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An autographed copy Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark is being offered on EBay as a fund raiser for the Hero Initiative charity. This book is autographed by both authors. Mr. Rainey will no doubt be willing to attest that the signatures will be genuine. Here's the URL  The bidding is starting at $15.

I was a tad annoyed when the 30th Ann. CD came out claiming to have all the Grean DS tracks. Looking back, they may have indicated the singles. Either way, careless reading on my part or an omission on theirs, it seemed annoying to have everything except the "Shadows of the Night" version sung by Robin Grean. Now understand, I never really liked that song all that much, I just felt it was unsettling to have the collection incomplete. I could have taken the album and converted the track to MP3 myself, but that would have been a hassle. I used to do things like that routinely, but the software doesn't work well with my newer PCs. Yesterday I found MP3s of the album on a site. The URL will be pasted below. The only annoying thing is (here's where I look a gift horse in the mouth) each side was recorded as a single track. That's ok though; I have the song now and can burn it to CD where it will probably be ignored for  years.  I have to admit, even though that album was never my style of music, it was a blast from the past to hear it again.  The page also has some articles on DS. For those who do not have the first sound track album on CD, it's also there.

Big Finish has posted its podcast with David Selby and Lisa Richards, to promote Blood Dance. I've not listened yet, but I'm expecting it to be intriguing.

This has puzzled me for years. As I'm sure everyone knows the DS eps used to have that announcent that DS is a DCP. It stops during early Barnabas. I was at a Fest and I'm pretty sure I heard a clip where that announcement came on after a Leviathan episode!  Does anyone remember if this was done on air during the original run? If so, why was it on the tapes for the first year or so and not later?  It's a very trivial question, but I've wondered about it for a long time.

Calendar Events / Announcements '09 II / Happy Birthday Jonathan Frid!!
« on: December 03, 2009, 01:34:24 AM »
If you're reading this, I hope you're having a great day!

Has anyone seen the new compilations by MPI?  I'm about half way thru the Vampire Curse (1795).  I have mixed feelings.  You have to have an open mind watching this one at least.  Certain characters either barely appear or are cut out entirely.  I'd love to watch with someone who is not familiar with DS.  I'm curious how these hold up as standalone features.

Calendar Events / Announcements '09 I / "Dan Curtis Giveaways"
« on: May 18, 2009, 01:34:30 AM »
There were 9 Gold Key comics that were called "Dan Curtis Giveaways".  All were abbreviated reprints of various comics including DS, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and 4 other titles.  Does anyone know why they are identified with Dan Curtis?  There was only one DS issue in the lot.  Of the 7 other titles Star Trek was the only one to have 2 issues reprinted. Why aren't they called "The Gene Rodenberry Giveaways"?

The second issue went out today.  I had a little confusion with the mailing list, so if you asked to be on the subscriber list and did not recieve it, please send a message.  If you're new to the zine, it's an internet only publication..that means I have unlimited back issues, lol. 

This issue features an interview with Stuart Manning, reviews of Big Finish DS titles, artwork, fiction, and some surprises. 

Questions and comments regarding the zine can be sent via private message on the board or to

The zine will also be uploaded as a torrent file to Demonoid later. 

Current Talk '09 I / '91 DS will air on Chiller Sunday 3/29
« on: March 26, 2009, 02:22:32 AM »
They are running the entire series as a marathon beginning at 6:00 AM Eastern time.  According to the listings, they are running most of series again, ending at 5 the follwing (Monday) morning. 

This makes me wonder if they are testing the waters to invest in the original show.

I downloaded a WORD document entitled "DS Treatise".  In it are a collection of articles or postings.  One had a reference that intrigued me.  It made mention of German (European?) re printings of the Dark Shadows novels in English.  Ordinarily I'd not give an isolated mention of something obscure like that much credence, but it ties in with a vague memory.  I seem to recall someone at a convention or bookstore showing me a German book that had a cover that did not resemble the style of the German artwork at all.  It was more congruent with the mood of the Paperback Library paintings.  Does anyone have any light to shed on this?  For years I'd dismissed this recollection as faulty, but now I wonder.  I'd be interested to know what was reprinted and when.

When I was handed the first book in the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series, I never thought I'd actually wind up reading it.  I figured I'd read a chapter or two to be polite and give it back.  After chapter one, I decided to read 2, then by 3 I WAS HOOKED.  If you've not read the series, it's about a character that bears a suspicious similarity to what Buffy might be like when she's in her late 30s.  I won't go into great detail since this is off topic, but Julie Kenner captures the essence of what made Buffy great, a blend of light horror and sly humor.  Rather than simply create a clever Buffy clone, she adds to the mythos by exploring new territory.  Since I'm not in the target audience, I won't criticize her for gettting bogged down a bit too much in the mudane details of being a wife and mother.  I sometimes find that a tad tedious, but as I said, I'm outside the scope of the mainstream of her readership. In the end though, I find these books to be page turners and recommend them highly.

