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April 19, 2015
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following key breaking news in this Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "bulletin."
ShadowGram Official Online Update #354 (4-13) detailed that David (Quentin) would be part of the 4-14/15 “Lincoln Tribute,” commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln on 4-14/15, 1865. Events were held inside and outside of the actual locations, Ford’s Theatre and the Petersen Boarding House in Washington DC
David was onstage several times during the powerful “Now He Belongs to the Ages” live program at Ford’s the evening of 4-14. The event was opened by former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell. Performances included recitations of eyewitness accounts, Civil War-era music, singer/songwriter Judy Collins leading the sold-out audience in “Amazing Grace,” and other presentations. Wearing a plain suit and tie, standing before a microphone, David quoted Lincoln’s own words that had been blended together from the President’s own writings and speeches. David’s voice carried a higher-pitched twang representative of what is known of Lincoln’s own voice. The various selections he spoke reflected Lincoln from birth until a few days before his death.
David also participated in the wreath-laying ceremony early the next morning, 4-15, held at the door, steps, and street outside the Petersen Boarding House, directly across from Ford’s. This was where the mortally-wounded President was taken after he was shot and where he died at 7:22am on 4-15-1865. Standing before the boarding house door, David, in his own voice, read the elegy – mourning poem – “O Captain! My Captain!” American poet Walt Whitman wrote this memorial to Lincoln days after the assassination. David then thanked all “for attending the ceremony of the laying of the wreath and for participating in this very special commemoration of President Lincoln.”
Video of David reading the poem:
Video of the entire wreath-laying ceremony:
(This video of the ceremony runs almost 50 minutes. David’s reading begins at approximately 25:15.)
David is a lifelong student of Lincoln’s life, presidency, times, and legacy. In the early-mid 1990s, he wrote and starred in his play “Lincoln & James,” based on the story of a National Park Service employee who helped maintain the iconic Lincoln Memorial and Lincoln Statue. David’s novel “Lincoln’s Better Angel” evolved from the play. He’s also been part of several seminars, panel discussions, and other events examining Lincoln’s life and impact.
With his participation in this 150th anniversary commemoration of Lincoln’s death, David now has the dual distinction of twice portraying Lincoln on the Ford’s Theatre stage. In acknowledgement of another Lincoln life milestone, he starred as the President in the play THE HEAVENS ARE HUNG IN BLACK in 2009 to commemorate Lincoln’s 200th birthday (2-12-1809). World-premiered at Ford’s the play is set in the middle of his Presidency and explores his thoughts, feelings, actions, and personal experiences as he prepared the Emancipation Proclamation to abolish the slavery of 4 million African American in the nation.
David also returned to Ford’s as Lincoln in 2012 in NECESSARY SACRIFICES, also a world premiere. This play explores 2 documented White House encounters between Lincoln and the African-American social reformer and abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, during the crucial period of 1863-64, as both men seek to envision a post-emancipation, united American nation.
Michael (1991 DS Sheriff Patterson, Andre DuPres) stars as “The Stranger” in the one-act “contemporary comedy-drama” play TEN SECONDS at the Actors Forum Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. Opened 3-27, it runs to 5-9.
Publicity description: “It’s 8:30 on a weekday morning in Founders Square, GA. At the local watering hole, the Floodlight Bar & Grill, 2 work-shy regulars are already a pitcher-full of beer into a typical day. A typical day that suddenly turns into an extraordinary Ten Seconds when a well-dressed stranger steps into the room. A stranger who speaks in metaphorical jargon and poetic phrases…and claims to be a ‘Buyer of Time.’”
