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Apparently, the tour at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery not only points out the crypt whose exterior served as the Collins Mausoleum in House of Dark Shadows, but it also takes visitors inside.

A friend just told me about a segment on cemetery tourism, hosted by Rita Braver, that was part of the recent Sunday Morning Halloween show and that eavesdropped as a Sleepy Hollow tour guide stood in front of the crypt and told visitors, "This became the home of Barnabas Collins the vampire. ... Come in!"

The entire segment has been uploaded to YouTube-- Tombstome Tourism:  The Creepiest Cemeteries-- and that part is 1:08 into the video.  Enjoy!

Happy Birthday


Kelly Hu appears in the next episode of Hawaii Five-O.  A promo trailer:; a site with photos:

"Ho'apono" will air Monday night at 10/9c on CBS.  (Isn't she from Hawaii?)

This past week, Michael Cavanaugh returned to The Young and the Restless in a new role-- a judge providing mediation between Victor Newman and his daughters (Eric Roberts played the girls' lawyer).  The full eps can currently be seen here--

10/26 episode (with ads):

10/27 episode (" "):

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Calendar Events / Announcements '10 II / Happy Birthday to John_in_NC!
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Happy Birthday
John in NC!!!


Happy Birthday
Nelson Collins


An Official Internet Publication of SHADOWGRAM - The Official "Dark Shadows" Published Newsletters

Number 225. October 3, 2010

Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,

ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following breaking news in this Online News Update "bulletin."



--- SG previously reported David's (Quentin) role as "Gage" in THE SOCIAL NETWORK, which opened nationwide Oct. 1. Industry, critical, and public interest has been very high for the movie.

David's wife Chip tells SG: "David has a small but very nice role in the big film opening on Oct. 1st, The Social Network. We saw a screening - very well made morality study of the beginnings of Facebook."

Written by the acclaimed Aaron Sorkin (THE WEST WING), the movie follows the development of Facebook by two Harvard undergrads in 2003, tracing as the internet network explodes into a worldwide phenomenon worth billions within a few years. LA Times 9-26: Star Andrew Garfield: "The themes are universal: friendship, betrayal, power, greed, filial obligation, differing value systems, success, money. It's all very Shakespearean. It's Greek" in its personal and professional tragedies. "Everyone's right and everyone's wrong. It's all gray."

The new SG #119 print issue will feature interviews, articles, reviews, and other media coverage for the film.

--- SG just received confirmation that DAVID will participate in FALCON CREST: A LOOK BACK at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles on 10-12 at 7:00 pm. SUSAN SULLIVAN (DS Ghost), who played his FC wife "Maggie Gioberti Channing," also is scheduled to attend.
David starred as "Richard Channing" in the primetime drama from its 2nd season (1982) through 1990. That complete 2nd season DVD now is available from

The prestigious Paley event hosts other cast members and series creator Earl Hmaner, who all will discuss the series and comment on selected FC episodes/scenes to be shown.

Paley publicity: "Ah, the decadent eighties. America exhibited an unquenchable thirst for nighttime soaps; witness the phenomenal success of Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing, and this Napa Valley–set CBS sudser, pivoting on the battle for control of Falcon Crest Wineries between the virtuous Chase Gioberti (Robert Foxworth) and the conniving Angela Channing (Jane Wyman, Oscar-winner and Ronald Reagan's ex). Falcon Crest was created by—of all people—Earl Hamner, whose previous foray into family drama, The Waltons, was the anti-prime-time soap: wholesome, chaste, and poor. Falcon Crest, by contrast, was all about money, power, sex, and wine. Come relive the Reagan years as Hamner and the cast look back on one of the most popular and exemplary shows of the decade."

Tickets are $10 for Paley Center members, $15 for non-members.
The Paley Center for Media is located at 465 North Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills, CA.


Donna (Roxanne Drew) tells SG she stars as "Amanda Wingfield" in Tennessee Williams' tragic play THE GLASS MENAGERIE, 10-6/24 at the Vermont Stage Lake Champlain Regional Theatre. Performances are Wed.-Sat. at 7:30pm and Sat.-Sun. at 2pm.

The Vermont Stage Company offers "professional theatre in an intimate setting."

Theater publicity: "Vermont Stage Company presents Tennessee Williams' autobiographical masterpiece at FlynnSpace in Burlington. The story of Tom, a young writer, his fiercely optimistic mother Amanda, and Laura, his beloved and broken-hearted sister, this delicate and haunting memory play is a true classic of the American theatre."

FlynnSpace is located at 153 Main St.,Burlington, VT 05401. 802-863-5966.

Tickets range from $24.30 to $32.50 and can be purchased through the Flynn Box Office at 86-FLYNN.


