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Re:Nails on a blackboard
« Reply #30 on: October 01, 2006, 11:53:13 PM »
Sometime back, AMC ran reruns of Hullabaloo clips on Sat. nites.  One clip featured a performance by The Animals.  The set designer had set up a set that somewhat resembled a "den" of a big game hunter, with trophy plaques on the walls.  The Hullabaloo ladies stuck their heads through these faux plaques to make it look like they were "mounted" on these walls.  There was a brief close up of McKechnie in one of those shots, head through the plaque!  I LMAO thinking how Sheenasma, Luciaphil and all the rest of the " 'manda  haters" would love a scene like that on DS![/color]

LMAO love to see that one.  I can just see it now, the line up to throw pies at the trophies.

Oh and the Amanda haters who are into fanfiction might be interested in the fact that I wrote a novellete/novel that redoes the "Quentin and Amanda go to hell" episode -- reset in 1897 with him going after BETH.  Kathy Resch has accepted it for publication, but no clue yet when its anticipated on going to press.

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