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1105 - Barnabas and Julia look out Maggie's window.  Maggie! calls Barnabas, frantically searching the grounds below.  Do you see her? asks Julia. No, he says--I was hoping she'd hear my voice if she was still on the grounds--how's Mrs. Johnson?  She was hit on the back of the head (who did that, Gerard?), says Julia, she may have a concussion.  Take care of her, orders Barnabas, I'll find Maggie.  Julia agrees--Mrs. Johnson shouldn't be moved, anyway.  Barnabas closes the window--how did Maggie get out? he wonders--the window was locked inside!  Then he remembers the secret panel.  Where does it lead to? asks Julia.  To a door at the far end of the house, says Barn, then it leads to a tunnel that goes to the beach.  He exits this way, on Maggie's trail.  Julia goes to attend to Mrs. Johnson, whom we do not see.

Collinwood - Julia comes downstairs, still in her coat.  She hears the carousel music playing, and Carolyn in the drawing room, talking to someone.  Julia joins her.  I was about to come looking for you, says Carolyn.  Who were you talking to? asks Julia.  No one, says Carolyn.  I heard you, insists Julia--Gerard was here, wasn't he?  I have no idea what you're talking about--but I would like to ask you a question, says Carolyn--just why didn't you inform the family that the children are missing?  Julia, guilty, says, I meant to, but I thought I should tell the police first.  That was not your decision to make, snaps Carolyn.  Julia, caught, says, wait a minute--how did YOU know the children were missing?  It's Carolyn's turn to hesitate, look furtive--it's no concern of yours, she says.  Gerard has been here, accuses Julia.  You're not making any sense at all, says Carolyn.  Something terrible is about to happen, says Julia, you know about it--what has Gerard told you about it?  Carolyn again denies knowing this "Gerard."  I've seen him--he is responsible for the way you're behaving, says Julia.  I refuse to listen to you anymore! says Carolyn--but I suggest you take me to the children, immediately.  I have no idea where they are, protests Julia.  Yes you do, says Carolyn, and you'll tell me, too, because if you don't, I won't help you and Barnabas find Maggie.

Do you know where Maggie is? asks Julia anxiously.  You won't tell me what I want to know, says Carolyn archly, nibbling a large sugar cookie. Did you see her leave the house? asks Julia.  I had a vision of her, says Carolyn.  Where was she? asks Julia.  I don't understand all this concern about Maggie, complains Carolyn.  Her life is in danger, says Julia impatiently.  Carolyn bites into the cookie.  I don't really believe you have second sight you're talking about, says Julia, baiting her--if you did, you wouldn't have to ask me where the children are, you'd already know.  Carolyn looks at her--I tried to have a vision of the children, but failed, she says--I don't understand why.  You didn't see Maggie, either, did you? asks Julia cunningly.  Yes I did! shouts Carolyn.  Where was she? asks Julia.  I can't tell you that, says Carolyn.  You've got to, insists Julia.  I want to help you, but I can't, says Carolyn, face screwed up with disappointment--I can't! screams Carolyn, already on the verge of madness.  She and her cookie dash away from Julia, who leaves the room in frustration.

Old House - WILLIE! Barnabas yells upstairs.  Loomis races wildly downstairs.  Is everything all right here? asks Barn. Yes, Willie assures him, Daphne is up in her room.  Lock her door and come with me, says Barnabas.  You're going to leave her alone? asks Willie.  I have no choice, says Barnabas--Maggie has disappeared and we've got to find her.  Maggie? screeches Willie--what's happened to her?  She was lured away from her room, says Barnabas, by the vampire.  Willie: I thought somebody was supposed to be watching her...  Barnabas slams his hand on the newel post--don't look for explanations now, he orders--go out and search the woods, but first go to Collinwood and see Julia--find out if she learned anything from Mrs. Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson? blathers Willie--what...  There's no time to discuss it now, just do as I tell you! commands Barnabas imperiously. Willie runs upstairs to lock Daphne in.

