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Marie Wallace invites local DS fans to attend her theatrical reading on February 2 at Roy Arias Studios in NYC.

Time: 7:30 p.m.
300 W. 43rd St. (between 8th and 9th Avenue), 5th floor

More details are available at

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Happy Birthday

The Official Dark Shadows News Updates Yahoo Group
Marcy Robin's Cyberspace "Dark Shadows" News Updates

An Official Internet Publication of SHADOWGRAM -  -The Official "Dark Shadows" Published Newsletters

YahooGroup address:

Number 208. January 23, 2009.

Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,

ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following breaking news in this Online News Update "bulletin."



Jean (1991 DS' Elizabeth, Naomi) passed away from lung cancer at her home in Santa Monica, CA, 1-22. She would have been 81 years old on 1-31.

London-born, she made her movie debut at age 14 in the 1944 British film "Give Us the Moon." Two years later came her breakthrough role as "Estella" in the film adaptation of Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations." She was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for "Ophelia" in Lawrence Olivier's "Hamlet" in 1948. She also was nominated in 1969 for her portrayal of an alcoholic wife in "The Happy Ending."

Her 50+-year career included co-starring with many iconic actors in 35 motion pictures in the 1950s-70s, plus numerous TV roles. She won the Emmy Award for the TV miniseries "The Thorn Birds."

One of her final roles was as the reclusive "Hannah" in the Britsh film "Shadows in the Sun," shot last year on location in England's north Norfolk coast. It was released in the UK last year.

She is survived by her two daughters, Tracy Granger and Kate Brooks.

LA Times obituary 1-23: "Instead of flowers, the family suggests donations be made to the Lange Foundation, a pet rescue organization, at"

SG notes: Late 1-22, rhe LA Times online broke the story of her death. The 1-23 newspaper edition has the complete obituary, and the Times' website also has a gallery of career photos.,0,3505807,full.story


Conard (Frank Garner - 1970) was 76 when he died of pancreatic cancer 12-14. He was a delightful guest at the 2006 DS Festival's DS 40th Anniversary Celebration in Brooklyn and at a previous NY DS reunion. A videotaped interview from 2005 is also included as a bonus item on MPI's "DS - The Beginning" DVD releases of the pre-Barnabas episodes.

Conard was a vital part of the Actors' Equity Assocation for 36+ years. He was elected to its Council in 1973 and served as AEA's Secretary/Treasurer from 1988-2009. In 1977, he co-founded VITA (AEA's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program), which has assisted thousands of AEA members with their income taxes. He also served on numerous committees and special focus groups.

Last year, SG #115-#116 print issue saluted him as recipient of AEA's 2009 Patrick Quinn Award for Distinguished Service to Actors, which "recognizes and rewards those who give of themselves to improve the lives of actors."

He was a member of the second graduating class of NY's High School of Performing Arts and won a 4-year Navy scholarship to Yale, where he majored in history and the arts and letters. His acting career included roles on stage, screen, TV, radio, and soaps "Edge of Night," "As the World Turns," and "Search for Tomorrow.".

He is survived by former actress Jacqueline Hernly, his wife of 52 years; daughters, Cly Fowkes; Amy Fowkes, and Katherine Fowkes; 8-year-old grandson, Matteo Neri; and a sister, Diane Zellers.

For those wishing to remember Conard, contributions may be made to the Actors' Equity Foundation, 165 W. 46th St., NYC, NY 10036. Please indicate that the contribution is for the VITA program.


Michael (Constable James Carter 1966) passed away at age 81 at his home in Freeport, Maine, 12-22.

Born Herman Christian Schwenk, Jr., he earned a degree in psychology and did graduate work at Cornell University. His career as a character actor saw him in numerous TV and screen roles, "Love and Kisses" on Broadway, and several off-Broadway plays. Credits also include the movies "Philidelphia Experiment," "Sudden Impact," and "Firefox," plus TV shows such as "Soap" and "Cheers."

In addition to his wife of 49 years, Ann, he is survived by daughter Catherine and her family. son John and his family; his granddaughter and a sister.

Those who wish to remember him may donate to the Actors Equity Fund through the name Herman C. Schwenk Jr.


Joe (1991 David, Daniel) plays the title role a slang term for a strung-out, burned-out heavy metal rocker in "Hesher". It world-premiered 1-22 as part of the "U.S. Dramatic Competition" at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Sundance publicity: Hesher: "A mysterious, anarchical trickster descends on the lives of a family struggling to deal with a painful loss."

SG #115-#116 print issue shared Joe's news about the role. The upcoming SG #117 will have more information.


