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Current Talk '04 II / Re: favorite "moment"
« on: August 08, 2004, 05:25:32 AM »
 :-X¬† Well, I know I'm one of the few Leviathan story fans, as I think what we imagine as the creature is better than anything the old DS budget could created, plus it was true to Lovecraft in that if you actually saw "one of the Ancient Ones", you could lose part of your sanity. That said. I like Michael as he was a pretty good actor and reminds me now of a young Christopher Walken.
   Speaking of which here's favorite Leviathan moment...
[spoiler]When Jeb opens the coffin of Paul Stoddard and his corpse is grinning that ghastly smile at him![/spoiler]

    A Cousin from Virginia

On to Tarrytown,
     Then to Trask St. in  Salem!
        Let the witch trials begin!

Calendar Events / Announcements '04 II / Re: Happy Birthday, Gothick!
« on: August 08, 2004, 05:02:56 AM »
     Hope you had a great birthday. I hear David picked you up something special at Brewsters, or was it that new antique shoppe? Oh well, its a mystery to me.
     Have many more great birthdays!


Tarrytown 04
   Got our reservations and we'll soon be out the door!
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Calendar Events / Announcements '04 II / Re: Happy Birthday Bobubas!
« on: August 08, 2004, 04:46:26 AM »
 :D Bob!
     Who knew there were so many Leos on this board? Have great birthday and buy yourself something nice. Hey, finally met Julie Newmar at SuperBatfest. Looking forward to seeing you and the gang in NY. "Til then, celebrate like Crazy (Jenny).

Michael J

Tarrytown 04 or Bust!

Happy Birthday MsCris,
       James Brown may be the hardest working man in showbiz, but you are one of the hardest working women on the net. Have a great birthday.

Tarrytown '04 or Bust!


Current Talk '04 II / Re: favorite "moment"
« on: August 04, 2004, 08:41:02 PM »
I agree with Heather, that Vickie's rescue of David from the burning shack was the momonet I got hooked on the show. Although I had been watching for a while, from then on I was committed! I was about David's age at the time and he was the character I related to.

    The last time I watched the series all the way through, I was hooked by the scene where Barnabas has Julia murder Dr. Woodard. I was moved by Barnabas's words along the lines of "You may mock my affliction, but you may not mock   my      pain."

    After these, i would say the build up to Quentin's ghost when the children discover the skeleton walled up in the West Wing was a major grabber!

Calendar Events / Announcements '04 II / Re: Convention
« on: August 04, 2004, 07:34:40 PM »
Just a question on the convention, I got my confirmation flyer in the mail this week and Lisa Richards is no longer listed. Does anyone know if she has dropped out? I know the shows are supposed to be smaller from now on. I heard that neither Chris Pennock, James Storm or Roger Davis were confirmed or attending, but Lisa has been on the website for many months. I guess I'm a little anxious as she's the only attendee I have never met. Has anyone heard anything one way or another?
    By the way, anyone going to the show should take a trip down to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetary. Not only did HODS film there, but its just a great (and huge) cemetary to visit. The oldest section had olde Dutch graves, including the people who inspired the characters in Legend of Sleepy Hollow. There are some notables in the cemetary, such as Washington Irving and Andrew Carnegie.
   If anyone knows which gravesite was used in HODS, please answer here or send me an internal message please!

       Michael, Your Cousin from Virginia

Nancy has done her Cabaret act at conventions before. She sings a variety of pop and showtunes, and yes, its likely she will do "I wanna dance for you." Some others songs she has done include "Girls just wanna have fun" and "I'm tired" from "Blazing Saddles." She has a good time and it usually goes over very well. She does little spoken bits between the songs. I recommend going to that part of the convention


Calendar Events / Announcements '04 II / Re: Review of DS Reunion DVD
« on: July 22, 2004, 08:34:29 PM »
While we are on the subject of DS commercials, does anyone else remember Lara Parker for "Wink, the sassy one...from Canada Dry!" or Don Briscoe showering with Dial soap, during the "Aren't you glad you use Dial? Don't you wish everone did?" era. I know I didn't dream these. And they still sell Wink here in VA.