Carolyn is dancing in the drawing room with her cookie, singing, "I wanna dance with you, wanna dance my cares away, I'll be so close to you, in your arms I'll always stay."  She giggles.  Willie comes in--Carolyn?  You gave me a start, she says, still laughing.  What you laughing about? he asks--ain't you heard what happened?  I just can't help being amused, says Carolyn.  What about? he asks.  Julia and Barnabas, she says--they're the ones that are so concerned about Maggie Evans, and yet I know more than they do--don't you find that amusing?  He gazes at her, nonplused--what is it you know? he asks softly.  Wouldn't you like to know? she teases.  He grabs her arm--you can bet I would, he says--if you know where Maggie is, you'd better tell me!  You have no right to order me around! cries Carolyn.  Do you or don't you? shouts Willie.  I do! she retorts, right in his face, but why should I help you or anyone else find Maggie Evans--after all, she never did belong in this house.  (???)  Neither did Barnabas, for that matter, adds Carolyn, I never did understand that.  I don't know why I'm standin' here listenin' to ya, says Willie, you don't know what you're sayin'--you're crazy.  You don't have the sense to know the truth when you hear it! screams Carolyn--"Do you know what you are, Willie Loomis?--you're stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid--and I can prove it!--I can prove you're not smart enough to find Maggie Evans!--can you hear me?"  Insulted, glaring at her, he challenges--go on, prove it.  If you really want to find Maggie Evans, says Carolyn, I'll play a little game with you.  AINT NO TIME FOR GAMES! blares Willie, right in her face again.  You won't even listen to what I have to say, she says, picking at the cookie.  Go on, say it, say it! he yells.  Do you like riddles? she asks.  What are you talking about? he asks.
I'm going to give you a riddle, she says, and if you're smart enough to figure it out, you'll find Maggie Evans--if you're not, you won't--what could be simpler than that?  Nothing, he says, come on, give it to me.  Give me a minute, I have to think, she says, then recites, "Where the north woods path is narrow, you'll be at sixes and sevens, but look for the H and follow the arrow, that points to Maggie Evans."  Giggling, she asks, do you think you can figure that out?  I don't even know where to begin, he says desperately.  In the North Woods, stupid! she screams in his face.  Can't you make it a little clearer? he asks, helpless.  Then it wouldn't be a riddle, she reminds him--anyway, we're doing this to find out how smart--or stupid--you are--remember?  Willie makes a dismissive gesture at her, then grabs a paper and pencil to write down the riddle, scrabbling in his pockets while Carolyn laughs at him.

Willie searches the woods, flashlight and paper in hand.  He shines the light on the paper, saying to himself, "Where the North Woods path is narrow."  OK, so the path is narrow, what do I do now?  It would be at sixes and sevens?  How am I supposed to figure this out? he says aloud, I don't even know what it means!  I must be stupid even to have listened to her, he frets, I know she ain't got all her marbles.  What's the matter with me?--Maggie isn't anywhere near here, I'm just wasting time.  Hearing the dogs howling, he says to himself, the path goes off to the right--I might as well see where it leads to.  He finds himself in the Eagle Hill cemetery--she could be here--maybe Carolyn ain't so crazy after all.  He shines the light on the paper--look for the H and follow the arrow--what H?  What arrow?  This is a big cemetery, I don't know where the stinkin' lousy arrow is!  He runs his hands through his hair, becoming a total wreck.  What's the use? he wonders--I ain't gonna figure it out--Carolyn didn't mean for me to, she was just teasing me.  He sits down on a grave--I'm sorry, Maggie, I don't know, I did what I could, I don't know anymore, I can't do it--I'm sorry, Maggie (so pathetic--and so sweet!)  He stands up.  He's been sitting on Jeremy Harrow's grave.  Willie returns there after thinking a while.  He notices the H in Harrow and that "arrow" is part of it.  Follow the arrow which points to Maggie Evans! he reads, and continues on, flashlight in hand, hope in his heart.  He opens the same tomb the kids found the other night and discovers the coffin from which the vampire had emerged.  He opens it--it's night, and therefore empty.  So this is where he stays during the day, muses Willie.  He closes the coffin and hears moaning.
He finds Maggie on the floor behind the coffin, her neck dripping blood.

Julia sets up yet another transfusion for Maggie.  Barnabas is at her side, looking morose.  She was left there on the floor to die, he says, and that's what would have happened if Willie hadn't been there.  She's still very weak, says Julia, and will need more than one transfusion.  Willie, staring at Maggie, says, Barnabas, we've got to pull her through this night.  We shall, promises Barn, by tomorrow, she'll be all right--you don't know how much I'd like to have been in that crypt to drive a stake into his heart myself.  That's impossible, says Julia (since you and that vampire keep the same hours).  Yes, agrees Barnabas--one of you will have to do it.  There must be someone guarding the crypt during the day, says Julia.  Then both of you go, says Barnabas.  Maggie moans in her sleep.
If only Mrs. Johnson could have seen who attacked her, laments Barn.  We'll know who it is soon enough, says Julia.  Dogs howl.  Maggie moans.  Barnabas opens the window and gazes out.

