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Barnabas: Willie! You WILL leggo my Eggo!

in the Cast list:  Music Composed and Conducted by ... BOB COBERT
  Ah!. I knew Dan like most director's tend to work with people he has built a relationship with, and I didn't see any names in the cast I knew from other Curtis productions, although many are certainly well known actors. Now that you state Bob Cobert is doing the music, I KNOW its a Dan Curtis Production.

Michael  ;)

Sarah: Say David, what you wanna bet years from now, someone will find this being used as someone's toy chest in a Florida garage?

     The old "Batman" show was probably my other top favorite show when DS originally ran. One of the three pictures I have had taken with noted actors I keep on my desk at work is a photo I took with Frank, wearing my homemade "Riddler" outfit. (Sorry, I don't have a scan available.) Great guy who was genuine, not fake nice with fans. Seemed to really appreciate the interest. My favorite of the TV villains, although I was very fond of Julie Newmar as well. (Actually, much the same can be said of her as being fan-friendly and sincere.) I was always hoping to run into Frank again at a show, but now he has been released from Earth's Arkham. One of a kind guy! Another childhood icon gone...

Michael  :'(

I made a reference to some great food snak products that we enjoyed back when DS ran originally, in one of my recent captions. I found a great web page that has images of the old packages of these foods, now lost forever in the grocery aisles of time. So if you want to remember what old Quisp boxes, Space Food Stix, Funny Face paks or even Shake-A-Puddin boxes looked like, go here for hours of fun


"I was there, I remember..."

 [happy1]¬† ¬† ¬† [icecream]

David: Julia, Amy and I are hungry. Do we have any Space Food Sticks, Tang, Shake-A-Pudding, Funny Face drinks, Koogle, Screaming Yellow Zonkers or Mr. Wiggles gelatin snacks?
Julia: Do we have any what-what?


Julia: Yes David, its very nice to meet your new friend Amy. Now she runs home from school every day to watch what program?
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    On a related note, Jeff Thompson put together a book a few years back that listed DS references in comic books.  There were quite a few. 
       Hey Penny D, do you know where would access that list? Is is Online?   ::)


I was reboxing and rebagging some of my old comics I brought back from storage in Mom's hall closet and was going through the X-Men last night. I was somewhere around "Uncanny X-Men" 131 when I noticed a character who had an uncanny resemblence to...Dan Curtis. Check out the hair and features! This character was a mutant with superstrength who grew more powerful the more he was struck by absorbing kinetic energy. He was a member of "The Hellfire Club"¬  ¬ >:D who had kidnapped and defeated the X-Men, most especially Jean Grey who was their love slave. There was a lot of influence from the TV Avenger episode with Emma Peal, also entitled "The Hellfire Club."¬  >:D And the character's name, Sebastian Shaw. Coincidence? I think not.
¬  ¬ Below is the best link I could find with panels from this storyline.

Judge for yourselves and let me know what you think...


Caption This! - Night of Dark Shadows / Re: Night of Dark Shadows
« on: May 13, 2005, 06:30:44 PM »
music plays Wild Cherry's "You Sexy Thing"

Ooops, I think the song was by "Hot Chocolate". Check your "Full Monty" soundtrack CD


Hope you hade a great birthday Mr. Juggins, you old clothes horse. Its your day to bark at the moon!

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Caption This! - Leviathans / Re: Episode #0916
« on: May 12, 2005, 06:56:26 PM »
David: Yes, Donna, I think we should use the tongue for realism. I rehearsed this scene a dozen times with Chris Bernau and he said it works.

Caption This! - Night of Dark Shadows / Re: Night of Dark Shadows
« on: May 12, 2005, 06:42:35 PM »
music plays Wild Cherry's "You Sexy Thing"

Gabriel (affecting Scottish accent): Ladies and gentlemen, the lunchbox has landed.

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David: See, I told you we're the richest family in Maine. How else could my dad have rented Plymouth Rock just for the family picnic.
Julia: And I suppose Col. Sanders himself will be frying the chicken?
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Current Talk '05 I / Re: the time has come
« on: May 09, 2005, 12:09:14 AM »
I am going to have to agree that by the time Alexandra left the series, the character of Vickie no longer truly fit into the direction of the show. It is however hard to think of the early stories without her. Alexandra brought a great deal of warmth and a genuine sincerity to Vickie's innocence that worked perfectly. She was indeed as someone said earlier, "the straight man" for all the eccentricities of Collinwood. In a way, its a little sad that Vickie will not be exactly that same character if or when we have a revival. I think we can tell Vickie 2003 would have been quite different. Alexandra even when she had scripts that made her painfully naive still rose above them and made us care for her. On the other hand, I am glad she may have been spared the indignity of a "Rosemary's Baby" story to exploit her own pregnancy. I think the odd "Dunwich horror" children worked better in the Leviathans, most especially with Michael Maitland. Before I digress, however, Vickie did get a major disservice by [spoiler]having the totally THROWAWAY line about her having been killed by Jeb Hawkes in his earlier incarnation! This was a terrble contrivance just to allow a ghost of a past DS character tie in! And not just because it was Peter Bradford either. Its just disrespectful of the legacy of Vickie's character as well as wiping away the one great post Alexandra moment for Vickie when Carolyn Groves does more with that one glance back at Barnabas than the poor Betsy Durkin was ever able to do with the poor use of Vickie in her short era. That was a more proper was of exiting Vickie. I guess this kind of poor plotting almost proves that Dan thought no one would be rewatching things 40 years later.[/spoiler]
Vickie never did seem to grow as a person, even such as say Roger did. I can understand Alexandra being frustrated near the end of her run. It did make for an awkward arc when Maggie comes in as governess. Lastly, I wonder what Alexandra or even KLS might have done as Samatha Collins, one of the juiciest female parts on the last year of DS. I don't mean this in any way as a slight on Virginia Vestoff. Shadows is very lucky to have been able to have her for the role. I just wonder what Alexandra or KLS might have been able to do with a stronger, better developed character like her.
       And if anyone sees Alexandra, tell her how much we would all LOVE to have her at the 40th anniverary festival!