This is 1 of 3 different one-acts comprising “Outta My Head – Part 6,”a series of plays by award-winning playwright Eugene Butler. Performances are Fri. and Sat. evenings at 8:00. Tickets are $20, with senior and industry discounts available.
Please Note: The theatre website lists different dates; the opening was delayed and thus the run was extended an extra week to 5-9.
The Actors Forum Theatre is at 10655 Magnolia Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA 91601. Box Office: 818-709-3530. 818-506-0600.
Program notes: Michael “started out doing theater and also had the good fortune to do much work in movies and television as well as continuing to enjoy doing theater.”
The organizer of this event asks SG to announce the following gathering. (Note: This event is not a Dark Shadows Festival event, though some online posts by people not associated with either event have confused the two events).
Friends of 91 DS/Cast Reunions are excited to announce “CAST REUNIONS II” fundraising event for Lockwood-Matthews Mansion in Norwalk, CT. (A filming location for House of DS - HODS); At the Double Tree by Hilton Norwalk, 789 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT, 06854
Book your reservation by calling 800 4927148 or 203 853 3477 mention group Dark Shadows Reunion to get discount rate from Thursday June 25, 2015 through Sunday June 28, 2015. Special rate is $99 a night + tax. Extremely limited – so book right away.
Sharon Smyth-Lentz - Sarah Collins             
Donna Wandrey – Roxanne Drew               
Bobbi Ann Woronko - Nurse Pritchett   
Nick Besink – Video Engineer                         \
Henry Plimack – Sound Engineer                 
Jim Fyfe – 1991 Willie Loomis                       
Joanne Dorian – 1991 Nurse                         
Many More Guests to come……………………..
On 6-26: Take an exclusive bus tour of Essex, CT. Site of many of the original DS filming locations. See The Collinsport Inn, The Collinsport Police Station and Maggie Evans Cottage as well as other sites. This is a limited offer so order your seats right away. You can have lunch at THE COLLINSPORT INN!!!  Tickets are $20 and non-refundable. Send a SASE (self-addressed stamp envelope to with payment).
6-26 evening: Enjoy Q&A panels as well as autograph sessions with the guests. There will be memorabilia for sale and much more. Plus, there will be a raffle with a Grand Prize chance to win a special Lockwood Matthews Mansion Tour of closed off sections of the mansion.
6-27 morning: There will be mini tours of Lockwood Matthews Mansion.  This is a filming location from HODS movie. The cost at the door is $5.00.  Transportation from hotel will be available.
6-27 afternoon & evening: There will be more Q&A panels as well as autograph and more fun events at the hotel, including another Grand Prize Raffle Drawing.
Cost for The Cast Reunions weekend hotel events is $40. This is an extremely limited seating event. Tickets are on a first come first serve basis. THIS WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY-so don’t be left out. The weekend will be an intimate atmosphere with the guests and NO LONG LINES for autographs. Please send your checks or money orders/cashier checks to:                                                                                                                                                                                                           
FRIENDS OF 91 DARK SHADOWS/CAST REUNIONS, PO BOX 469, WHITE MARSH MD 21162.  We will also be launching our new website soon. Sign up for our email blasts as well by emailing:
The organizer adds: As a Shadowgram exclusive, a limited number of seats have been held for SG subscribers. This is going to be a very limited ticket event (under 250 seats). So all the SG subscriber has to do is mention SG on registration form and they will be guaranteed a seat at the event as long as its postmarked by 5-1. After that it is first come first serve. The hotel is also limited and should be booked by 5-26 or sooner as they is a limited amount of discounted rooms available.

