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 :'( Very sorry to hear this news. I had always hoped Dana would be able to attend a show, or have some interview on a DVD set. He was a great, working actor. His legacy is impressive. He will be missed by many.


Barnabas wistfully remembers the old days of Times Square...the Pink Kitty theatre, Peepland, Quality books...

Willie: Yes, Maggie, you now have a beautiful manicure. I appreciate you letting me practice on you, Barnabas beats me pretty bad when I mess up on his.  :P

(In recollection of all those close-ups on Barn's hands...)

 :D I spoke to one of my best friends who attended the David selby instore near Ft. Lauderdale last night. he stated there were about 35-40 attendees, and his impression was few were DS fans. He did speak to Selby about Shadows, and David mentioned his attending Michael Stroka's funeral, working with Thayer David, and best of all, that he and Jerry Lacey have "something special planned" for this year's show. As if I wasn't stoked (all puns intended) about finally meeting Jerry Lacey anyway. I always love the dramatic presentations, so I wish I was alreadt there. Flight's booked, got my convention confirmations! [gramophone]


 ;D I was watching one of the new SCTV collections on DVD, when they had an episode that parodied old SF movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Zontar: The Thing from Venus, and they introduced as their guest star as Hank Bain, brother of Conrad Bain. Well, I thought it was part of the humor but as it turns out, our own Mr. Wells, (late of death by werewolf¬† [Wolfie] ) does indeed have an identical twin brother¬† ¬†[a233] named Bonar Bain, who did some acting, most notably on an episode of "Maude." And both are (drumroll...) Canadians!¬† Who knew?


I don't think there are alot of RD fans here but this is really a good episode of AS&J and Roger is excellent in the role of a villain. 8)

Let me go on record as saying I have always found Roger on a person to person basis as being quite amicable at the shows. I have talked to him several times and enjoyed his unique style. But as my photo captions show, I share a somewhat twisted since of humor with him. I got quite a laugh when Chris Pennock was reading one of his comic books, and Roger quipped to those around him, "Is he gonna read that whole thing?" (And my wife and I LOVE Chris's comics!)The only thing I wish he wouldn't do so often is answer questions directed to other panelists.

Like salt and vinegar pork rinds, Roger is not to everyone's taste. As a actor, I , uh, I uh, uh love his bloopers and couldn't imagine DS without him. ::)


Barnabas:Julia, I don't like this Norvile, ssssShaggy or whatever hisss name is sssssnooping around here. Nor that big dog of hisss. I will... eliminate them.

Julia:(sighs) Okay, I'll get some hypodermics ready.


how do you think the 91 origin story played out compared to this one?
Was it better that the story line was originally unplanned or planned?
Not just in terms of continuity, but the general feel of the story.

While I had some problems with the '91 series, the plots I thought were tighter and had less inconsistencies, which I think helped by their reviewing the problems with the original series scripts.(Of course, they had one one-hour show per week, so it HAD to move more quickly) Some notable, I feel, improvements included Jeremiah and Barnabas being brothers rather than uncle and nephew, although they were about the same age, and having Vickie as Josette's reincarnation rather than Maggie. Now this did push Maggie into being a background character, who now was romatically linked to Roger. Joe Haskell was still with Carolyn as the series went.
    On the other hand, I didn't like the recasting of the present day caharcters into the past characters as much, as since I felt the people of Collinsport sort of had recurring themes in their destinies, I like for example having Roger being Joshua better than having Roger transmute into Trask. Now the reason they did this, was so Roy Thinnes could play Trask, which I think he liked better than playing Roger. Some people such as Jean Simmons had the same roles, Elizabeth and Naomi, and Dr. Hoffman was the Countess DuPres again, but Willie was now Ben Stokes. I could discuss performances and character differences, but thats another whole can of Collins packed fish. I mention it because I think it does affect how you relate to the characters.
      Another improvement, so to speak, in the '91 series, were that Vickie was a stronger character, while she was in Trask's trumped up charges, she was less an ingenue than in the original series. Stronger willed, less clueless. (Although, it should have been more obvious that the same Josette and Vickie were the same,  it sure was to the viewers.)

     By the way, is is just me, or when I see the show, with what look more like stage-like (or for that matter, the wax museum look and lit) studio sets, its more real to me than the movies or '91 when they were shot on locations?

 [Candle] [Candle] [Candle]

Interesting topic, in DS world, I've often had a personal theory that when Vickie went into the past, she actually went into the first "parallel time". This explains many inconsistencies, the date Colliwood was built, why Barnabas refers to Jeremiah as "an old man", the date of Josette's death (originally about 1820), and odd little things such as Barnabas referring to a "they" who made him "this way," and as stated, never a mention of Angelique, although she will often be discussed throughout the rest of the series. Now we know this is really because the writers never expected us to remember any of this, and just recreated the whole character relationships for 1795, not 1820s. (They couldn't vene keep 1795 consistent!)
 ¬† ¬†As a collector of vampire films, I can say prior to Dark Shadows, few ever approached the subject of how the vampire was cursed. A notable exception being the vampire western "Curse of the Undead" with Rawhide's Eric Fleming and Michael Pate as the black leather bloodsucker. I appreciate David Skal, authority on all things vampire and Dracula, who noted in "V is for Vampire" that Dark Shadows is significant as the transitional vampire saga, between the Draculas, where origins were never approarched, and the Anne Rice style of vampire fiction, where the vampire's personal lives are well explored.
 ¬† ¬†In the series, the only other explanation I would suggest is that Barnabas , ever so moody, never approached his past until Vickie stumbled into it. Then, as he began to trust Julia, he let her in. I don't think Barnabas had trusted Willy as he had Ben Stokes, until much later on. ¬†Willy was his perpetual alibi for a while.
 ¬† ¬†I often wondered why Barnabas never got closer to Prof Stokes, as Ben's obvious direct ancestor. I would have written it to that direction.

Michael   [blackbat] [blackbat] [blackbat]

WWF?  Is that a new abbreviation or a typo?  ;)
To my knowledge, WWF refers to World Wrestling Federation. Often wrestlers go from being "good guys" to "Bad guys" based upon fan mail feedback.
[angel4]   vs   [firedevil]


Hope you rocked and rolled like Mrs. Johnson on the cooking sherry!
happy birthday!   [occasion13]  [occasion15] [occasion16] [occasion18]


Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0798
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David: Something tastes like stale tobacco. Jonathan, did you use my chapstick again?

I liked some of Drake's writing at DC comics, actually a lot of his humor books were very funny, although moreso when I was a kid. This would be on his Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope comics. The "Deadman" and "Doom Patrol" series were very good tho, great concepts. "Doom Patrol" is rarely given the credit it deserves as the forerunner of "The X-Men." I didn't know he did Dark Shadows comics as unlike DC, their creators were uncredited. Anyone know how many issues he did? Both Dark Shadows and the Star Trek comics (especially early issues) are problematic as the writers and artists aren't very familiar with the material, and apparently got only a few plot synopsises and a few still photos to go on. Interestingly, Gold Key I think didn't run their comics past the Comics Code which banned vampires, werewolves and zombies into the early '70s, so Dark Shadows could not have been done at either DC or Marvel or even Charlton!¬† ¬†[book2]  [read3]


Barnabas: Roger, I think it's time to tell the truth, you removed those shutters from here at the Old House, not David.

Roger: Damn, Bobubas said he would never tell!

Caption This! - Night of Dark Shadows / Re: Night of Dark Shadows
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Gabriel: It seems to me, dear brother, that you lived your life like a candle in the wind. Okay, three candles. A Collins never settles for just one.