           Your Cousin from Virginia

I'm with everybody else. I want to see anything you have. While I think I'm especially interested in the seance and scenes involving the discovery of Charles' remains, I'd sit through John Karlen combing his hair outtakes. Actually, if you find any more bloody fights with Gerard, include them. I remember one trip to Lyndhurst running around until I found the railroad overpass footbridge where the big fight was.
    There was always a sense of irony about the second film for me as since my parents found the first film way too graphic for my 11 years, that I wasn't allowed to see "Night of Dark Shadows" at the theatre. I didn't see it until CBS late night movies one summer a few years later. I wonder how many other kids had that experience. By the way, I wasn't allowed to see "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" the same reason. Both were "GP" then.

 It might be of interest that Mr. Grean also produced some of Leonard Nimoy's albums for Dot/Paramount, made during Nimoy's run on Star Trek, most notably "Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space" and "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy". The former is actually about 1/2 instrumentals arranged by Mr. Grean, the best of which include some nice variations on the Trek theme, and a punchy version of "Music to Watch Girls by" done for "Space Girls" (this is definitely some classic space age bachelor pad music) and the other half a combination of spoken word with music as well as a few songs "sung" by Mr. Nimoy. I have a very soft place in my heart for Leonard's warbling of "Where is Love" from "Oliver." On a later album, Leonard sings "Maiden's Wine" (aka Bitter Dregs) which he sang on the Trek series. However, the jam session with space hippie Adam didn't show up on any Nimoy LP. He did 5 in all between the Trek and "Mission: Impossible" years, but not all were produced by Mr. Grean

Calendar Events / Announcements '04 I / Re:DS/Barnabas Collins Game
« on: May 25, 2004, 08:04:06 PM »
   I have both games. I'm pretty sure the Barnabas Collins game was issued at least for a while with an upper and lower teeth plastic fangs. They were a bright white plastic, not ivory or that pale greenish yellow glow-in-the dark like Aurora models. I remember being disappointed and slightly heartbroken   :-[ when my mom bought one for my cousin's birthday which we played at the party at my grandmother's, then promised to buy me one but never did. By the way, did anyone at Milton Bradley ever consider it was a liitle less than sanitary for kids to play a game where you passed around something that literally went from mouth to mouth? Were there instructions to "please wash the fangs after each use?"

Of the castings announced so far, I'm really only familiar with two, Roger and Elizabeth, or rather Martin Donovan and Blair Brown. With those two, I feel very comfortable. I will admit I used to have a small crush on Blair Brown during her Molly Dodd days. I also remember her from Altered States. It may be of interest that she once played Mina in a 1973 Canadian TV production of Dracula. I have never seen this version, although it was covered by "Shivers" magazine a few years ago. Its one I would like to add to my collection.
   I suspect that we may have another recognizable name for the part of Dr. Hoffman. I'm still holding out for Faye Dunaway!
   By the way, I highly recommend the 1977 BBC production of "Count Dracula" with Louis Jourdan, which is also hard to find, but well worth it.   [blackbat] [blackbat]

 :)  Always great to hear good news on the film restorations. I keep a tight hold on my double laserdisc set and know one day you're going to make it possible for all of us to own widescreen restorations with great extras!  Darren you're on my lottery list if I ever win!

Current Talk '04 I / Re:Waking up in the 21st Century......
« on: March 30, 2004, 08:46:17 PM »
I'm curious to know how the many changes in medical and criminal justice technology might affect the story. Think about how much more difficult it will be to pull off "the cousin from England" bit now, in the age when we have, say, Victor Hugo's will on the internet. How will aid affect the show? Will Julia give Barnabas a cathscan? (Did I spell that right?) I have often thought that many of the classic '60 shows like "Then Came Bronson" or "The Fugitive" would be difficult to pull off now, as despite the bugaboo of identity theft, most identity theft is relatively short term. Willie will now have to be a genius hacker to create an artificial background for Barnabas.
 Any thoughts? :-

Current Talk '04 I / Re:The Producers
« on: March 30, 2004, 08:32:25 PM »
I'm not sure at which year things changed, some of you scholars of entertainment law may be able to inform us, but as an example of royalty payments, I met George Lindsay who stated he get more royalties for one episode of M*A*S*H he guest appeared on than the whole run of The Andy Griffith Show. I would suspect the main reason DS actors get royalties from the tapes and DVDs would be from the extra contributions like the interviews, which are new amterial, as well as a small stipend for "transfer to another medium." Either that or as a courtesy. Was there some clause that gave them a small (I bet very small) per cent of the merchandising? Does anyone have any idea what was set up? ???