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Monsterpalooza 2017 April 7 - 9 at the Pasadena Convention Center

Barbara Steele is expected to attend Friday, April 7 & Saturday, April 8.

Illustrator Basil Gogos will also be available to autograph your 2011 Famous Monsters cover of [the original] Barnabas.

With thanks to Kosmo!

Calendar Events / Announcements '16 II / On tonight's Jeopardy!
« on: December 31, 2016, 05:24:06 AM »
What's Your Favorite Soap? for $600

In 1991 Ben Cross looked good for a 200-year-old as vampire Barnabas Collins on this remake of a '60s soap

 [pointing-up] Nice!  And not a problem for at least one contestant.

November 7, 2016
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), provides the following news in this ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "Bulletin."
Sat.-Sun., Oct. 29-30 2016
Woman's Club of Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA
On Sat., Oct. 29, more than 350 fans and 10 DS guests convened at the intimate and historic Woman’s Club of Hollywood in the heart of Hollywood, CA. Fans came from throughout California and Delaware, Missouri, South Dakota, New York, Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Georgia, Nevada, and Maryland, plus Vancouver, BC, Canada (coming specifically just for this event).
A highlight was the premiere of Lara Parker's 4th DS novel "Dark Shadows: Heiress of Collinwood" before its official Nov. publication date. Together, everyone shared a full afternoon and evening of ongoing activities commemorating 5 decades of DS and its ongoing popularity among original, rediscovering, and newly-discovering fans of all ages.
Opening at noon, attendees were welcomed by SHADOWGRAM Newsletter editor Marcy Robin and Kathleen Resch, longtime editor of THE WORLD OF DARK SHADOWS fanzines: numerous DS fan novels and anthologies, and7 full-size illustrated DS Concordance Episode Guide books. Both of them – 2 of the co-founders of the DS Festivals (1983) – manned the registration table, which also offered special and popular DS merchandise for purchase: the retro-styled metal DS lunchbox, a variety of Big Finish Productions’ DS audio dramas on CD, and more. Kathy and Marcy also handled other responsibilities during the day.
Fans filled the large side room that was completely lined with tables where our DS guests greeted them, signed autographs, posed for photos, and offered pictures, books, and other items for sale. All day long, fans also settled in the airy auditorium to enjoy guest talks / presentations and to watch exclusive video screenings.
Guest onstage appearances highlighted the day. With regrets, Nancy Barrett, Mitchell Ryan, and Sy Tomashoff were unable to join us at the last minute.
First, John Karlen appeared after a half-hour video highlighted DS’ first year pre-Barnabas episodes. John shared stories about portraying “Willie Loomis” and other DS characters, plus acting experiences such as his Emmy Award-winning role on "Cagney & Lacey."
DS music composer Robert (Bob) Cobert, who celebrated his 92nd birthday earlier in the week, was a delightful speaker, candidly discussing his decades-long association with DS creator/executive producer Dan Curtis. He answered audience questions, chronicled his extensive career, and hummed some of his memorable DS music. He then sat down to chat with every fan who approached and to autograph the limited edition re-release of his original 1969 DS soundtrack album on commemorative purple vinyl, which was available at the event. Fans also had him sign their original 1969 albums, “Shadows of the Night” sheet music or vintage 45rpm records, and other pieces representing some of Bob’s many memorable musical creations across his career. A highlight – in addition to his lively interactions with individual fans – was his tendency to accent autographs by jotting in a variety of musical notes, which he then hummed and sang to the recipient fan, grinning all the way.
Actor James Hall, who portrayed “Willie Loomis” for only a week when the character was introduced, attended his first DS event. He was paired onstage with Kathryn Leigh Scott to talk about the early days of DS. Jerry Lacy, Chris Pennock, Lisa Richards, and Roger Davis also participated in interesting audience Q&A sessions. A special highlight was Jim Storm, who played his guitar and wonderfully entertained the audience with several country-western songs.
A 2-part memorabilia auction was held midday and in the evening. Proceeds benefited the Woman's Club and CurePSP, the latter in memory of Kathryn's late husband Geoff Miller. Numerous rare and unique items were won by the highest bidders. Notable pieces: Nancy Barrett's actual fangs from the 1970 movie "House of DS"; one of Kathryn's original DS scripts and a costume hairpiece; Bob Cobert's personal vintage clarinet; Josette Music Box reproductions; original DS production slides; DS episode 16mm kinescope films; and other rarities.
Lara Parker took the stage in honor of her highly-anticipated new DS novel “Heiress of Collinwood.” Unfortunately, due to lingering laryngitis issues, she did not read from the book as planned. Instead she answered questions and then spoke about the craft of writing. Together, she and the keenly-interested audience engaged in a fascinating and thoughtful shared discussion about what makes a story come alive on many levels: tone, mood, themes, characterizations, descriptions, settings, each reader’s personal interpretations, and more.