Calendar Events / Announcements '15 I / Happy Birthday to Stuart
« on: April 16, 2015, 03:58:35 PM »
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
The Doctor and K9


April 13, 2015

Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following key breaking news in this Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "bulletin."
DAVID (Quentin Collins) is a lifelong student of Lincoln, his presidency, his times, and his legacy. He will participate in the historical events and programs commemorating the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination on April 14-15, 1865.
All events will be held at the actual locations in Washington, DC on those dates - – Tuesday, April 14 and Wednesday, April 15 – at Ford’s Theatre, where Lincoln was shot 4-14-1865, while watching the “Our American Cousin” comedy play, and the Petersen House across the street, where he was taken and where he died early in the morning of 4-15-1865.
“The Lincoln Tribute” is Ford’s “round-the-clock event,” spanning all day Tuesday, 4-14 through to the evening of Wednesday, 4-15.
Ford’s Publicity: “Ford's Theatre will present a moving commemorative tribute to President Abraham Lincoln, 150 years to the day since his assassination. This evening event will include readings of Lincoln’s words and stories, Civil War-era music, excerpts from Lincoln’s favorite theatre and operas, and more. The event seeks to remind us that we not only lost a president; we lost a man who treasured his family, his friends and his country with a love so strong it could hold the Union together.”
David’s wife Chip tells SG: David “was asked to be part of the very special events.” The main focus is Tuesday night’s full special program, “Now He Belongs to the Ages.” She says “David is a big part of (this) program. This event has been sold out for a long time, but is being live-streamed.”
The “Now He Belongs to the Ages” program will begin at 9:00pm (ET) at Ford’s Theatre. (8:00pm CT, 7:00pm MT, 6:00pm PT).
LA Times 4-13: The live “performance will be streamed online at  and also be shown on big-screen TVs in the courtyard of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.”
The live streaming video should be available on Ustream:
LA Times 4-13: “Ford’s Theatre today looks very much as it did during Lincoln’s time, thanks to photographs Matthew Brady took within days of the assassination. The plain-brick, 3-story Petersen House also looks much the same…. The parlors and bedroom where Lincoln died have been re-created with 1865-period furnishings, though none original to the house.”
In the mid-1990s, David wrote and starred in one of his first plays, “Lincoln & James.” It is based on the story of a National Park Service employee who helped maintain the iconic Lincoln Memorial and Lincoln Statue in Washington DC. David starred as Lincoln in Ford Theatre’s THE HEAVENS ARE HUNG IN BLACK  in 2009 and NECESSARY SACRIFICES in 2012. He portrayed a young Lincoln in the 1970 TV special FLATBOAT MAN. He also wrote the novel “Lincoln’s Better Angel,” based on his “Lincoln & James” play.
Chip: “This will strictly be about Lincoln and the assassination.” She anticipates “David will be doing at least 3 things with different people or groups.”
She continues: “Every year on April 15 the National Park Service holds a small wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate Lincoln's passing. This year they are raising the profile for the special anniversary.” She indicates plans call for “an Honor Guard from the USS Abraham Lincoln will help present the wreath. The Federal City Brass Band will play. The Secretary of the Department of the Interior ((Sally Jewell)) will make a few remarks. A commemorative wreath-laying ceremony will be held on the steps of the Petersen House at 7:22am, the time Lincoln died.”
Chip has indicated David is part of this event as well. She adds, “Major news channels will be filming the wreath-laying on Wednesday morning for the 7:00am news.” This event will not be live-streamed.
Chip shared: “We are delighted to be part of this ceremony. How wonderful for David to have been” one of the few actors “to portray Lincoln at Ford's and to be able to not only perform the night before,” but also to be a part of the ceremony “on the anniversary of his death.”
Ford’s Theatre publicity: “This around-the-clock event will mark the 150th  anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination…. Throughout the day and night on the street outside, living historians will provide first-person accounts about the end of the Civil War, the experience of being inside the theatre at the moment of the assassination, medical reports from the Petersen House, and the impact of Lincoln’s life and death. Both days will have ranger talks, performances, and panel discussions about the life, assassination and legacy of our 16th president….Starting the evening of 4-14, Ford’s will host Civil War living historians on Tenth Street to re-create the vigil for Abraham Lincoln. The public will be able to visit the Ford’s Theatre campus throughout the night. The morning of 4-15, Ford’s will mark Abraham Lincoln’s death at 7:22 a.m. with a wreath-laying ceremony; church bells will toll across the city, just as they did in 1865.”
SG asks that fans who are living in or visiting the Washington DC area during this special occasion please share their reports, photos, local media coverage, etc., particularly any items that refer to David and his participation.

Calendar Events / Announcements '15 I / Peter Lombard 1935 - 2015
« on: April 14, 2015, 06:45:17 PM »
The Facebook page of the Friends of the 1991 DS Cast Reunion reports the passing of Peter Lombard, who played the Leviathan Oberon.

His April 9 obituary in NYC's The Villager: (It's unimportant, but he could not be 79 and born in 1933.)

With thanks to Kosmo

Happy Birthday






Calendar Events / Announcements '15 I / DS actor on HBO documentary
« on: April 08, 2015, 04:29:35 AM »
It's always fun to be surprised by a DS alum showing up on the screen, but before today, HBO's docu-film on Scientology probably would have been the last place I'd expect to spot one.

