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Barnabas: I realize you said to humor Liz, but there is no such event as "Hide and Seek" at the 1968 Olympics, even if she did qualify.
Roger: Tell me the truth Barnabas. Is there no Olympic brandy drinking as well?

Caption This! - Night of Dark Shadows / Re: Night of Dark Shadows
« on: April 22, 2005, 04:31:49 PM »
Lara judges the "Cast the New Three Stooges" audition: Thayer, that's a good Shemp look, keep that Curley from being so fresh or I'll slap him again, and Chris and David, don't fight, neither of you is right for Moe! [crazy]
Bald guy: Wooo wooo wooo

Miss Hopewell: Vicky, the following families all need governesses, there's the Addams, I've met them, they're a little ooky, the Thorns, but  I hear that little boy is a terror, and the Collins in Maine. They seem quite anxious.
Vicky: Maine sound nice.

Burke: I don't know how Roger gets a buzz on this stuff Elizabeth. It takes like tea!

Willie: Yo' Blood, gimme five.

Barnabas: No more trips to Uptown New York for you, Willie!


Caption This! - The Werewolf-Quentin's Ghost / Re: Episode #0678
« on: April 19, 2005, 09:23:52 PM »
I remember seeing Don B. in the soap commercial, but I wonder if it wasn't Dial. It sounds right to have him say, "Aren't you glad... you use Dial? Don't... you...wish...everyone did?" [5323]

Barnabas: Drat! Empty. I forget that Charles Delaware Tate is working in wax statues nowadays.

Julia: I wouldn't worry about it Barnabas, a third nipple is considered quite an asset in many cultures, such as in Africa where it is considered a sign of virility. Many more mature women wouldn't be bothered by it. I don't find it unattractive at all...

Barnabas: Well Greedo, just how much does Jabba want from me this time?
Julia: (whispers) Jonathan, you're reading the wrong teleprompter again.

Hey, CyrusL, thank you for bringing back my memories of living in the South as a little girl watching Hee Haw in the 1980's!
I am just lauging my behind off! LOL!
I was a big "Hee Haw" fan as well,  I remember when it started as a network show in the late '60s. I had my picture made with Grandpa Jones once. The actual call is from Bugs Bunny's "Hillbilly Hare", glad y'all liked it.  ;D

Its Collinwood Square Dance time!
"Grab a fence post, hold it tight,
Womp your partner with all your might.
Hit him in the shin, hit him in the head,
Hit him again, the critter ain't dead.
Wop him low and wop him high,
Stick your finger in his eye... "

Calendar Events / Announcements '05 I / Re: Barnabas and Quentin Dolls
« on: April 13, 2005, 04:32:29 PM »
Hey, any Barnabas doll must be able to say, "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about."   [blackbat]

Caption This! - The Werewolf-Quentin's Ghost / Re: Episode #0678
« on: April 13, 2005, 03:55:54 PM »
Chris: Look Barnabas, Billie Jean is not my lover. She's just a girl who says that I am the one. And the chair is not my son!  Ooo ooo ooo.   [band]

PS If you don't believe me, listen to original and tell me he doens't say "Chair"

Caption This! - Night of Dark Shadows / Re: Night of Dark Shadows
« on: April 12, 2005, 09:12:31 PM »
Sarah Castle is horrified, "I only wanted to play the word game hangman!"  [ghosty]

Calendar Events / Announcements '05 I / Re: DS Fest 2005 Registration
« on: April 12, 2005, 08:59:45 PM »
 [walk] My wife Diane and I plan on being there, not only are we dedicated DS fans, but also fans of Smallville so we look forward to the trip to Greystone which was both Collinwood '91 and the Luthor Mansion on Smallville.

We are both excited about the addition of many guests, especially Jerry Lacey, whom we haven't met although we've been going for the last 6 years togther.

This year is also Disneyland's 50th anniversary, I hope the hotel has a shuttle trip. And as this is only my third ever trip to California (the first since they added the new syllable  ;) . I want to visit one of the great Hollywood cemetaries, such as where Marilyn Monroe or Valentino is laid to rest.  If anyone hasn't been over to Lugosi's resting place at Holy Cross, its a beautiful place, we caught it on our first trip. This year is gonna be great!   [banana]

Michael [occasion17]