The "Dark Shadows" feature film finally is heading toward production later this year. It will star longtime DS fan Johnny Depp as "Barnabas."

Director Tim Burton has completed the extended post-production of his most recent collaboration with Johnny, Disney's live-action/animated movie adaptation of "Alice In Wonderland." Johnny is starting to film "The Tourist" with Angelina Jolie. Variety 11-6: "Depp would play an American tourist drawn into a web of intrigue by a female Interpol agent (Jolie) who is attempting to locate a criminal who was once her lover."

In the meantime, the DS script is being worked on and plans are on target for an expected 2011 release.

More confirmed information will be in the upcoming SG #117 and future SG print issues, with confirmed news Update bulletins posted to this Shadowgram YahooGroup.

BURBANK, CA, JULY 16-18, 2010

SG announces that JONATHAN FRID (Barnabas) and other confirmed guests will join us at the Cast Reunion and Fan Convention at the Marriott Hotel & Convention Center at the Burbank Airport in Burbank, CA, this July 16-18.

The hotel is across the street from this international airport, located very close to Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and many Southern California attractions. Recent SG Updates have more specific details about the event and the area.

All our confirmed guests, programming, membership, and other details will be announced soon in the SG #117 print issue and SG Online Updates posts. Subscription information for the published SG newsletters (such as SG #117) is later in this Update.

The Festival plans its general postal-mailing in the coming weeks. To receive this mass mailing, please send a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) to Dark Shadows Festival, P.O. Box 92, Maplewood, NJ 07040.

--- All of us on the Fest staff are volunteers. Fan volunteers help in several ways throughout the convention weekend and are invited to a private party with DS guests in thanks.

For volunteer information, please send a SASE or e-mail: Nina Johnson, 411 Victoria Dr., Columbia, MO 65201.

--- Fans seeking possible hotel roommates can be put in touch with others and then make their own arrangements. Roommate Coordinator Pam Jarman cannot assist with travel planning or hotel reservations.

For hotel roommate information, please send a SASE or e-mail: Pam Jarman, P.O. Box 45674, Los Angeles, CA 90045.


--- Please share with SG any media articles, publicity, and reviews about "Hesher," as well as obituaries/tributes honoring Jean. Please also send - at any time any mentions you may find about the new DS film, the DS personnel and their projects, or other DS-related news/references. Please send these to the SG addresses below.

You will be named as a Contributor in upcoming print issues. You also may receive a complimentary Contributor's Copy for major contributions of information, funds, postage stamps, supplies, publicity, assistance, etc.

--- The next print issue newsletter, SG #117, is underway and will expand on the above news items and much more, plus remember those we recently have lost. The issue, subsequent SGs, and future SG Online Updates also will cover all the latest DS-related news, including official developments for the "Shadows in the Sun" convention in Burbank July 16-18.

**** Subscription information for the ShadowGram Newsletter print issues follows. When your order arrives, I will mail you the current SG #115-#116 Double Issue newsletter to begin / renew your subscription. The next SG #117 and subsequent issues will be sent to you and all postal-mail subscribers as they are published.

**** This Update is posted to the ShadowGram YahooGroup and dispersed by interested fans to various lists, boards, websites, groups, in personal emails, and other online communications.

You can join the actual SG YahooGroup easily at no cost by going to:

You can read past SG Updates once you're a member of the group by clicking on the "Messages" tab.

If you'd like more information on how to become a SG YahooGroup member, or an invitation to join the group, please e-mail Marcy Robin at

Thank you.

Marcy Robin
ShadowGram Editor / Publisher
P.O. Box 1766
Temple City, CA 91780-7766
YahooGroup e-mail:

Official ShadowGram Website:

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Amy Jennings Fan!

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Have a bloody good time!

Meet the Other Creatures of 'Dark Shadows'

Amusing sections on the phoenix, werewolves and ghosts, the Leviathans, the warlock Judah, the witch, Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the "Mysterious Magician a.k.a All Around General Badass," with YouTube clips.  [snow_smiley]

A Q&A with a Diamond Select Toys (makers of Star Trek, Star Wars, Transformers toys, etc.) rep.  Skip down to the suggestion by "Brandon Giles," who is obviously a fan, that DST branch out into DS merch:

The weird thing is that the company already makes Buffy action figures and collectibles.  [snow_huh]

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Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday

In Memoriam: Those We Lost In 2009

Michael Currie is not represented, but it does include 3 other DS alums.  :(

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Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday

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Merry 30th Birthday


Happy Birthday