In the evening, a number of costumed fans came onstage to show their DS and Halloween creativity and enthusiasm, participating in the Fest’s traditional For-Fun Fans’ Costume & Presentation Gala. Each entry was unique, including a delightful “baby werewolf” named Sebastian. Wearing a bright Halloween costume “disguise,” he’s really a service dog to his “mom” (owner), who indicated he’s also “single and looking.”
During the day, a variety of special video presentations were shown on the auditorium big screen. One was the 1954 live television drama "The House," written by future DS writer Art Wallace. In 1966 he and Dan Curtis adapted the story as the template for DS' original storyline and characters.  Also seen was a long-lost 1966 ABC-TV DS promotional spot with unique film footage and narration not seen on the series. We shared color newsreel footage of Jonathan Frid in costume as Barnabas at the White House for a 1969 underprivileged children's Halloween party. Also screened were long-unseen 1960s TV commercials with Joan Bennett and Joel Crothers, plus the unaired and uncompleted 2004 DS TV pilot. A special treat was a rough-cut reconstruction of deleted scenes from the 1971 MGM motion picture “Night of DS.” Using closed-captions because the soundtrack is missing, there were 2 sequences. One showed part of a séance to contact Angelique’s spirit. A lengthy segment followed Tracy (Kate Jackson) and Quentin (David Selby) as they search Collinwood’s basement and are terrorized and haunted by Angelique’s ghost.
Due to a delivery error, the preview "teaser trailer” for the DS documentary film could not be shown. ShadowGram will provide and update definite information on this exciting full-length feature project very soon.
That information and ongoing confirmed DS news will be announced in upcoming ShadowGram Official DS News Online Updates, posted FIRST directly to fans’ inboxes through the free ShadowGram Group List at
Please contact Marcy Robin at or for an invitation and/or the easy directions for becoming a Group member.
At the Woman’s Club all Saturday, sandwiches, salads, soft drinks, sweets, and snacks were available for purchase. Attendees also received complimentary DS gift items: DVDs, photos, calendars, promotional materials, and much more.
On Sunday, Oct. 30, a number of fans journeyed to nearby Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills, a city-owned park that served as Collinwood and the Old House in both the 1991 DS primetime NBC-TV series and in the 2004 unsold WB series pilot. This elegant hilltop estate also is a familiar location for movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos, and other projects.
**** DS’ 50th anniversary year is drawing to a close. But there’s an exciting special opportunity to share during DS’ 51st year: The next official event currently set is Oct. 1-8, 2017: The DS New England Cruise.
Aboard the Royal Caribbean Line’s “Serenade of the Seas” ship, fans will travel to/from Boston along the New England coast to Maine and beyond, joining DS guests Lara Parker, Kathryn Leigh Scott, and others to be announced.
For early details, please visit the Hartford Holidays Travel website page devoted to this specific trip: or call 800-828-4813. 
Fresh from the Hollywood event, LARA presents a book-signing for her 4th DS novel, “Heiress of Collinwood,” at the Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank, CA, on Sat., Nov. 12, from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm.
The novel explores the mystery of Victoria Winters, an infant abandoned on the steps of a NYC foundling home in the mid-1900s. That was the only life she knew until, as a young woman, she is mysteriously hired as governess for an unknown family in Collinsport, Maine. There her life becomes a swirl of secrets, magic, danger, supernatural experiences, mysteries – and a love that carries her back in time to the 1790s. But her past and contemporary lives blur and merge until she returns to the 20th century to start a new life and career. Then she receives an odd letter from a Collinsport lawyer urging her to come immediately, for the family she once knew there is in danger…yet again. 
The Dark Delicacies Bookstore is a long-recognized popular Los Angeles-area resource for books, posters, specialty items and in-person events related to the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres.
Dark Delicacies Bookstore, 3512 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA. (818) 556-6660.
Located on Magnolia Blvd. just off Hollywood Way.
Website -
Scroll down to see Lara’s event 
ShadowGram Online Update #390 (10-27-16) announced broadcast, online, and print sources and publications acknowledging DS’ 50 years, Lara’s new novel, and the show’s history, legacy, and continuing popularity worldwide.
Here ShadowGram reports additional broadcast, online, and print coverage of this milestone for the daytime TV series that aired 6-27-1966 to 4-2-1971.
From Sat., 10-29 (12:00 noon) to Mon., 10-31 (6:00am), the channel aired a sequential-episode marathon block, starting after Barnabas’ introduction and ending with Dr. Woodard’s death.
It also featured an online factual list focused on Lara:
---- MeTV shared the same online list about Lara:
* Please Note: MeTV has mentioned DS in the past but has not broadcast any episodes. Should this change, ShadowGram Online Updates will announce all definite details.
---- VANITY FAIR acknowledges DS’ 5 decades and publicizes the Hollywood event:
(SG Update #390 reported the Vanity fair article was coming. This is the actual piece)
---- Tolucan Times (Hollywood/Los Angeles-area newspaper:
---- Now available in print: REMINISCE magazine October/November 2016 has a 3-page article, spotlighting the Hollywood event