Julia looks down at Maggie, who is muttering to herself--keep sleeping, urges Julia--it will be dawn soon, and all over--you'll be yourself again.  Maggie's head moves restlessly on the pillow.

Barnabas stands in the Old House drawing room.  Willie shows him a stake and hammer--we're ready, says Willie.  It's almost dawn, reports Julia.  I know, says Barnabas--you know what you have to do?  Yes I do, she assures him.  My only regret, he says, is that I can't be there to do it myself.  Come, Willie, says Julia, we'd better get started.  They leave.  Barnabas watches them go, then retires to his own coffin for the day, looking pensive and regretful.  We get a shot of his cane hanging on the coat rack.

Willie and Julia go to the mausoleum.  It looks deserted, he says.  I'm sure someone is guarding the coffin, says Julia.  They move toward the tomb, Julia looking behind them, Willie holding a bag with the necessary tools.  No one is here guarding the coffin, says Willie, I don't understand it--and I don't like it.  It must be done, insists Julia.  Yeah, for Maggie's sake, says Willie.  For everyone's sake, she amends.  I keep thinking, he says--if this were Barnabas' coffin and we were two other people...  We are NOT, Willie, she says--don't think about that.  Nervous, frightened, he bites the back of his hand.  Get the hammer and stake, she says.  He takes them out of the bag and stands beside Julia--who do you think is in there? he asks--well, if we've gotta do it, might as well get it over with!   She opens the coffin, looks down, and gasps in disbelief, shaking her head.  "Oh no, no!" she cries.

NOTES:  What a great episode!  Who's in the coffin?  We'll find out soon enough.  Loved Willie's introspection and fear for Barnabas--this could be him, if they were two other people.  This is the kind of scene I lived for on DS, and they came few and far between at this point in the series.  There was so much good in this ep, with Karlen and Barrett stand-outs for their performances.

Barnabas blathered on about taking care of destroying the vampire, but he had to know that was just desire talking--he must keep the same hours as the vampire, so he can't very well dispense with it.  His frustration is evident.

I LOVED the scene between Carolyn and Willie--she eating the cookie, calling him stupid over and over.  Their dialogue overlapped a few times, making it impossible for me to discern what was being said, so some of the crackling, marvelous dialogue isn't in my summary, but I watched this raptly, with vast enjoyment.  I'm so glad Willie proved Carolyn wrong.  This is SO much better than any of the stuff with the kids!

Carolyn says that neither Maggie or Barnabas belong there.  I wonder what that came from?  Is that how Gerard feels?  Carolyn?  Leticia?

I also loved Willie's monologue in the woods as he tried to figure out Carolyn's riddle, and was so glad when he did.  I adore Karlen, who is one of DS' finest actors.

A really terrific episode, but I want to get on to the next to see the revelation of Collinsport's newest vampire.

1106 -

Julia, who is it? asks Willie, peering over her shoulder.  We understand her gasp in the previous episode as we see none other than Roxanne Drew slumbering in the coffin.  That girl? asks Willie--the girl Barnabas...?  The girl Barnabas thinks he loves, says Julia--I should have known, I should have figured it out--the few times I've seen her have only been at night, and Elizabeth and I were wondering the other day what Sebastian Shaw did during the day--now we know.  Where is Shaw now? asks Willie--he's going to come here, Julia, I know it!  She looks down at Roxanne.  We've got to do it now, says Willie.  He places the stake on Roxanne's chest, holds the hammer poised over it, draws it back and is about to strike when Julia grabs his raised arm--no, she says, and takes the stake from him, too.  We've got to do what we came for! protests Willie.  No, not now, insists Julia.  Barnabas said whoever it was didn't matter, points out Willie.  He didn't know, he never suspected! says Julia, clutching stake and hammer.  (Don't vampires "smell" their own kind?)  But the Roxanne he loved was in another time, says Willie, she was no vampire, this one is--he doesn't even know who this one is!  He thinks he does, says Julia regretfully--Willie, we can't do it, not without his knowing.  Julia, let's make it easy for him, for once, says Willie, I mean we gotta do it for Maggie.  Please, begs Julia.  Maggie will die, Willie reminds her--you said so yourself.  I know, says Julia, I know!  If we have to wait until dusk for Barnabas, this Roxanne--he points to the vampire--she won't be here tonight, she'll be with Maggie--he won't blame us.  She's what he always wanted, says Julia sadly, someone with whom he could share eternity.  (Oh, the sorrow on her face is heartrending!)  This one ain't like him, says Willie, she's vicious, that's what he said, I heard him--Julia, I'll take the blame.  You didn't even want to come here, she says.  But I am here, he says, because Barnabas told me--Julia, you just walk out of here, I'll do it for Barnabas.  He holds out his hands for the tools.  She reluctantly starts to hand them over, then stops--I can't, she says--there has got to be another way--close the coffin--close it.  He does.  Now go and find Quentin, she says.  I don't understand you, says Willie--you know what must be done, that she must be destroyed--and we'll never get this chance again--I know it, and so do you.