Joe (1991 DS' David, Daniel) is an acclaimed actor for his roles in popular films like the summer box office smash INCEPTION, the 2009 award-nominated (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, and numerous, sometimes controversial, independent movies. Yet he's also "Regular Joe," the encouraging face and voice of

Website welcome: "HITRECORD.ORG is a project I started almost 5 years ago now, and in 2010, we've evolved into a professional open collaborative production company. We create and develop art and media collaboratively here on our site. Even this introductory video is the remixed result of a great many contributions. So rather than just exhibiting and admiring each other's work as isolated individuals, we gather here to collectively work on projects together. Videos, writing, photography, music, anything -- we call them all RECords. "
Their FALL FORMAL event is planned for 10-28 at 8:00. Publicity follows.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of New York! Summer is gone and Autumn has come - you know what that means... It's time to put on a show!
"Join me, RegularJoe, and fifteen hundred plush seats full of hitRECorders for the hottest ticket in town, the dope Date of the Season, the good-looking night out for all ages!

"Vivacious live performance, Sensational cinema and of course, we'll all record the whole thing together. So, dust off your camera and shine your shoes. Ladies, call up that sweetheart of yours and bring 'em on down to the FALL FORMAL!

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt & the Fall Formal – Oct. 28."
The Town Hall is located at 123 W. 43rd St., New York, NY 10036. Prices range from $29.90 to $65 (+ fees if applicable).


ROY (1991 DS Roger, Trask) is announced to attend the Chiller Theater Convention 10-29/31 at the Hilton in Parsippany, NJ.



Dan Curtis Productions (DCP) asks SG to announce there are "2 new DS licensing agreements based on the original 1966-71 series. One calls for apparel and prop reproductions such as a Barnabas cape, wolf's head cane, fangs and ring. The other covers model kits of Barnabas and other characters and/or set pieces from the series." SG in print and online will update and report as "more details will be announced soon."

DCP continues: "These items follow the newly-issued first round of DS dolls available from Spectre Toys – – who currently offer Barnabas, Angelique and werewolf figures.
Additionally, Hermes Press has published the first hard-cover, full-cover volume of DS Gold Key Comic Book reprints, featuring the original magazines that were issued from 1968-76. Go to for ordering information or


SG encourages all fans to please share their photos, footage, and reports for any DS-related event: If you attend David's FALCON CREST appearance, Donna's play, Joe's gala, or Roy's convention appearance, please let SG know! Each picture captures its own unique pose, mood, and moment; each person has an indieivudal experience. In this way, fans who can not be there can enjoy the occasion with you.

Please include your full name so I can list you as a Contributor in the published SGs. You also may receive a complimentary Contributor's Copy for major donations of information, funds, postage stamps, supplies, photos, publicity, assistance, etc. Thank you in advance for sharing!

Please also send - at any time – any mentions you may find about the DS personnel and their projects, the planned new film with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, the FALCON CREST dvd release, the upcoming new DS merchandise, or other DS-related news and references. Please send all materials to the SG addresses below.

The latest print issue SG newsletter is the HUGE Double SG #117-#118 and the new SG #119 is underway. Future SGs and the SG Online DS News Updates via the SG Yahoo Group will report all the latest official DS-related news.

Subscription information for the ShadowGram Newsletter print issues follows. When your order arrives, I will mail you the new SG #117-#118 Double Issue newsletter to begin / renew your subscription. SG #119 and subsequent issues will be sent to you and all postal-mail subscribers as they are published.

This Update is posted to the ShadowGram YahooGroup and is dispersed by interested fans to various lists, boards, websites, groups, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, in personal emails and other online/print communications. Please include SG's complete address and subscription information in your sharing.

You can join the actual SG YahooGroup easily at no cost:

You can read past SG Updates once you're a member of the group by clicking on the "Messages" tab.

If you'd like more information on how to become a SG YahooGroup member, or an invitation to join the group, please e-mail Marcy Robin at

Thank you.

Marcy Robin
ShadowGram Editor / Publisher
P.O. Box 1766
Temple City, CA 91780-7766

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Happy Birthday


Patrick Hester blogs that he prefers his vampires evil and scary and believes their romanticization traces back to Barnabas:

or archived at:

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Calendar Events / Announcements '10 II / Happy Birthday to B.Collins!
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Did you know that Ian Somerhalder, voted EW's Sexiest Beast by fans this past summer and starring in tonight's Season 2 premiere of Vampire Diaries, is a DS fan?  If not, his appearance on It's On With Alexa Chung that aired on MTV a year ago yesterday, will set you straight.

After the clip from Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder was asked by interviewer Alexa Chung, "Who is the best vampire ever besides Count Chocula?"
Ian:  "Probably, I would say if we would go back to Dark Shadows."
Alexa (dismissively):  "Yeah, really?"
Ian:  "Oh yeah, well it's very old. That's from the 60s, sorry. Yeah, there won't be references that any of us really remember."
Alexa (rushing to next question):  "Why don't..."
Ian:  "Barnabas Collins."
Alexa:  "Much less me. I was probably hiding in England, so..."

Full interview:

I don't get why he felt the need to apologize to that twit, who is too young to have been around in the 60s, btw.  No wonder her show was canceled.

Revealed yesterday by Forbes Magazine:  Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actors
From Johnny Depp to Ben Stiller, the stars who command a couple more zeroes than everyone else in Tinseltown.

Depp earned $75 million between June '09 and June '10 and Alice made him the only actor to have starred in two $1 billion movies.

Slide show of top 10