Calendar Events / Announcements '16 II / Halloween in Hollywood
« on: October 30, 2016, 04:53:24 PM »
I understand that the Festival sold 300 tickets for yesterday's event, and I noticed badges numbering in the 270s, but the head count was definitely not in the 300 ballpark.  Maybe if you added in the Festival staff, the actors, and the facility employees, you'd get close.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  The lobby accommodated individual lines for each of the tables, there were plenty of seats all over, and the line to enter didn't get long.  By afternoon, you could simply walk up to get autographs from some of the actors, and by then a certain actress (who was ailing) finally allowed photos to be taken of her.

And the doors opened promptly at 12!!!!  Good news: no registration line.  Bad news: no program of any kind.  As per usual: the event room had the A/C blasting even though we're finally experiencing some fall weather here.

Saw 7 Forum cousins.  Enjoyed catching up with jimbo and Darren Gross.  Check out the many wonderful photos on Facebook, such as Dark Shadows Lives, where you can see the two Willies meet up again at Karlen's table (joined by KLS, sigh).  Joe Intelgia, who stepped in as videographer, has a terrific photo of the Costume Gala if you're able to view his Fb page.  Also, who knew that Daniel Roebuck is a fan?

Mitch Ryan was a no-show.  Nancy Barrett didn't make it (ailing husband) but her fangs did.  Sy Tomashoff contacted Pierson in the morning to say he just wasn't feeling up to it.  Roger Davis was late, missing his panel, but was replaced by the recently added Jerry Lacy.  Roger took the stage alone during the scheduled meal break and rambled on until being told to please stop.  Because his "villagers" were pumped for his appearance, Chris Pennock (who'd come down with the flu) received the loudest applause in his panel, but John Karlen received standing ovations both coming and going as he did in Tarrytown; sadly, he seemed a little bit frailer to me since that appearance this past summer.

Also in attendance but not previously mentioned:  Lisa Richards; Robert Cobert-- recently turning 92, looking great, and dropping F-bombs like you would not believe, but only after making sure that no one under 17 was in his audience; Lara Parker-- not reading from her soon-to-be-released book due to a bad cold, though she did speak on stage, and lots of books were sold; Jim Storm and guitar; Ansel Faraj (Doctor Mabuse was one of the freebies for attendees).  KLS had a mound of her books for sale.  MPI sent a table of stuff.  AFAIK, Big Finish wasn't represented but some of their audio recordings were for sale at a special Halloween rate of $10.

A photo of NoDS from a current scene in the Forum slide show was for sale at Jim Storm's table.  Interestingly, John Karlen did not recognize himself standing between Grayson Hall and Storm in the picture.

I can give some details of the presentations later.  I'm sorry to say I did not catch the new Documentary so I can't say a thing about it.  It was scheduled to be shown at 7:30 and I simply had to step out with friends for a bite to eat and some red refreshment and we just didn't make it back in time.  [hall2_cheesy]

Hopefully it will stop raining here today by the time fans start visiting the Greystone grounds.

If you have access to the El Rey cable channel, they're airing the crazy (in a good way) Suspiria twice this coming weekend:  Saturday at 4 pm and Sunday morning at midnight (Pacific and Eastern times).

El Rey Network Schedule

Update Number 387
October 3, 2016
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), provides the following news in this ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "Bulletin."
As premiere-announced and reported in recent SHADOWGRAM OFFICIAL DS NEWS ONLINE UPDATES, the DS Festival / Official DS Fan Club presents the DS 50th Anniversary Encore event on Saturday, October 29, from 12:00 noon-12:00 midnight.
The festivities will be held at the historic Woman's Club of Hollywood, 1749 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046.
In the coming days, SHADOWGRAM ONLINE UPDATES will premiere-announce more expected DS guests and the tentative programming schedule.
*** Announcing:
Showing exclusively on the big screen in the Woman’s Club auditorium:
--- A first-look preview of the new feature-length “Dark Shadows” documentary film
--- Extremely rare and unique DS-related films and video surprises.
We celebrate the publication of LARA PARKER‘s new novel "Dark Shadows - Heiress of Collinwood." The book debuts here, before its November publication. Available 50th Anniversary commemoratives items for sale include apparel, a retro-style color-illustrated metal lunchbox, and a DVD collection from MPI.
Confirmed Attending Guests: LARA PARKER (beautiful witch Angelique), JOHN KARLEN (vampire caretaker Willie Loomis), NANCY BARRETT (head-strong heiress Carolyn Stoddard), JAMES STORM (menacing ghost Gerard), KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT (waitress/governess Maggie Evans), ROGER DAVIS (painter Charles Delaware Tate), LISA RICHARDS (werewolf girlfriend Sabrina Stuart), and JAMES HALL (Willie Loomis #1).
Also joining us: Scenic Designer SY TOMASHOFF. He was responsible for DS’ memorably distinctive sets, props, etc. as the show crossed from the 1600s-1971, plus Parallel Time periods and a “flash-forward” sequence set in 1995. SY was nominated and won Emmy Awards for his work on other daytime series, notably THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.
Also: Emmy and Grammy-nominated composer ROBERT COBERT wrote and arranged the DS music. He will be present to autograph special limited edition copies of the "Original Music from Dark Shadows" soundtrack album. First issued in 1969, it was a Top 20 album that year and remains in the Top 10 of best-selling TV scores of all time. Its 1969 release on regular black vinyl included a distinctive color front cover and a B&W back cover, plus a B&W photo insert poster of Jonathan Frid as Barnabas and David Selby as Quentin.
This past April, a special limited edition purple vinyl album was released for National Record Store Day. It replicates the covers and includes the 2 poster inserts. Although this limited edition record sold out nationally, a quantity of less than 200 was held in reserve for this Oct. 29 event. Attendees may purchase the album at the reduced price of $20.00 and have it autographed personally by Bob Cobert.
At the Woman’s Club on Saturday, YOU can meet our guests; have complimentary guest autograph and photo opportunities; be part of an audience Q&A session during an onstage cast reunion; enjoy dramatic and musical performances by the stars; watch rare video screenings; find a variety of DS and related memorabilia for sale; and more.
Our for-fun DS Halloween Costume Party invites fans of all ages to come onstage and share their own DS/Halloween creativity in their costumes and presentations, all for the participants and audience to enjoy. For info: Please email Marcy Robin at
In the charity auction Saturday afternoon, YOU can bid on many unusual exclusive items, benefiting the Woman’s Club. Included: Nancy Barrett’s vampire fangs from the 1970 film HOUSE OF DS and one of Kathryn Leigh Scott’s original DS costumes. Also, 10 winning-bid fans will join Kathryn in her Beverly Hills home for Sunday Brunch and a visit to nearby Greystone Estate, filming location for the 1991 DS primetime TV series and the 2004 WB DS TV pilot.
Sandwiches, snacks, and beverages will be available for purchase on site and a great variety of restaurants are close by.