Old House drawing room - Sebastian Shaw paces.  We see him peering through the bars of the cellar door.  Julia enters--what are you doing here? she demands.  Have I committed a crime? he asks.  How long have you been here? she queries.  Five or 10 minutes, he says--I came from Collinwood, I saw the door open and let myself in--if my manners are not...  He notices Julia staring down into the basement--is something wrong? he asks--is there some reason I shouldn't be here?  No, of course not, she says--tell me, what is it you want?  I feel like I'm on the witness stand, he complains.  She apologizes.  I'm sorry, too, he says, I thought we could talk honestly, Doctor.  About what? she asks.  And I thought you'd return the compliment, he says--the subject is Maggie Evans, Doctor.  Oh, Maggie is the subject, I see, she says, sitting in a chair.  You're treating her, he asks, sitting down, too--why keep her here at Collinwood?  Because I think she's too ill to be moved, says Julia.  Why have you kept her here so long? he asks.  Because I thought she'd recover from the attack, says Julia.  How can that be? he asks, now that there's been more than one attack, hasn't there?  We don't let her out of the house, says Julia--what do you know about what's happened to Maggie?  Not much, just what the family told me, he says, but I happened to see Maggie this morning, and I didn't realize how weak she was--now you can do more than what you've been doing, can't you?  If I thought I could, I would, she says severely.  I think she would be better off somewhere she could get more continuous care, he opines.  You're in love with her, aren't you? asks Julia, smiling slightly.  He turns away.  She stands and asks, "How is Roxanne Drew?"
She's fine, he says.  Good, says Julia, I'm glad to hear that--if that's what you came here for, I've for work to do.  Could I have your permission to go up and sit with her tonight? asks Shaw.  That won't be possible, says Julia.  Why not? asks Shaw.  Because we've made other plans, says Julia.  Maggie has got to live! Shaw passionately insists.  We both agree about that, anyway, says Julia.  Shaw leaves.  Willie joins Julia--Quentin is out back with it, he says--should we bring it in now?  Julia nods--yes, now, she says.  Willie leaves the room.  Julia pulls open the secret bookcase.

Cemetery - Shaw enters the mausoleum.  Stunned, he sees Roxanne's coffin is gone.

Old House - secret room - Roxanne's coffin has been moved there.  Julia, says Willie, Quentin thought we did the right thing.  I don't know, says Julia--Sebastian is bound to discover the coffin is missing.  Yeah, but he won't come here, says Willie.  We've just got to get through until dusk, says Julia, then Barnabas can do whatever he wants--we've just got to keep her in the coffin.  We'll chain her, suggests Willie--I left the stake and hammer in the crypt--what if Sebastian finds it?  Go get it now, orders Julia.  Willie leaves.

Shaw finds the stake and hammer.  They were left here, he says to himself--whoever took the coffin didn't use them!--she's still alive--still alive!  He hears someone entering and hides against a pillar.  Willie enters, finds the case, pushes the tools back inside and leaves with it.  Shaw grins.

