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"Dress Me in Dark Dreams" and "The Eternal Actress" are both up for the Scribe Award at the San Diego Comic Con. Both plays are discounted this weekend.  Big Finish is will win the award, but DS might not. They are competing against a Doctor Who title.

Calendar Events / Announcements '13 I / DS Inspired Twilight Zone?
« on: June 21, 2013, 03:39:18 PM »
This must have been inspired by DS! I was convinced about 11 min in.

Current Talk '13 I / Night of Dark Shadows Question
« on: April 03, 2013, 02:02:38 AM »
I've been reading the script for this film. I'd always assumed that the figure glimpsed by Quentin and Alex in the greenhouse was Angelique. However the description describes her as a "girl". Does anyone know if this was Angelique or Sarah?

Lincoln's sons were played by two David's-Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gulliver McGrath. Jack Earle Haley also had a small role.

Current Talk '12 II / Lara's Next Book Delayed?
« on: August 17, 2012, 04:57:13 PM »
Does anyone have any information about the release date of Lara's book?  I had a definate date on Amazon. It was set for delivery in either Oct or Nov.  Now it says it won't be out until 2013, and Barnes and Noble doesn't list it at all! 

Apparently the three DS stars are going to be in a movie together, with Jerry Lacy starring as the title character.  Apparently, the person who wrote the article below was unaware that Jerry was in DS! There is an entry for this film on as well.

I'm thinking about selling my German reprints of the Ross novels. I want to go home (Newport, RI) for a month this year, but it's expensive. Does anyone have any tips on how to sell on EBay? I've never sold anything there. I'm also wondering what these items might be worth. It's hard to part with them, but I don't read German, and even if I did, I have the English versions!. I also have high quality scans of the covers, so they're really not essential to my collection. Any input would be welcome. I have no idea what these are worth.

Apparently the Gold Key Story Digest is being reprinted. Amazon says it's due out on Aug 16th.  The original had 144 pages, but the listing says it has 176. It also makes the following claim "this book presents a complete extended story with accompanying artwork".  I'm not sure if this means that there restored portions that were excised in the orignal edition or if they are assuring the reader that it's a self contained longer story.  Either way, it probably has some articles and other "special features".

Current Talk '11 I / Costello Signature
« on: April 02, 2011, 08:18:37 PM »
I have a box of documents from the Dan Curtis Productions files.  A number of the script pages bear the name COSTELLO. I'm wondering if he wrote his name to identify his script or if some unknown person put his name on it before giving it to Mr. Costello.  Does anyone have an image of his signature?  I'd appreciate seeing examples of his autograph.

I've just started this book, which was published by Wayne State University Press.  It's a scholarly examination of DS and the cult phenomena surrounding it. I've not read very far into it, but it seems to have been written by a fan. At $14.95, it's a bit pricey for a mass paperback.  The way I look at it though, DS does not exactly saturate the market as compared with say, Star Trek or Doctor Who. It's relatively inexpensive to be a virtual completist when it comes to DS. OK, I draw the line at the Barnabas Vampire Van! I'm also not likely to own a set of original Groovy Horror Heads, or even the Pink Gum Cards. They are too pricey for me. The former two have little to do with DS, and the latter can be reproduced on a quality printer.  I had once hoped to own the model kits, but the 12 inch Majestic Barnabas and Quentin figures have rendered my interest in the kits obsolete.  I'm not very skilled at either building or painting, and the end result, even in the  hands of an expert, is only a mediocre likeness of the characters. Aside from those rare artifacts and a few others like them, I try to get most anything new that's connected to the program. 

I want to apologize in advance if information about this book has already been posted. I tried to do a search several times and got a notice that told me that the page could not be displayed. This happens often to me on several different computers. Is this typical for most people?

I recently acquired a set of the Horror Heads on EBay. They are reprouctions.  The werewolf has no nose and looks very little like his counterpart on DS. That ddin't surprise me until I saw the commercial again on YouTube. They showed a werewolf that resembled the one one the series more closely. I wondered if mine was defective, so I googled pics and found one on the DS Collectibles page. It looked like mine. This leads me to wonder if a defective or badly worn copy was used to recreat the line or if that's the way the pieces were released orginially? Does anyone have an original werewofl and does it have a nose? I'm just curious.

I have a very busy life, and I want to assure everyone that idle curious ideas like thiks cross my mind from time to time. I am not losing sleep over whether or not my GROOVY HORROR HEAD is descended from a defective matrix. I just findi it curious that a reasonable prototype, at least, existed and may not have been used as  model for the line.

Whoever spearheaded the rerease of some of this memorabilia is a true fan nad I commend him or her. I had always written off these pillows as too expensive, too rare, and too tawdry to be a part of my DS collection. These affordable reproductions were a good way for completists to satisfy that nagging urge to own a complete collection of memorabilia.

The one thing I refuse to buy is the Van. I'm sorry. This has NO connection at all to DS. At least the pillows have Barnabas and he looks A BIT like Frid. Actually I suspect they used the portrait as their guide. It reminds me of the painting. 

I bought a CD at the Half Price Books chain. They specialize in second hand books, but also sell overstocks of new items like the Pulse Audio CD I purchased. It's entitled Science Ficition: Volume One.  The second story "Building B-2000" uses Cobert's music as its score. I think it's actually the music from House of Dark Shadows. The liner notes reveal it to be a Jim French Production. The stories aren't bad and are worth the $1.98 I paid for the disc.

Calendar Events / Announcements '10 II / Kingdom of the Dead
« on: August 04, 2010, 05:31:11 PM »
I'm curious about what other members of this board thought of the new season of DS audio dramas, Kingdom of the Dead.

1.  Describe your reaction to Alec Newman as [spoiler]David. Were you excited at the prospet? I was.  From the beginning I felt that he was the easiest to recast. We've never seen him at a festival or on TV since DS. I thought Jamison Selby would have been great as David as well. After all he's Selby's son and named for one of David's characters.  It's great to have Alec involved in DS in a major way.[/spoiler]

2 How does David Warner stack up as a major DS villain? I've always been impressed with him. In fact, I prefer the Sapphire and Steel audio series to the TV series.

3 What about Susan? [spoiler]Do you think they should bring her back? I have mixed feelings about this. I love the actress and would love to have her back. I'm not sure if bringing Susan back would be a great idea. We have her tragic death, undoing that might cheapen the story. I'm willing to keep an open mind though. She's a great addition to the DS lore.[/spoiler]

4 [spoiler]Reactions to the cliffhanger!?!!![/spoiler]

5 Other comments

Cult Radio has MP3 downloads of shows featuring interviews with Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker, and Marie Wallace. Each show runs several hours. The DS portion is anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Each show is $2.99 and can be paid thru PayPal and other ways as well (I believe). The Marie Wallace show was alluded to in another program. It was not listed, so I asked about it. The arranged to sell it to me. Just be aware that this is not an instantaneous transaction. They are a small company. When you send your money, you need to wait for someone on the other end to read the email and manually send you a download link. I did two transactions with them. Both were sent to me within 24 hours. I found the interviews very informative and enjoyable, even though I knew much of the material presented in them.  John Karlen was on recently. That one will be repeated later this week, if I'm not mistaken. There are other items of interest in these shows as well. I loved their talk with Jason's mother from Friday the 13th.

Both new Big Finish DS stories are out and available for download to subscribers and those who want to buy them that way. I listened to both in one greedy gulp!!  All I can say at this point is...WOW...  This is a great time to be a DS Fan!!!

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