Calendar Events / Announcements '16 II / Happy Birthday to Teresa!
« on: September 17, 2016, 04:06:34 AM »
Happy Birthday


August 14, 2016
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), provides the following news in this ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "Bulletin."
ShadowGram (SG) here provides more information about the upcoming “DS YEAR #50 HALLOWEEN IN HOLLYWOOD” event, presented by the DS Festival / Official DS Fan Club.
This event was first announced in the ShadowGram Official DS News Online Update #383 - July 6, 2016, posted directly via
The festivities will take place from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight on Saturday, October 29, at the historic Hollywood Women’s Club, located at 1749 La Brea Avenue, Hollywood, California 90046.
LARA PARKER’s (Angelique) new DS novel, “Heiress of Collinwood,” will be celebrated. This is her 4th DS novel and will be available for purchase (before its official Nov. 8 release date). Lara – and our other DS guests (to be announced soon) – will sign autographs, answer audience questions, perform, and be available for free photo opportunities with fans.
A variety of photos, books, collectibles, and more – including new DS merchandise – will be available. Sandwiches, beverages, and snacks will be for sale on site and there are numerous restaurants nearby.
A charity auction will offer unique and rare items – highlighted by Nancy Barrett's original vampire fangs from 1970’s “House of Dark Shadows” feature film, a vintage Maggie Evans hairpiece from Kathryn Leigh Scott, and other collectibles. Proceeds benefit this classic Hollywood Women’s Club location.
Fans of all ages are encouraged to participate in the just-for-fun DS Halloween Costume Party presentation, sharing their own DS creativity and enthusiasm. Please contact Marcy Robin at for more information.
ShadowGram Official DS News Online Updates such as this one soon will announce all our expected attending guests, planned programming, and more details.
PLEASE NOTE: No specific hotel is affiliated with this event.
A number of hotels and public parking garages are in the vicinity. Fans can refer to and type in “Hotels in Hollywood, California,” and include the Women’s Club street address above to explore hotel options.
Later in this Update, ShadowGram indicates general transportation, nearby public and tourist attractions, and other information of interest.
All attendees will receive complimentary DS gifts.
Admission for this 12-hour event is $20.00 per person.
---- Advance ticket purchase is required by postal-mail check / money order   OR   via PayPal.
Payments must be received at the addresses below by Saturday, October 22.
Sorry, credit card payments can not be accepted.
NOTE: For payments by postal-mail, please include the full name of each person for whom you are paying. Also, please enclose a SAFSE (Self-Addressed Forever-Stamp Envelope) with complete current name(s) of attendees and the correct postal-mail address.
Please also include a contact email address.
Your membership badge will be sent to you by postal-mail. It is your receipt for admission. Please wear this badge when you are attending programming events at the Women’s Club.
PLEASE ONLY USE the following postal-address and PayPal contact.
--- Postal-Mail Payments:  Check / money order payable ONLY to DARK SHADOWS
 Send ALL postal-mail payments to:
Dark Shadows
ShadowGram / Marcy Robin
P.O. Box 1766
Temple City, CA 91780-7766
--- PayPal payments: Only use the recipient email address:
You also must include a complete current postal-mail address or your membership badge(s) (which is your receipt) can not be mailed to you.