Mere minutes beyond the halfway point of Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, I recognized Michael D. Roberts (Sheriff Patterson in the '04 pilot) on the stage with John Travolta and others as they faced L. Ron Hubbard's image and sang Happy Birthday to the deceased founder.  Michael D. is not credited, but a quick Google search reveals that he is indeed a member of Scientology.

It's too bad the C of S didn't use its pull to get that pilot greenlit.  [snow_wink]

Calendar Events / Announcements '15 I / Friends of '91 DS Reunion
« on: April 06, 2015, 03:17:43 PM »
Announcement from Chad Hopkins:

We are happy to announce the FRIENDS OF 91 DARK SHADOWS REUNION II.

This fundraiser, for Lockwood-Matthews Mansion (House of Dark Shadows shooting location), will take place on Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th, 2015 at the Double Tree Hotel in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Festivities include a BUS TRIP to Essex, Connecticut (home of Maggie Evans Cottage and The Collinsport Inn); Mini tours of Lockwood Matthews Mansion; Q&A Sessions with Dark Shadows Stars; Autographs and Raffles with a grand prize chance to explore the closed off Basement of Lockwood Matthews Mansion.

Flyer and Registration form with payment information to follow soon. Availability is EXTREMELY LIMITED, so it is first come, first serve event.

For updates, please join our mailing list at

March 29, 2015
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following key breaking news in this Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "bulletin."
Recent SG Updates have reported that ShadowGram soon would announce upcoming DS Festival DS guest/fan events.
This ShadowGram Online DS News Update # 352 is pleased to announce the first confirmed details for DS’ 50th Anniversary Celebration. 
The DS Festival’s DS Golden Anniversary event will take place in Tarrytown, New York, over the weekend of Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 26, 2016. (The original DS daytime ABC-TV series debuted on June, 27, 1966.)
On Friday there will be a day trip to the historic Lyndhurst Estate.
Most scenes in the 2 original MGM movies – HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS (1970) and NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS (1971) – were filmed on location at Lyndhurst. The Gothic Revival mansion was built in 1838. Its classic exteriors, elegantly furnished interiors, expansive grounds and outbuildings were used as Collinwood in both movies.
All activities on Saturday all day and evening, and Sunday all day, will be at the nearby Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown.
The hotel is less than a mile from the mansion. Fans can walk, drive/carpool, or share a short taxi ride between the 2 locations.
“The weekend programming will offer guest appearances by over a dozen original DS actors and production personnel. There will be special activities such as: dramatic and musical performances by the stars, exciting and previously-unseen DS-related video presentations, a Sunday luncheon with the stars, a for-fun fan participation costumes/presentations event, contests, new and commemorative DS memorabilia available for purchase, and more surprises.”
Lyndhurst Estate is at 635 S. Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591.
The Doubletree Hotel-Tarrytown is at 455 S. Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591.
**** VERY IMPORTANT: Please note that discounted Doubletree Hotel sleeping rooms for the June 2016 Celebration will be available for DS fans using a special code,
SG Online Updates will announce that code for discount hotel room rates after July 1, 2015 (this year).
No Fest-special reduced-rate hotel reservations may be made before that time.   
Event registration prices for the weekend and the Luncheon and further details for the 50th Amniversary Celebration will be provided by SG Online Updates after July 1, 2015 (this year).
Interested fans may send a SAFSE (Self-Addressed Forever-Stamp Envelope) to the DS Festival at any time. Please indicate you want it to be used to mail you the Celebration registration form and other information when full details are ready. Please send your SAFSE to:
Dark Shadows
P.O. Box 92
Maplewood. NJ 07040

Upcoming SG Online Updates and SG Published Newsletters will continue to provide further details for the June 2016 Anniversary Celebration as plans are confirmed. 
The new Double SG #124-#125 DS Newsletter also will have information about the Anniversary Celebration. That SG print issue will be published soon.
Tarrytown is on Highway 9, about 24 miles north of Midtown Manhattan on the eastern shore of the Hudson River. Lyndhurst and the Doubletree Hotel are approximately 1 mile from the eastern end of the Tappan Zee Bridge across the Hudson River. Lyndhurst is visible from the eastern end of the Bridge and is the closest Hudson Valley mansion to New York City.
Both Fest locations are easily accessible by train via the Metro North – Hudson Line from NYC’s Grand Central Station Terminal, traveling north to the Tarrytown train station. It is a few minutes’ taxi ride from the station to the hotel and the estate.
Nearest major airports: La Guardia International Airport is on the northwestern end of Long Island, and Liberty International Airport in Newark is at the northeastern end of New Jersey. Trains, car services, taxis, and buses are available at either airport for travel north to Lyndhurst.
The ShadowGram Online Updates will premiere-announce and report event details as they are confirmed.