Dusk - Willie finishes putting chains around Roxanne's coffin--Julia, he asks, how are you going to tell Barnabas?--I can't tell him--even if I was going to end it, I still can't tell him--I've been through too much with him.  Julia, fingering the chains, replies, "As have I."  Yeah, says Willie, I guess we both understand how much things affect him--I don't know how many bad times he's had.  Please, Willie, begs Julia as they leave the secret room.  It's just that Barnabas, he goes through so much, says Willie, closing the bookcase.  Julia fiddles with her scarf as Willie continues--I just want you to tell him, I hope you understand that.  Barnabas exits the cellar--is it done? he asks.  Well, you see, Barnabas...begins Willie.  What happened? asks Barn--were you caught in the crypt?  No, says Julia hesitantly, looking at Willie.  We were all ready to do it, adds Willie, but...  Why didn't you? asks Barn.  We opened the coffin, says Julia.  Who was there? Barnabas asks.  Willie gulps.  Barnabas turns to Julia--who was it?  The coffin is here in the secret room, says Julia--you'll see for yourself.  You brought the coffin here? he asks, amazed.  We didn't know what else to do with it, admits Willie.  Who is it? asks Barn--that's what you're afraid to tell me, isn't it--why?  Julia and Willie hesitate.  Finally, she reveals--it's Roxanne.  He's astounded--no, he says.  It's the truth, Barnabas, says Willie.  No, it can't be, insists Barnabas, hurrying to the bookcase and pulling it open.  We've chained the coffin, says Julia.  "Unchain it!" commands Barnabas.  She's vicious, Barnabas! insists Willie.  UNCHAIN THE COFFIN! Barnabas shouts, and exits the secret room.  We hear the sounds of chains being taken off the coffin as Julia follows Barnabas out to the drawing room--were we wrong to do what we did, she asks, or would it have been better for you if we did as you asked us to?  Barnabas, tortured, has no reply.  Willie, removing the last of the chains, calls to Barnabas, who runs in.  Take it away!" he commands--"I must see her!"  Willie pulls off the last of the chains and tries to prevent Barnabas from opening the coffin.  Leave me alone, says Barnabas.  Willie and Julia exit the room.  Barnabas opens the coffin and looks down at the caped, hooded Roxanne.  He says her name tenderly.  She reaches up as if to embrace him, but her long, hideous fangs are bared.  "NO!" he screams as she draws him close for a vampire kiss.
Julia, holding up a gold cross, appears behind Barnabas as he struggles to free himself from Roxanne's deadly hug.  Stop! cries Julia.  Seeing the cross, Barnabas yells, "Julia!" and retreats behind the coffin.  Julia forces a yowling Roxanne back into her coffin, placing it on her breast.  Willie! calls Julia.  He comes in and hastily shuts the coffin, hanging his head over it as if he can't take another moment more of this.  Barnabas, overcome, leaves the secret room.  You see how vicious she is, points out Julia.  I cannot blame her, he says--what if I suddenly found my coffin opened in a strange place, at the mercy of somebody I barely knew?  (you did--and you did the same to Willie!)  That is the truth, says Julia pointedly, she is someone you barely know (good one, Jul)!  He gives her a look, then gazes at the stake and hammer lying on a nearby table.  What are you going to do? she asks.  I must talk to her, he insists.  That's impossible, says Julia, you just saw that!  We hear Willie replacing the chains around the coffin.  She's got to understand I want to help her, he says.  If you let her out of that coffin, says Julia, she will dematerialize and be in Maggie Evans' room before we can even leave the house.  What if she realizes we're the same? asks Barnabas. You're mad! accuses Julia.  No, says Barnabas.  To give away your secret to someone like that, says Julia--"I won't let you do it."  I might be able to control her, he says.  Or she might control you, Julia points out.  No! says Barn, walking toward the window.  You say no, Barnabas, says Julia, but how can we be sure?--we don't know anything about her!  She did save our lives in Rose Cottage, says Barnabas.  Are you serious about trusting your secret to her? demands Julia--a secret that has almost cost Willie and me our lives (said almost to herself)--Oh, Barnabas, you talk of helping her--if there was any way of helping, wouldn't you have helped yourself before this?  Perhaps she's different from me, he says, I must find out what made her this way--I can't help thinking how much she was like the Roxanne I loved in parallel time (comparing a hummingbird to a vulture there, aren't you, Barnabas)?   What changed her?--what curse? he asks.  We cannot undo what has happened, says Julia, it's dangerous to think that way.  She walks over and picks up the stake and hammer, holding them up--here is the solution, for you and for Maggie, says Julia.  Barnabas grabs the stake from her hand and tosses it into the fireplace.  No, never! he says--she must stay in that coffin.  Until Sebastian Shaw finds her--because he will, Barnabas, or someone else, we don't know who she has in her power--it's dangerous for you!  I have feelings I cannot ignore, Julia! he says.  Willie comes out and softly says, "Finished, Barnabas."  You and Julia will leave the house, instructs Barnabas, I must see her alone.  Willie and Julia exit.  Barnabas closes himself in the secret room with Roxanne.

