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No madame, my name is not Dorian Gray. You are in the wrong Dan Curtis production

I also agree with the oddity of DVD releases. Sometimes its more interesting what's not out there than what is. Interestingly, the trailer for Night of the Iguana was included on "The Man Who Would be King", which had a collection of trailers from John Huston films. What comes out on DVD and what doesn't is usually decided at the labels by what they feel is the demand first, and availability second. Some titles have rights issues, for example "The Old Dark House" with Boris Karloff was originally releases by Universal pictures, but the DVD is on Image as Universal no longer owns the film. I have to wonder if few Tennessee Williams movies are out if there's some kind of ownership rights issues.
      The TV movie with Grayson, "Gargoyles" is out on DVD and I've seen it at both Suncoast and Best Buy at various times. Grayson I believe is listed on the box but not on the front. The label is VCI. "Satan in High Heels" is also out on Something Weird video.
      By the way, Thayer David's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" is out on MGM, but I heard there may a be a "special edition" down the line. The other thing about DVDs is it seems one version is never enough. As soon as you buy the movie, the 32 and 1/2 Anniversay edition is out. I hope when (not if) House & Night come out, we get all the marbles and we don't have to get a second edition with new commentary tracks and newly discovered alternate trailers, but what the heck, I've bought several things twice.


Nurse: Miss Evans, just because you know to say turn your head and cough, doesn't make you a nurse.

MAGGIE: Governess at Collinwood, eh?! I wouldn't take a job like that unless I'd been bitten by a vampire, lost my memory, lost my blind father, dumped my boyfriend, dated a warlock who sacrifices me on the black altar, and became a brunette! And we know none of that will be happening any time soon...

Okay, now that's funny! Rockin' Sandor! [91a2] [crowdhappy]

Gee, your hair smells terrific!

Now listen here buster, I ain't kissin' your grits or anything else you got, and it don't matter how many music boxes you give me!

"Why you all are no more than a bit of mustard or undigested beef. There is more of gravy than of the grave about you. mmmmmm gravy.....beef..mmrrmrmrmrmrmr,(Homer noises)"

 ;)   Oh my god Mary Beth, honey put on some clothes!

Offscreen: Harvey!!!!

Julia (singing): I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

 >:D  Okay I was a little naughty first time out, but it made ya laugh. I did some less naughty ones too, I liked, most especially on # 0567. But then I love spoofing Roger Davis's classic cologne ad.


I knew that spell didn't start with the jingle, "I feel like chicken tonight."

Off camera, Lela: Okay Joe, give us the money shot.

Jeff: Vicki, you don't understand. That was my last bottle of Brut you broke. Its not easy to get that stuff anymore.

Caption This! - The Return of Laura / Re: Episode #0189
« on: January 27, 2005, 11:21:55 PM »
Mrs. Johnson  : Hello Allstate, this is Sarah Johnson. I'm the lady who's sister was killed when a  little house fell on her in Kansas.   Witnesses?  Yes, there were several. There was a Miss Gale and some sort of midget convention.

Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0799
« on: January 27, 2005, 11:17:52 PM »
Aristede: Yes Tim, I am glad you use Dial. Now let's play a game called "drop the soap." >:D