More details – including confirmed DS guests, planned programming, and more – will be announced soon in upcoming ShadowGram Official DS News Online Updates via the free ShadowGram Group List at
---- On Sunday, October 30, fans also can acknowledge another important DS milestone: The 25th Anniversary of the nighttime DS TV series, the only primetime television version of DS.
Fans are encouraged to carpool, uber, or taxi to nearby Greystone Estate, 905 Loma Vista Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210.
This extensive hilltop estate was the main filming location for the 1991 “Dark Shadows” primetime NBC-TV series. Different rooms and views were used as both Collinwood and the Old House. Airing 1-13 to 3-22, 1991, its 13 hours told a condensed, more intense version of the story of Barnabas’ release from the coffin into modern-day Collinsport, with a flashback to 1791, leading to Angelique’s vampire curse.
The elegant Greystone mansion rooms and grounds also were used extensively to shoot location scenes for a 2004 pilot ordered by the WB network. The proposed new DS series revisited the Barnabas origin story as well. The pilot was not picked up by the network.
Built in 1927-28 by oil magnate Edward Doheny and now owned by the city of Beverly Hills, the grounds are a city park and free to the public to visit 10:00am-6:00pm daily. Buildings are closed to the public. It offers impressive views of the Los Angeles area spread below the hills. The building exteriors/interiors and estate grounds are frequent filming locations for movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos, etc.  Weddings, receptions, concerts, readings, exhibits, flower shows, and special events also are held there during the year.
---- The Hollywood Women’s Club building is just half a block north of Hollywood Boulevard and the start of the world-renowned “Hollywood Walk of Fame” (which also continues along Vine Street). Sidewalks on both sides of the boulevard and 3 blocks on both sides of Vine St. feature separate, distinctive, embedded 5-pointed terrazzo and brass stars that honor 2900+ individuals and entities recognized across the decades.
These salute Film/TV/Music/Radio/Theatre/Industry/Fictional & Cartoon Character personalities and special honorees (even Lassie and the Muppets).
JOAN BENNETT (DS’ Elizabeth, Naomi, Judith, Flora) is among those recognized with one of these distinguished stars.
---- The Women’s Club building is 2 blocks from the iconic Chinese Theatre which is at 6925 Hollywood Blvd. Opened in May, 1927, its famed forecourt presents embedded large concrete blocks featuring actual signatures, hand-, and foot- prints (and sometimes specific features) of entertainment industry personalities from the 1920s to now. Visitors can freely wander the forecourt, take photos, etc. The Theatre itself has long been used for major motion picture premieres and other special occasions.
All along Hollywood Blvd., nearby Sunset Blvd., and adjacent streets are unique special attractions such as the Hollywood & Highland Entertainment Complex (frequent venue for the Academy (Oscar) Awards and other entertainment ceremonies), the Hollywood Wax Museum, historic El Capitan and Egyptian Theaters, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, countless shops, restaurants, and many other points of interest.
--- Burbank Bob Hope Airport
--- Los Angeles International (LAX)
The greater Los Angeles area is served by Amtrak and local train lines, particularly the regional Metro Link Train & Bus systems. Fans also may consider uber, taxi, car rental, local Metro bus service, carpool with other fans, or other transportation options.
These include Loews Hollywood, Hollywood Roosevelt, Best Western, Holiday Inn, and others. Fans can refer to Google “Hotels in Hollywood, California” and include the Women’s Club street address (earlier in this Update). Various online travel information sources also explore possible hotel options.

More details will be announced soon in upcoming ShadowGram Official DS News Online Updates via the ShadowGram Group List at

PAT LYSINGER, NY Times obituary
With thanks to Kosmo!

Ms. Lysinger in far right photo (created by MB), as a Blue Whale customer in Episode #14:

Photo: 2010/1970s

July 6, 2016
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), provides the following news in this ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "Bulletin."
# 1
ShadowGram is pleased to announce first word about an extra-special Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary encore event in Los Angeles, CA, the weekend of October 29-30, 2016.
“Dark Shadows – Halloween in Hollywood” will include the debut of Lara Parker's new DS novel, “Heiress of Collinwood.”
---- PLEASE NOTE: The above announcement is to encourage interested fans to “mark your calendars now.” NO further details are available at this time. Planning is underway and these free ShadowGram Online Updates will first report definite news as it is finalized.
Please do not attempt to send any money, request tickets, etc., until the specific information is officially announced through these ShadowGram Online Updates in the coming months. Thank you for your cooperation – and your DS enthusiasm!
These ShadowGram Official DS News Online Updates will premiere-announce all confirmed information FIRST through the free ShadowGram Group List at
To be among the first to directly receive each ShadowGram News Update in your inbox:
--- If you’re already a Yahoo member, go to the website. Find the GROUPS tab on the main page. Click there, type   Shadowgram   in the Search box, and click again. It will take you to the Group. Continue from there.
--- If you’re not already a Yahoo member of the ShadowGram Group, please go to
Then follow the steps to become a Group member.
If you prefer, you can request an invitation, which makes it even easier to receive each Update as it is posted. For an invitation or more information, please send your request with your full name and full email address to Marcy Robin at
Once you join the Group or accept the invitation, you will receive the breaking-news Updates via email as they are posted. You also can see past news developments as they happened by reading recent Updates at the ShadowGram Group page at
# 2
Over the weekend of June 24-26, 2016, an enthusiastic group of approximately 1,300 devotees of "Dark Shadows" (DS) gathered in Tarrytown, NY, to celebrate the original TV show's golden anniversary (DS premiered June 27, 1966). Fans of all ages came from across the U.S. as well as England, Canada, and Australia. They were joined by a dozen of the series' cast members and a trio of the production personnel.
The festivities began on Friday morning and afternoon, June 24, when over 500 fans visited the nearby historic Lyndhurst Estate. Both MGM motion pictures "House of Dark Shadows" (1970) and "Night of Dark Shadows" (1971) were filmed on location there; a number of the TV cast members starred in these movies. Scenes were shot inside the elegant mansion and numerous buildings as well as around the sprawling grounds filled with lush, varied landscaping. Fans taking the guided tours of the mansion interiors were offered a glimpse into the "Collinwood" of the movies – including a rendition of Angelique’s portrait.
Friday evening, the neighboring DoubleTree Hotel welcomed more attendees for a full schedule of free autographs and photo opportunities with our guests, onstage Q&A / reminiscences sessions with the actors, and a range of video screenings lasting through midnight. A wide array of DS merchandise was offered for sale throughout the weekend. Included were books, photos, and CDs from the guests, a wide range of Big Finish Productions’ wonderful DS audio dramas on CD, and premiering 50th anniversary collectibles from MPI Home Video: a retro-styled, color-illustrated DS lunchbox, a commemorative T-shirt and hoodie, and much more.
Saturday, June 25, brought a full day of activities. Our guests again were available for free autographs and photo opportunities during the day.
Beginning at 11:00am were DS-themed fan videos. Next was a DS News / Q&A audience discussion with Marcy Robin, longtime editor of the recognized ShadowGram Official DS News Online Updates and the ShadowGram Official DS Published Newsletter.
During her session, Marcy also announced that expected guests Mitchell Ryan, Donna McKechnie, and Kathy Cody were unable to attend and sent their regrets to everyone. Following were talks from Wallace McBride of The Collinsport Historical Society website and associate Patrick McCray.
A rare video treat shown during the afternoon was a long-lost live television broadcast of the drama "The House" by Art Wallace. It had not been seen since its only TV airing in the 1950s. In 1966, Art worked with Dan Curtis to create the original “story bible” for DS. This is a compilation of possible storylines, characters, tones, settings, etc., for the proposed TV show that ultimately became “Dark Shadows.” Thus those watching the screening could recognize how certain characters and situations were adapted from "The House" to become part of DS.
Then original DS production staff members Nick Besink (video engineer), Henry Plimack (audio engineer), and Daniel Morgan (stage manager) fronted an insightful panel that focused on the behind-the-scenes aspects of getting the daily DS episodes on the air.
The afternoon continued with the first of 2 charity auctions. Many rare and unique DS items were offered for open bidding, with proceeds benefiting the Lyndhurst Estate, a National Historic Trust site. Among the highlights were Josette's Music Box reproductions and a script from Lara Parker's first DS episode.
“Dark Shadows Lives” brought onstage David Darlington and associates of England’s Big Finish Productions. They discussed BFP’s excellent ongoing series of new DS audio dramas starring many of the original cast members and others. Then Mary O'Leary and Will McKinley, former business associates of Jonathan Frid, presented an insightful and affectionate tribute to Jonathan, recalling the creation and performances of his one-man Readers Theatre live shows that he toured across the country in the 1980s and 1990s.
Next DS actors David Selby, John Karlen, Lara Parker, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Jerry Lacy, Marie Wallace, Sharon Smyth, Donna Wandrey, James Storm, Chris Pennock, and Roger Davis gathered on stage. After saluting DS’ 50th anniversary with flutes of champagne, they informed fans of their latest endeavors and answered a wide range of questions from the audience. Afterward, Chris read excerpts from one of his comic books.
That evening, Nancy Barrett reprised her role of “Carolyn Stoddard” in a humorous Collinsport Players fan skit entitled "Séance Fiction," written by Jay Keaveny and directed by Richard Halpern. Next, over two dozen fans dressed as their favorite DS or horror characters came onstage, individually or in small groups, for the “for fun” Costume Celebration, emceed by Coordinator Marcy Robin. Participants shared their DS enthusiasm and creativity in a delightful variety of characters, costumes, recitations, songs, and more – all just for fun. The event was capped when the onstage costumed participants were surprised: They were joined by Kathryn Leigh Scott and Lara Parker, each wearing period attire as Josette and Angelique. The evening activities continued as Sharon Smyth shared with the fans some ghost stories and a short horror film in which she stars.
Sunday, June 26, began with more free guest autographs and photo opportunities that later continued in the afternoon. At 11:30am, the “Luncheon with the Stars” opened. Fans and guests were seated at tables throughout the hotel ballroom. A variety of door prizes were awarded prior to an afternoon of guests’ stage performances and special video presentations.
First, Nancy Barrett teamed with David Selby to sing and dance to their DS signature song, "I Wanna Dance with You," which was featured in DS’ 1897 storyline. David then requested the audience hum along as he recited "Shadows of the Night," the lyrics for "Quentin's Theme." Next, James Storm played his guitar and sang a selection of folk-roots songs before auctioning off one of his evocative black-and-white framed nature photographs to benefit a Native American educational organization in which he is involved. Kathryn Leigh Scott read a segment from her new autobiographical book "Last Dance at the Savoy" prior to the auction of her original Maggie Evans’ waitress costume and saddle shoes from DS’ first episode, plus various hair extensions she used on the show. These were offered to support CurePSP, the affliction which claimed the life of her late husband, Geoff Miller.
Filmmaker Ansel Faraj presented a pair of short films with DS cast members in both mysterious and humorous stories – including one in which “vampire” Chris Pennock conducts a job interview for a potential servant: the “very experienced” John  Karlen. Then came a taped segment of Lara and Kathryn costumed as Angelique and Josette, shot on location in St. Pierre, Martinique. Finally, a “Dark Shadows in Remembrance” retrospective honored those cast and production members who have passed.
All Luncheon attendees received complementary DS books and DVDs courtesy of MPI and Hermes Press. They also could bid on more DS collectibles in another charity auction to further benefit Kathryn and Jim's causes.
Afterward, the actors signed autographs and posed for photos. Fans also could browse the wide variety of available merchandise. At 5:00, many fans departed for an optional DS-focused guided tour of nearby Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, also used for location filming for the 1970 and 1971 DS movies. Finally, the Anniversary Celebration weekend was extended as many fans lingered well into the night to talk, visit, and share about DS.
The weekend was indeed a fitting finale to a festive 3 days of honoring half a century of “Dark Shadows.”
Since we held the first DS Festival in 1983, the Fests always have been “by the fans, for the fans, with the fans.” Countless lasting friendships, shared experiences, common interests, creativity, and much more result at every Fest. Here’s to many more together!

