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Caption This! - The Return of Laura / Re: Episode #0169
« on: February 14, 2005, 11:18:31 PM »
Roger: Okay, now that I can see it a little closer, it does look like a ducky. After I have a brandy I'll show you my shadow puppet of former vice president Nixon.

Current Talk '05 I / Re: Count Yorga and DS
« on: February 09, 2005, 08:23:56 PM »
Quote from: Patti
Michael...was J. Frid ever approached for this fillm?

Patti, I'm unaware that Frid was approached for this film, but its not completely impossible. He's said in a few interviews, such as on the famous Mike Douglas Show, that he was offered many horror films (such as Dracula I assume as they go on to touch briefly on Bela Lugosi). It might be interesting to know more about what Jonathan was offered, but I doubt that's a favorite subject. I remember at one of his Hofstra shows, during the Q & A, he stated that he never felt "comfortable" with the "Hollywood people" and after the "Seizure" production, I think we can understand why. He did speak kindly of Joe Sirola and Christina Pickles tho, and Martine Beswick spoke highly of Jonathan from her memories on "Seizure."


Julia: Adam, how long have you been sitting here in Professor Stokes closet?

Carolyn (speaking to offscreen character): It was very nice meeting you and all your your motorcycle club Mr. Von Zipper. (To Buzz) You know the neatest people.

Jason: Carolyn, is now time to meet the bachelor you chose. And herrrrrrrrrrre he is. Bachelor # 2 is named Buzz Hackett and he's from right here in Collinsport... (Herb Alpert music plays...)

Julia's week as guest host on American Idol ends on a sour note. Julia (thinking): If I hear one more offkey version of "I Wanna Dance with You", everyone here is getting the Dave Woodard treatment...starting with Simon.

Jeff: No, I'm not Jimmy Dean, but if you two want some sausage biscuits that bad, I will run up to town and see if there's a Hardees like we have back in Kentucky.

Current Talk '05 I / Re: Favorite Dark Shadows storyline
« on: February 08, 2005, 11:14:18 PM »
   My favorite storyline, its hard to say just one with DS and that's part of the charm of the show. My first reaction is with many of you in the "Quentin's Ghost  [gramophone] and the Werewolf"   [Wolfie] storyline. One big reason is like many of you I was watching this when I was roughly David's age on the show, and the David/Amy realtionship was one I could relate to. I also loved Collinwood itself as a character on the show and it was never more mysterious than during Quentin's ghost. I wanted to play there with those two so much. This story was also featured on some of the "Green series" original gum cards.
   After that I love 1897 up until the mind switch which gets a little long, 1840 most especially during the Judah's head story, the Leviathans (yes, some people don't hate this one, its pretty good Lovecraft) but I have to admit whenever I try to explain why I love the show and what its about, I usually end up discussing the 1795 story, which I think all things considered, is the definitve story. While it has some flaws, (neither Jeremiah nor Peter Bradford look authentic to 1795 although Joshua, Abigail and Ben do, and does Nathan only have that one navy dress suit?), it has the heart of the show, the romantic triangle of Angelique/Barnabas/Josette, with more straightforward supernatural themes (witchcraft, vampirism rather than reanimated life [frankie] ,parallel lives, life force switcing, etc. which are cool, but more complex). I think the characters were wonderfully written and acted from the way Barnabas and Joshua played off each other, Millicent's story, and the great friendship of Barnabas and Ben. The conflict with Trask, while not really accurate to the 1790s, still makes for a great nemesis for Barnabas.
So like I said, hard to choose one, but if I had to Quentin's Ghost # 1,  followed by 1897 & 1795.  [blackbat]

Current Talk '05 I / Re: Count Yorga and DS
« on: February 08, 2005, 10:18:31 PM »
I have always thought the Count Yorga were definitely done by people who had seen DS. True, Brudah is no Willie in sparkling personality, but Yorga is a somewhat Barnabas-like vampire. One of my favorite scenes is when the "heroes" are trying to keep him up past daybreak. You may recall Trask pulling the same trick. A lot of the footage was shot day for night as were the DS movies, and as the films were made at about the same time DS was on the air, it has the same film era feel.  [blackbat]
       Its interesting to note the current DVD release is a restoration of the original print, and the title shows as "The Loves of Count Iorga" rather than the old VHS/TV prits which show "Count Yorga, Vampire." Quarry has noted in many interviews it was originally intended as a soft core, nudie/erotic vampire film, but when in production it was changed to a more straightforward if somewhat campy horror film. I agree Quarry like Frid was perfect for this type of film, but while Jonathan rejected that direction for his career, Quarry suffered a brutal mugging which took him out of the film world for many years. He regularly does fan shows nowadays. [2Bats]


KLS: Phewww. Jonathan, you've got to stop smoking in here when the lid's closed.

Jason: Liz, just think. The new senator from Maine. I could be that man, and you can make it happen.  Let's stand as if we're posing for my official picture.

Liz: Don't keep pointing that nose at me Jason, it may go off!

Barnabas and Willie are horrified to find Harry Johnson has installed track lighting in the Collins mausoleum!

How cruel of the powers that be at Disney to deprive audiences of the Divine One's distinctive voice.
Claude, you may be interested that around the time Grayson did "That Darn Cat", she by legend did do a special voice project for Disney/Buena Vista records, the Halloween favorite, "Chilling,Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House" LP. My ex roomate researched this one for a few years and last year got a letter from Disney/BV confirming it was Grayson on ths Halloween perrenial. So, those audio stories we grew up with, with her disctinctintice voice stating how bold we were, "Afraid of...nothing" can still be found seasonally on cassette. Used record stores are loaded with well worn and scratchy copies of these. The format, for those unfamiliar, was a narrator, our Grayson, gave a spooky spoken intro to a tale finished only with sound effects. These effects are familiar and local haunted houses have used them for almost 4 decades.


Nicholas: Once again Adam, we do not drink from the finger bowl.