Has anyone received their CD yet?  A British fan posted on the Big Finish site that he'd gotten his or hers on the 28th and someone in Austalia said his arrived yesterday.  I've been eagerly anticipating this since September. 

I'd like to give a heads up to all interested parties that AOL Hometown will be shutting down after Halloween.  Jean Graham, a fantastic writer, has a great deal of fanfic up there.  Long time readers of TWODS, ITOH, and others will remember her work.  In addition to DS, you'll find Classic Trek, Forever Knight, Galactica, Blake's & etc.  The last time I spoke to her (ie via email) she siad that she was planning to move, but could not be sure how long it would take to get all of her material up. I whole-heartedly recommend her work and the price is right.

Current Talk '08 II / Color Scans of the 1971-72 Sunday Comic Strips
« on: September 30, 2008, 12:21:12 AM »
I have acquired some very good copies of 35 of the Dark Shadows Sunday Comic Strips (the first 36 weeks, but I'm missing one week in July or Aug).  It works out to the first few arcs.  I've scanned these and with the kind permission of the Mysterious Benefactor and the Powers That Be. I'd like to offer them up to members of this board, and any other interested parties. 

I've scanned these as JPEG files and would like to form a distribution list for these.  I've been sending them out, one a week, to a few people.  I'm more than willing to send the first few out, this week or the next, and then continue with one a week. 

In the interest of time, I'll be doing this as one email to a large number of people, so if you don't want others to have access to your main address, you  might want to create an account for this.  I have an AOL screen name that I rarely use for this purpose, just to keep all the mail from this project separate from my other mail. 

I have a little disclaimer.  Ms. Scott put out a wonderful book on the comic strips.  I don't intend to infringe upon her rights to sell these materials.  This is intended as a supplement to that collection.  Her book has BW copies of the 6 panel versions of the strips.  These copies are the 7 panel versions in color.  I will not be sending out any of the BW daily strips.  If you don't have her book, I recommend it highly.  It can be found at her website.

Members of this list might also be sent other goodies as I find them. 

If anyone has the last third of the collection, please send them my way. 
The email address should be fairly easy to remember

Here's some information I found about the German translations of the Paperback Library DS novels.  They were translated by Karl Heinz Poppe.   The literal translation is given after each of the German titles. This was done by the Google service and in at least one case, is obviously not indicative of what the title is supposed to mean in German.  The words "Deutsche Erstausgabe" followed each title in the list that I have.  I have no idea what this means.

 Sein erstes Opfer (1977) (D) (HO) His First Victim(s?)
   Barnabas Collins (1968) (US)
  Pabel Vampir-Heft, 211: 1. Aufl. (RH)
  64 S

Das Blutfest auf den Klippen (1977) (D) (HO) The Blood Feast on the Cliffs
  The Secret of Barnabas Collins (1969) (US)
  Pabel Vampir-Heft, 215: 1. Aufl. (RH)
  64 S.

 Der Blutgraf (1977) (D) (HO) The Blood Count
      The Peril of Barnabas Collins (1969) (US)
  Pabel Vampir-Heft, 231: 1. Aufl. (RH)
  64 S.

  Die Geisterhöhle (1977) (D) (HO)  The Ghost Cave
    Barnabas, Quentin and the Haunted Cave (1970) (US)
  Pabel Vampir-Heft, 245: 1. Aufl. (RH)
  64 S.

  Die Gruft der Phantome (1977) (D) (HO) The Tomb of the Phantoms
    Deutsche Erstausgabe
  The Phantom of Barnabas Collins (1969) (US)
  Pabel Vampir-Heft, 227: 1. Aufl. (RH)
  64 S.

  Jagd auf Werwölfe (1977) (D) (HO) Hunting on (of?) the Werewolves
     Barnabas, Quentin and the Nightmare assassin (1970) (US)
  Pabel Vampir-Heft, 238: 1. Aufl. (RH)
  64 S.

  Die Teufelsfrau von Collinwood (1977) (D) (HO) The Vicious Wife of Collinwood
      Barnabas, Quentin and the Avenging Ghost (1970) (US)
  Pabel Vampir-Heft, 253: 1. Aufl. (RH)
  64 S.

  Wenn der Totenvogel klagt (1977) (D) (HO)  If the Dead Bird Laments (Is something lost in translation here?)
     The Demon of Barnabas Collins (1969) (US)
  Pabel Vampir-Heft, 223: 1. Aufl. (RH)
  64 S.
Der Werwolf und die Hexe (1977) (D) (HO) The Werewolf and the Witch
   The Foe of Barnabas Collins (1969) (US)
  Pabel Vampir-Heft, 219: 1. Aufl. (RH)

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