March 31, 2015
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following key breaking news in this Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "bulletin."
Jerry’s mother Mary Lacy is 97. She fell recently and broke bones in her arm. She’s recuperating at a rehabilitation center.
Jerry has asked if his DS friends would be kind enough to send notes and/or cards to his mom. She's in a rehab facility in Texas.

Mary Lacy
c/o Heritage Oaks West
3300 W. 2nd Ave.
Corsicana, TX 75110

Thank you.
SG thanks Gloria Lillibridge for providing this information. Gloria ran Jerry’s fan club during and after DS originally aired and frequently visited the DS studio. Over the years she’s shared many of the personal photos she took there. She continues to assist Jerry when he guests at the DS Festivals and other events. She is and has always been a great lady herself. Thanks, Gloria!
Please send your get-well notes or cards to:
Mary Lacy
c/o Heritage Oaks West
3300 W. 2nd Ave.
Corsicana, TX 75110
Jerry was DS’ Tony Peterson, Rev. Trask, Gregory Trask, Mr. Trask, and Lamar Trask.
SG Update #345 (1-26-15) announced that MPI will release 2 new “Best of” compilation DVDs: “The Best of Quentin” and the “Best of Angelique.”
Each separate DVD is a collection of full episodes that follow each character’s development and spotlight key points in their storylines. DAVID SELBY (Quentin) and LARA PARKER (Angelique) recently recorded introductions for each episode.
MPI tells SG the 2 DVDs expect release 8-18-15.
The episodes for each DVD are:
DARK SHADOWS - The Best of Angelique
1. Episode #368/369 : In the year 1795, vengeful witch Angelique arrives at Collinwood from Martinique.             
2. Episode #405: Angelique places a vampire curse on Barnabas Collins after he shoots her.                                                 
3. Episode #477: In 1968, Angelique appears to Barnabas in a dream to announce a new vampire curse.
4. Episode #499: An aged Cassandra arrives when artist Sam Evans alters the ancient portrait of Angelique.
5. Episode #606: As a vampire, Angelique attacks Barnabas while he is again a mortal.
6. Episode #852: In 1897, Angelique pursues a romance with Quentin, and Lady Kitty has a frightening dream.
7. Episode #1003: During Parallel Time 1970, the evil Angelique poses as her twin sister Alexis.
8. Episode #1130: In 1840, Angelique appears and announces that she is Barnabas' wife.
9. Episode #1140: Angelique recalls when, as Miranda DuVal, she testified against the warlock Judah Zachary.
DARK SHADOWS - The Best of Quentin
1. Episode #694: In 1969, the Collins family abandons Collinwood, which is haunted by the ghost of Quentin Collins.
2. Episode #714: In the year 1897, Quentin learns his family's fate with the reading of his grandmother's will.
3. Episode #722: Angelique resurrects Quentin as a zombie, who then possesses young Jamison.
4. Episode #786: Under a werewolf curse, Quentin recites “Shadows of the Night” in Charity Trask's nightmare.
5. Episode #836: In 1969, the ghost of Beth Chavez reveals how Quentin died in 1897.           
6. Episode #905: Closely resembling Quentin, Grant Douglas appears in Collinsport, suffering from amnesia.
7. Episode #984: During Parallel Time 1970, Quentin and his bride Maggie struggle with the supernatural.
8. Episode #1065: In 1995. Barnabas Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman discover Quentin has gone insane.                           
9. Episode #1129: In 1840, Quentin reveals to Barnabas the history of the evil warlock Judah Zachary.