Old House - We see leather pants entering the drawing room--Sebastian Shaw.

Inside the secret room, Barnabas gazes down at the chained coffin.  What am I to do? he agonizes.  For so long, I have wanted a bride, a bride to be like me, someone who would come to me from love--that moment your eyes met mine, your eyes were filled with hate--how many hours till dawn?--for this night, there's nothing to be done here, I must get out of this house, and think--I must find a way!  He exits the secret room, closing the shelf behind him, then, despondent, puts on his cape and leaves the house.  Shaw comes out of his hiding place and picks up the hammer, then opens the secret door.  He hammers away the chains on Roxanne's coffin, then opens the coffin and points a gun at her breast.
We see the furious, hate-filled face of Sebastian Shaw, ready to destroy the vampire!

NOTES:  A real shocker, huh?  Did you figure out who the vampire was?  I sure didn't the first time, and this was a complete surprise to me!

Wow, what an episode, filled with so much emotion, history, incredible excitement!  Will Shaw kill Roxanne?  Isn't he under her power?  I would have imagined so, but perhaps she's got another hold over him and that's why he protects her--although he sure isn't protecting her now!  Maybe he IS under her power but his love for Maggie is overcoming Rox's vampire thrall.

In any case, Barnabas is in a huge dither about Rox, unable to decide what to do.  Apparently, neither had the vampire radar necessary to figure out that the other was one of the living dead.  You'd have thought they would have homed in on each other, but they didn't.  And once again, poor Julia makes the agonizing decision to let Roxanne live, knowing that Barnabas would have been very unhappy if they destroyed her without letting him know the identity of the vampire.  They left poor Julia open to more heartbreak as she realizes (and Barnabas later states) that he's always wanted to find someone to live with him through eternity as a vampire.  Julia, being the self-sacrificing woman who loves him--again!  You'd think she'd get tired of being so damned selfless!

Willie, too, was thinking of all Barnabas has been through, but Julia rightly pointed out that she and Willie have gone through much of his hell right along with him--don't they deserve some peace?  For all of her words, Julia doesn't practice what she preaches.  It was SO HARD for the two of them to tell Barnabas who the vampire was, and the acting was superb all around, too.

These are the only episodes that get me through the overabundance of David/Hallie/Tad/Carrie.  Thank God for these.  I loved DS no matter what, but I'm a more discerning adult now, and I imagine even then, the repetitive scenes with the children and Daphne and Quentin got on my nerves.  I loved DS to the end and always will, but it had its failings, and those annoying kids were too much!

Then again, I know there are those who will say, to hell with Barnabas, why is everyone always being so solicitous of his feelings, tiptoeing around him and trying to ease his pain?  Julia is right--Roxanne is, unlike Barnabas, a soulless vampire, and his hopes to turn her into a kinder, gentler vampire are undoubtedly doomed to failure.  He always has let his romantic heart rule his head, and it always gets him into trouble.  Somehow, I suspect this won't be any different.

Great stuff, at least IMHO.

Love, Robin

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Re:#1105/1106: Robservations 09/15/03: The Identity of the Other Vampire
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2003, 06:22:36 PM »
Agree that Karlen was amazing.  I loved it when his chin quivered as Carolyn was taunting him.

Do we see Willie again, or are these the character's final eps?

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Re:#1105/1106: Robservations 09/15/03: The Identity of the Other Vampire
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Do we see Willie again, or are these the character's final eps?

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Re:#1105/1106: Robservations 09/15/03: The Identity of the Other Vampire
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2003, 07:55:57 PM »
I just love the way Grayson played the scene where she discovers Sebastian at the Old House.  Especially the crafty look she gets on her face with that line, "You're in love with her!"

The vampire storyline was the part of the Summer of 1970 that worked best, even though in many ways it was just a copy of previous vampire storylines on the series, it seemed as if there were some new wrinkles that gave this one extra oomph.


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Re: Robservations 9/15/03 - The Identity of the Other Vampire - 1105-1106
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2007, 10:20:33 PM »
I enjoyed these episodes as well. it was good to see some old faces like Willie and Mrs.Johnson again, and the riddle was great. It had me going for a moment. "The H and the Arrow" Harrow, I'm not much brighter than Willie. I'm glad we're finally moving on to 1840, the ghosts and the kids were getting so repetitive, I hope to see improvement in the storyline.