a fuse because it is too late for phone calls to people in ill health. Maggie lets slip that Wells is calling to report on Sam. Could Mr. Wells be the five dollar night clerk? I can't believe that. Not no way, not know how! After fussing with each other over it, all is forgiven as Sam heads off to bed with a kiss and a loving smile for his caring daughter.

Roger and Vicki, arrive safely back to Collinwood. Vicki tries to talk sense into him once more but he'll have none of it. He tells her not to even think of heeding Burke's warning to leave Collinsport. I wonder if Roger stopped by the police to report this crime? Or if he intends to take care of things his own way?

I wonder if Liz even knows that Vicki is gone as well with Roger. I bet if Mrs. Johnson were around she'd know. Come to think of it. I bet Mrs. Johnson was the first person the five dollar clerk called!
And don't you think that if it's cold enough to wear a trench coat that it is cold enough to put the top up?!
Sam's missing a button.
Burke doesn't seem very hateful with Roger at first. An act?
I guess it's a pretty solid episode if all there is to piss and moan about is trivial and speculative.