June 19, 2016
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), provides the following news in this ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "Bulletin."
The DS Golden Anniversary Celebration in Tarrytown, NY, is a few days away.
This Update releases the revised schedule of events, details various planned activities, and describes guest presentations, fan participation opportunities, a retrospective of Jonathan Frid’s one-man Readers Theatre shows, new merchandise for purchase, special and rare screenings, and much more.
More than a dozen original DS cast/crew will join us. Unfortunately, a few guests who had hoped to participate send their regrets and are unable to attend: Mitchell Ryan (Burke Devlin), Kathleen Cody (Hallie Stokes) and Robert Cobert (music composer). Each has attended previous Festivals and hopes to see the fans at a future Festival gathering.
Happily, 3 new guests from the original DS production staff will be with us and participate in a discussion panel: Video engineer Nick Besink, stage manager Daniel Morgan, and audio engineer Henry Plimack.
BALLROOM (except where noted)
This schedule is subject to change and all times are approximate.
---- Friday , June 24
10:00am - 5:00 pm - An Afternoon at Collinwood (Lyndhurst Estate)
3:00pm   Celebration Registration opens at DoubleTree Hotel
6:00        DS 50th Anniversary opening ceremonies with guest Sharon Smyth
6:15        DS Episode #1245 as originally broadcast on ABC-TV
6:45        Jonathan Frid on The Dick Cavett Show (1968)
7:00        Special Guests: Nancy Barrett & Kathryn Leigh Scott
7:30        Special Guests: Marie Wallace & Christopher Pennock
8:00        Special Guests: Jerry Lacy & James Storm
8:30        Special Guests: Lara Parker & Roger Davis
9:00        Movie: House of Dark Shadows with Jonathan Frid Interview (1986)
11:00      Movie: Night of Dark Shadows
12:45      Movie: Doctor Mabuse - Etiopomar (with DS cast)
---- Saturday, June 25
10:00am  Celebration registration opens
11:00       Dark Shadows Fan Videos
11:30       Dark Shadows News: ShadowGram's Marcy Robin
12:00       The Collinsport Historical Society - Wallace McBride
12:30       The Collins Chronicles - Patrick McCray
1:00         Dark Shadows Lost & Found: The House   
2:00         Dark Shadows Charity Auction I       
3:00         Dark Shadows Lives: The Big Finish Audio Dramas
3:15         The Genesis Of A Comeback: On The Road With
                 Jonathan Frid - William McKinley & Mary O'Leary
4:00         50th Anniversary Dark Shadows Cast Reunion -
                  Questions & Answers with The Stars
5:00         Dark Shadows Bloopers
6:00         Dark Shadows Lost & Found: Surprise
7:00         Donna McKechnie In Performance
7:30         Dark Shadows Costume Celebration
8:30         Dark Shadows: Séance Fiction – The Collinsport Players
9:00         Ghost Stories with Sarah Collins
                  and On A Country Road horror short hosted by Sharon Smyth
10:00      Movie: The Last Case of August T. Harrison (with DS cast)
                  introduced by filmmaker Ansel Faraj
11:30      Movie: House of Shadows (influenced by DS)
Sunday, June 26
11:00am   Doors Open/Registration Opens
11:30        Luncheon Begins/Door Prizes/Gift Bags
12:30        Dark Shadows Dramatics: Stage & video performances 
                   by the Dark Shadows stars/Dark Shadows In Remembrance
2:30          Dark Shadows  Charity Auction II
3:00          Autograph Session/DS Memorabilia Sale
5:00          Optional No-Host Fan Field Trip to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery & Private Tour
NOTE: At the Celebration Registration tables in the Doubletree Hotel, you must present your original registration payment receipt. You’ll then receive a badge; please wear it prominently to enable you to attend Celebration programming.
NOTE: For those going to the separate “Afternoon at Collinwood” visit to the nearby Lyndhurst Estate (filming site for the movies “House of DS” and “Night of DS”), you may park on the mansion grounds, walk from the hotel, or take a $2 hotel taxi ride to and/or from Lyndhurst.
At Lyndhurst, each fan must present their ticket to tour the mansion (the ticket was mailed to them with their Festival receipt). A Festival receipt will not be valid for this purpose.
Each fan is entitled to one tour of the mansion interior. These will be in groups of 20, every 30 minutes, starting at 10am and ending at 4pm. Lunch and snacks will be available at the Lyndhurst carriage house café adjacent to the gift shop in the stables area, or fans may bring their own sack lunches. There are many filming locations on the grounds: the greenhouse, abandoned pool building, bowling alley, gardens, and more.
---- Guest Autographs & Photo Opportunities
Throughout the weekend, the DS actors will be available to sign autographs at tables in the hotel corridors adjacent to the ballroom. There is no charge for guest signatures. Fans may purchase photographs, books and other DS materials to be autographed. Please Note: There is a limit of 2 autographs per person per each visit with a guest, with the exception of items purchased from the guests. Your cooperation is appreciated so every fan has a fair chance to greet our guests. Thank you.
---- Luncheon with the Stars – Sunday afternoon – Hotel Ballroom
All attendees of the 50th Anniversary Luncheon will receive a gift offering of DS items. Following the awarding of door prizes, there will be a variety of special video and live onstage Dark Shadows Dramatics presentations with the actors. The afternoon will end with an autograph session and the final opportunity to purchase DS merchandise.
