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Current Talk '07 I / The Christmas Presence
« on: February 06, 2007, 02:22:24 AM »
The third Big Finish audio drama was well worth the wait.  The story picks up where the second left off, with tensions within our favorite dysfunctional family.  They've decided to put aside their differences to celebrate the holidays together.  The actors stepped back into their roles as if only a few years had passed between the original show and its new incarnation.  Newcomer Andrew Collins has settled in nicely, improving with every story.  A new visitor arrives, skillfully played by the talented Toby Longworth.  Mr. Longworth may be familiar to fans of the Judge Dredd audio series (also available from Big Finish).  He's quite frankly, a master of voices.  In fact, on the last CD of the Dredd series, he played all the parts!  His talents are a welcome addition to the DS cast.

The story moves quickly, without neglecting to give us ample interaction between the characters.  Lara Parker and John Karlen are particularly entertaining as Angelique taunts Willie.  I won't say too much about the spectral presence that menaces them.  I'm trying to review this story without resorting to those spoiler shades.  I'll just say that the use of Chrstmas carols as the spirits haunt the denizens of Collinwood is very chilling and effective.

I've decided to wait until tomorrow to hear "The Rage Beneath".  I'd vowed to serialize the rest of the series over the next six days, but I consumed "The Christmas Presence" in one greedy gulp.  Oh well, Christmas is a time for indulgence.  So is the New Year.  I'll trade in the karma I've collected not being tdrunk on the 31st by treating myself to the whole tale tomorrow.

If you've not gotten these stories, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

Current Talk '06 II / Observations from a Native Newporter
« on: November 08, 2006, 08:30:07 PM »
I grew up in Newport RI.  My high school was a mile or so from Seaview Terrace, the mansion that was used as Collinwood.  Locally, it's known more commonly as "Carey Mansion".  Something occurred to me when I went home this summer.  Art Wallaces original bible for the show named the heroine Sheila.  That name was later, of course, changed to Victoria.  If you are driving towards Seaview, on Ruggles Avenue, you will come to a Victoria Avenue.  It never dawned upon me to wonder if this is where they got the idea to change the name of their ingenue.

Another place I took for granted was a dive called "The Trawler".  It's been gutted, remodeled, and sold since the '80s.  Back then, it looked amaziningly like "The Blue Whale".  In fact, the person who took me there the first time, did so because he was struck by the resemblance when he saw the TV show.  Again, could this have been the genesis of the design for the set?  I suppose it could be a coincidence, but the layout and the decor were a fairly close match.  The main difference was the placement of the door.  The Blue Whale entrance faces the bar and has a railing.  One entered The Trawler by a door that led you in with the bar on your left.

Another bit of trivia, Joanna Going,  of the '91 series, graduated from Rogers High Schoo, in 1981.  Although she was born in Washington DC, she spent most of her school days in the Newport School District.  It certainly was a shock to me when I'd heard she'd been cast as Victoria. While we were not close friends, we'd been in at least 3 classes together, including a drama class, senior year. 

Calendar Events / Announcements '06 II / Vengeance at Collinwood
« on: October 11, 2006, 09:46:48 PM »
"Vengeance at Collinwood" was the second reader's style theater performance of a Dark Shadows play.  Unlike "Return to Collinwood", this one was not released as a CD.  Its my understanding that it was recorded though.  Does anyone know why it was not released?  Do you all think there is a demand for a totally live DVD of this performance? I for one, feel a need to have it.  Its now the only totally "lost" episode of Dark Shadows. Incidentally, I'd also like to have the performance of the Art Wallace piliot as well.

Current Talk '06 II / Episode 584-Dress Rehearsal
« on: September 15, 2006, 04:50:27 PM »
I recently purchased a box of documents from the Dan Curtis archives.  The box contained the cast and summary pages from Mr. Costello's scripts.  Most were blank pages, but a few had some notes and scribbles on them.  One in particular was interesting.  Someone, Mr. Costello probably, wrote that they had tried to tape the "memory scene" before lunch, but picked up "cross talk".  Because of the time lost taping that over, he then states that he had to tape the dress rehearsal as the aired version.  This brought a couple of questions to mind.  Does anyone know if this was the only time this happened?

Episode 584 is the one where [spoiler]Willie has kidnapped Maggie so Barnabas can't use h er as the life force for Eve. Maggie remembers being brought to the mausoleum before by Julia, during her stay at Wyndclyff.[/spoiler]

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