Calendar Events / Announcements '15 I / Happy Birthday to MUGGYY!
« on: April 01, 2015, 03:57:50 PM »
Happy Birthday


March 18, 2015
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following key breaking news in this Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "bulletin."
The MeTV cable network’s “2015 Me Madness” pits 64 TV shows against each other in a viewer-votes bracket-style competition for “The Most Memorable Program on MeTV.”
--- SHADOWGRAM NOTE: Though DS episodes are not (and never have been) aired on the cable network, DS is included in the competition listings. publicity: “Your votes will crown the Most Memorable Program on MeTV!
Vote now as “64 programs from our library will compete in a bracket style competition for the distinction of Most Memorable Program on MeTV. We’ll air episodes of the winning show in a special viewing event to be held on Tuesday, April 7.
“Register now to make your votes count! Download our bracket to see our round schedule, and follow the competition offline.” Register and vote at the MeTV website:
The bracket-style rounds, similar to the annual “March Madness” collegiate basketball tournaments, puts up 2 TV shows at a time in each round. Getting the most email votes in a round will eliminate one program of the pair and move the winning show to the next bracket. Thus the competition is narrowed down each round. Every individual winner then goes up against another round’s winner the next time. Winning programs must keep earning repeat voting successes until the 2 last-remaining shows vie in a final round. That winner then is designated the ultimate “Most Memorable Program on MeTV.”
SG Updates chronicled David (Quentin) and Susan (Ghost) in the 5-3/6-15-14 revival run of Edward Albee’s 1967 Pulitzer Prize-winning play “A Delicate Balance” (ADB), presented at Los Angeles’ Odyssey Theatre. The production earned great critical reviews and has already been honored with local awards and nominations. Latest news:
--- The LA Drama Critics Circle Awards gave ADB its McCulloh Award for Revival (for plays written between 1920 and 1980) at the 3-16 ceremony.

--- The 1st Annual Stage Raw Los Angeles Theater Awards nominated ADB for 4 awards. “Honoring professional excellence in Los Angeles County theaters of up to 99 seats for the 2014 calendar year,” the ceremony will be held in Los Angeles 4-13. ADB’s nominations are: DAVID SELBY – Leading Male Performance; Ensemble Cast, Director Robin Larsen; and the Revival Production Of The Year Award (20th-21st-century work).
SG Update #348 (2-27-15) focused on David’s 2 latest books. Both are now available. When ordered through his official website, each can be personally autographed.
The website also offers his previous books. These also can be personally autographed.
--- “LIGHT & SHADOWS” is his personal tribute to DS – its impact on his life and career and, especially, his appreciation and thanks to the DS fans over the years. Featured are his comments and original song lyrics for the musical performances he presented at the DS Festival’s “DS Island Weekend” in Coronado, CA 4-30-13, and again at the Fest’s “Weekend in Tarrytown” in Tarrytown, NY 6-29-14. At both performances, he was accompanied by his wife Chip on piano and DS’ Jim Storm on guitar. The book also has “dozens of rare and previously-unpublished photos from his life and career.”
“PROMISES OF LOVE,” his novel “about a family,” is published by Headline Books. Set in the Appalachian Mountains of David’s home state West Virginia, it follows a man through his life. Partial Press Release: “A deeply felt story of love, the novel examines the boundaries of a family, of its secrets, of the complex web family relationships can weave. Finally, the novel examines the damage that abandonment, poverty, and childhood neglect can do to a human personality, damage that sometimes cannot be overcome.”
Kindle download e-book and paperbacks are available now on at
Chris tells SG he portrays the real French-American painter “’Marcel Duchamp” in DEAD INTERVIEWS 4-17 at Studio Six01 in Burbank, CA. s. Duchamp was a French-American painter in the avant-garde and abstract art styles.
Publicity: “Brilliant authors were commissioned by Granta to write an “interview” with their favorite dead celebrity. The results created a sensational book with hilarious interviews” Five actors portray deceased artists in various fields who “come back from the dead with hilarious results.” The other interviewed artists are the Marquis de Sade, Andy Warhol, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jimi Hendrix.
Tickets are $20 purchased before 4-3-15. Studio Six01. 630 S. Flower St., Burbank, CA 91502. 323-639-0451.
--- EMORY BASS (Mr. Best aka Death / Minister 1841 PT) was 89 when he died 3-4-15 in Woodland Hills, CA. His career included stage, film, and TV roles TV: HART TO HART, WEBSTER, MURDER SHE WROTE, and a recurring character on ANGIE. He was the voice of Discover Card for 3 years. Theater: TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON, WOMAN OF THE YEAR, and 1776 (also the film). 1776 onstage and film both also starred DS’ VIRGINIA VESTOFF (Samantha), DAVID FORD (Sam Evans, Andre DuPres), and DANIEL KEYES (Eagle Hill Cemetery Caretaker).
Thank you.
Marcy Robin