---- Costume Celebration – 7:30 Saturday evening - Hotel Ballroom
This all-for-fun fan participation event welcomes fans of all ages to share their creativity with their own DS- or horror- influenced costumes onstage. Individually or in small groups, you can show off your costume, present a short recitation, song, or dance (no more than 1 minute, please). Entries must be suitable for all audiences.
Entry forms will be available at the Information Desk near the Registration area.
NOTE: This is not a contest. There is no fee to participate. Marcy Robin is the Costume Celebration Coordinator and onstage MC. She asks all participants to please bring their completed entry forms and attend a 7:00 Rehearsal/Information Session at the hotel’s outside gazebo pavilion immediately behind the ballroom autograph area. Thank you.
---- Special Movie Screenings
In addition to big-screen, high-definition presentations of the feature films House of DS and Night of DS, other motion pictures of interest will screen over the weekend. These include the DS-influenced House of Shadows and a pair of movies featuring original DS cast members from DS fan/filmmaker Ansel Faraj: The Last Case of August T. Harrison and Doctor Mabuse: Etiopoma.
---- Lost And Found
For the first time in 6 decades and not seen anywhere since its single original live telecast in the 1950s, Art Wallace's original teleplay of The House will be screened. Fans can see how Wallace adapted the story and setting when Dan Curtis hired him to pen DS’ “program bible” in 1966. Viewers will find many characters and story elements to be extremely familiar!
---- The Genesis of a Comeback: On The Road With Jonathan Frid
In the 1980s, after attending several DS fan conventions and contributing to the show’s return in syndication and on PBS stations, Jonathan Frid began performing dramatic one-man shows for the fans. Producer Mary O’Leary then teamed with Jonathan to form Clunes Associates to develop and present Jonathan’s professional performances across the country at theatres, schools and libraries. Among those assisting Jonathan’s creative efforts was young fan William McKinley. Now, Mary and William look back at their time working with Jonathan and travelling with his unique Readers Theatre programs.
---- Producing Shadows
On Saturday afternoon, 3 veterans from the DS production staff will share their memories of working behind the scenes. Joining the panel will be video engineer Nick Besink, stage manager Daniel Morgan, and audio engineer Henry Plimack.
---- Memorabilia Charity Auctions
On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, a tantalizing selection of rare and unique DS items will be offered for auction to benefit the Lyndhurst Estate, and Cure PSP (in memory of Geoff Miller). This is your chance to acquire DS collectibles and surprises, with some donated by our guests.
--- Dark Shadows Collectibles
An array of new commemorative DS-related items will be available for sale during the weekend, including David Selby’s Light & Shadows book of DS-inspired songs, poems, and photographs. MPI will debut the first-ever retro-styled DS lunchbox, the only official DS 50th Anniversary T-shirt, and a long-sleeved hoodie. Also, final copies of the commemorative limited edition, purple vinyl reissue of composer Robert Cobert’s classic Original Music From Dark Shadows soundtrack album will be available while supplies last.
NOTE: The anonymous winner of the MPI online contest to win Celebration admission and a hotel stay has been notified.
---- The Collinsport Players
A group of DS fans have joined to present a humorous tale involving dramatic happenings at Collinwood. The parody Séance Fiction promises a surprise or 2.
**** NOTE: All 50th Anniversary functions are sold out. For those unable to attend, the Festival program book will be for sale after July 1. Also available after the Celebration event: New DS merchandise from MPI (( the DS lunchbox (full-color retro style), a 50th Anniversary t-shirt with a vintage cast image, commemorative DS hoodie, and more items.
ShadowGram Updates soon will report more details about how to purchase these items after the Celebration weekend.
For 6 months, SG Updates have noted some Real Life situations I’ve had to face. These totally unexpected, unpredictable crises required all my attention, energy, and more. My entire life was upended and I had to set aside everything, including my all-volunteer DS/SG work. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding – and I’m back at last!
Since the late December accidental electrical garage/house fire at my home, cleaning, repairs, and reconstruction have progressed steadily. It’s been very traumatic and difficult in every way. Hopefully, home will again be home for us by late summer.
In late March, I needed another emergency surgery for a retinal hole in one eye; I have lifelong severe myopia and am prone to retinal damage. I’m grateful and relieved that my surgeon – a pioneer in the field – is very pleased with my recovery and cleared me to fly to NY. So I’ll be there to handle my staff responsibilities and celebrate with everyone. My thanks for all the good wishes, prayers, healing thoughts, cards, notes, and emails from so many. They truly helped lift my spirits.

Obituary of Allan Wertheim, 2nd Unit Asst. Dir., in today's LA Times:
Allan Wertheim 1942 - 2016

With thanks to Kosmo

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