Calendar Events / Announcements '15 I / Emory Bass 1925 - 2015
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:01:29 PM »
Emory Bass (Mr. Best) passed away on March 4.  :(

with thanks to Kosmo

February 27, 2015
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following key breaking news in this Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "bulletin."
Marie (Eve, Jenny Collins, Megan Todd, Danielle Roget) recently told SG she did an industrial film for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, an organization that represents the interests of American companies that specialize in commercial production. Her film runs just over a minute and she says it should be on the internet for a year.
Marie is seen wearing a long, straight, graying wig and a business-like dress, seated in a professional office setting (though there’s an unusual decoration on her desk). An off-camera voice asks her for advice on “the future of advertising.” Her reply seems rather odd – and then the words “Tiffany Rolfe-35 years from now” appear. Marie’s seen again in the same setting. She mentions a couple of advertising accomplishments that “set a high standard for my career.” So she “developed a process called Brand Magic” that clearly “worked” for her. With a sly smile, she reveals exactly what actually will bring “brand awareness, consumer loyalty.”
SG won’t spoil this “process” and its foundation – but there’s a DS-ian twist. The final taglines are for AICP: “Craft Your Legacy. We’ll Protect It.”
Marie says fans can see the film now on the AICP website and then “look in the Video Library for “Tiffany Rolfe-35 Years From Now.”
It's also on the AICP Facebook page and she says fans can click "like it if you like it.” 
It's also on YouTube at  or
David’s (Quentin) new novel about a family is “Promises of Love.” His wife Chip tells ShadowGram it’s now available as a Kindle download e-book on
There is a special reduced price of $.99 per download for a very limited time. The paperback book (“estimated 299 pages”) is due for release in March and will be $15.12 on
The pictured book cover has the tagline: “Small town drama with powerful characters you will never forget!”
--- Book Description:
“A product of usually beautiful but sometimes cruel southern Appalachia, Daniel Friend overcomes poverty, abuse, and personal tragedy to establish an identity. Inspired by the strength and love of his older sister, he realizes the power of education to lead him to a life he has imagined for himself— the pinnacle of his ambition is to graduate from Harvard University. That he does not get this opportunity, devastating as it is to his life plan, does not prevent him from becoming a beloved doctor, loving husband and father. Although well-meaning, he stumbles in his relationship with his two children as he tries to interject his own preferences into their lives. A deeply felt story of love, the novel examines the boundaries of a family, of its secrets, of the complex web family relationships can weave. Finally, the novel examines the damage that abandonment, poverty, and childhood neglect can do to a human personality, damage that sometimes cannot be overcome.”
--- About the Author
“David Selby was born and educated in West Virginia. A veteran of stage, screen, and television, including such popular series as Dark Shadows and Falcon Crest, the actor and author pens his newest novel, Promises of Love. In 1989, he was honored as a distinguished alumnus of West Virginia University and was given the first Life Achievement Award from the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts. He received the distinguished West Virginian Award from the state in 2002. In 2004, he received an honorary doctorate from West Virginia University. He and his wife fund a guest artist series at West Virginia University, and he has made many guest appearances around the state. David is a member of the Cleveland Playhouse Hall of Fame, and in May 1992, he received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the College of Communications and Fine Arts at Southern Illinois University, where he had earlier earned a PhD. In 1999 he received the Millennium Recognition Award from the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC. He lives with his family in California. For more information, visit
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Theater media announced 2-26 that Donna (Amanda, Olivia) will be “standby” for Chita Rivera in the new musical THE VISIT at Broadway’s Lyceum Theater. Previews begin 3-26 and the opening date is 4-23.
Donna is a multi-faceted dancer/singer/actress who won the 1975 Tony Award as “Cassie” in A CHORUS LINE – a character based on her own personal life and performing experiences. She’s won Drama Desk and other awards for  productions in the US and England. She’s created her ever-evolving autobiographical one-woman musical showcase that candidly explores her life and career through her own commentary with selected songs and dances.
Chita Rivera also is an acclaimed dancer/singer/actress who’s performed in many classic stage musicals, including special programs like “Chita  & All That Jazz” and “Chita Rivera: The Dancer’s Life.” She is the first Hispanic woman and the first Latino American to receive a Kennedy Center Honors Award (2002). She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.
Playbill 2-26: “Donna McKechnie Makes Killer Plans for Rare Broadway VISIT.” She’s “been announced as standby for another legend, Chita Rivera, in the upcoming Broadway musical THE VISIT…. Producer Tom Kirdahy: "Who else could go on for a Broadway legend like Ms. Rivera but another Broadway legend? The tradition of an actor standing by, should the star not be able to perform, though unlikely in Ms. Rivera's case, has been turned on its ear by this news. We are ecstatic that Donna is joining our company.”
Donna, 72, “has worked steadily in theatre around the U.S. and London in the 40 years since ACL premiered.” Her most recent Broadway role was STATE FAIR in 1996. “She will stand by for the 82-year-old Rivera, who plays Claire Zachanassian, a wealthy courtesan who returns to the small village where she grew up in order to destroy the man who robbed her of her virtue when she was a girl. It’s based on the 1958 drama of the same title by Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt.
Early publicity: “Based on the satirical play” created from the novel, it’s “about greed, love, and one woman’s carefully plotted revenge. The oft-widowed Claire…richest woman in the world, returns to the hardship-stricken town of her birth. The locals pray that her wealth will bring them a new lease on life, but her arrival carries a dreadful price…. Sardonic and morally complex, (it) asks ‘What can your heart afford?’” Kirdahy: It “is a master work. Fascinating, visceral, and haunting, (it) entertains and challenges in ways that can only be described as thrilling.”
Lyceum Theatre, 149 W. 45th St., NYC, NY 10036.  (Between 6th Ave. and Broadway)
Box Office Hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm | Sun: Noon - 6pm
--- NOTE: As “standby,” Donna is not starring in specific performances. She rehearses with the cast/crew/orchestra and knows the play, but would be called upon to take over the role should Ms. Rivera be unable to perform. Contact the theater for more information.
SG Published Newsletters and Online News Updates have announced and detailed these original DS audio dramas on CD since they premiered at the 2006 DS Festival.
Each audio drama is a new story set within the 1966-71 DS “universe” – its characters, their relationships, time periods – and the years and centuries not actually shown on the daytime series. Many original series’ cast members reprise their TV characters and/or portray new ones. The dramas are professionally recorded with sound effects and music to help create the atmosphere and encourage listeners to “see” what they are hearing.
SG now shares the release schedule through the first half of 2015.
January 2015 - Bloodlust Episodes 1-6
February 2015 - Bloodlust Episodes 7-13
--- NOTE: BLOODLUST is presented like a daily “soap opera,” in episodes progressing the way the DS TV episodes carried a plot forward day by day. See recent SG Online Updates for details on BLOODLUST, previous, and these new BFP audio dramas.
May 2015 - #45 - Panic - with David Selby & Susan Sullivan
June 2015 - #46 - The Curse of Shurafa - Barnabas and Julia storyline
July 2015 - #47 - And Red All Over - Mitchell Ryan & Kathryn Leigh Scott
August 2015 - story #48 - to be announced
September 2015 - #49 - to be announced
October 2015 - #50 - to be announced
--- NOTE: These are the first DS audio dramas starring MITCH (Burke Devlin) and SUSAN (Ghost).
The Dark Shadows Festival has available a variety of the audio dramas autographed by the DS stars, all exclusively by mail-order. Please send check or money order only. Sorry, credit cards and PayPal can not be accepted.
Dark Shadows Festival
P.O. Box 92
Maplewood, NJ 07040
The audio dramas are also available from and