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After gathering all the suspects, Nick Charles realizes too late that David Collins couldn't possibly have been the one who murdered Paul Stoddard.

Michael  ;)

Caption This! - 1840/1841 / Re: Episode #1127
« on: November 04, 2005, 11:50:59 PM »
John: Virginia, I know you're trying to be "now" with all the "hip hop" talk, but if you say, "Can I axe a question?" one more time, I won't be responsible for what happens next...

 8) "Yeahhhhhhhhhhh" Michael

Grayson: Lighten up Jonathan, Michael Stroka always scores the best lids of prime weed. Hang in there sweetie and I'll let you have a toke.  :-X

Louis auditions for "Uncle Arthur" on "Bewitched"

Michael ;)

Current Talk '05 II / Re: You STILL Know Who You Are...! (3rd in a series)
« on: November 04, 2005, 11:38:14 PM »
Well, only you know that.  [hall2_smiley]  But from your previous post I'm guessing you might not be someone who enjoys shirtless or close to shirtless photos of Don Briscoe, Chris Pennock or Joel Crothers.  [hall2_wink]  But the members who do, definitely know who they are. Hence the titles of the topics.  [hall2_grin]

  Any chance of finding any photos from Julianka's (Diana Davila) swimsuit shoot from the Collinsport Gazette? !
[/color]  [Wolfie]

Current Talk '05 II / Re: If You Could Recast....
« on: November 04, 2005, 11:30:54 PM »
Going on the time machine premise, I think Gabriel Byrne when he was about 39-45 years old would have been a great Barnabas.


Sounds like a keen time, Michael. Excellent report.

I attended a convention once where Russell Johnson was asking for ten or fifteen bucks for an autograph. It seemed odd that some of the actors were charging a fee for their sig. I reckon it suppliments their income. Or maybe they are donating the money to a charity. Any ideas on this?

Good question, many of the actors do donate much of their fees to charity. Both Linda Blair and Burt Ward were donating their monies to animal protection charities, I think Linda's is the SPCA, Burt is part of an organization called "Gentle Giants" which helps the very large dogs like Great Danes. Kari Wurher was donating her monies to the American Cancer Society. Several others mentioned charities, but most of the time it is suplemental to the actor's income. I think Adam West's money went to the Adam West Foundation, which keeps him in dark glasses.  8)


Calendar Events / Announcements '05 II / Re: HAPPY HALLOWEEN - BOO!
« on: November 02, 2005, 11:04:14 PM »
My 14-year-old couldn't find a particular mask he wanted, then spotted a penis costume.  (You believe this??)  I said,  "Absolutely NOT!"

Where were you, Spencer gifts? ? ? ?  [firedevil]

PS  At the costume store there was a mask that looked exactly like the aged Barnabas -- even the wisps of hair on top.  I didn't see it close up, but it looked like it had fangs.  I swear it really looked like him at age 175.  If it wasn't so expensive I would have bought it!

I got that mask last Halloween and I wore it with a dark suit and large black ring, when my wife an I escorted our nephews around their neighborhood, near Olney Maryland. Its a Don Post mask, usually listed as "Old Vampire" and is definitley and intentionally made after the Dick Smith makeup on Jonathan. I got a few great reactions.  [Ghost00]


Current Talk '05 II / Re: Halloween brings 'Dark' memories
« on: November 02, 2005, 09:26:19 PM »
Actually, one of my favorite Halloween memories tied to DS is when I had the Barnabas mini posters from the Gold Key comics taped to the door on Halloween night. Kids all evening went, "WOW, where did you get those?" Now I only wonder, where did I put those? lol Oh well, another thing lost.  ::)


Current Talk '05 II / Re: Halloween brings 'Dark' memories
« on: November 02, 2005, 09:17:26 PM »
 >:D I wonder if he simply meant to use "morbid". You know, as I've said before, after YEARS of hearing DS referred to as almost always dismissively as "the campy vampire soap", I can only get so bristled. On the other hand, I do appreciate when the RARE, emphasis on rare, actually gets in print. I would note David Skal's books on vampires especially "V is for Vampire" and the recent issue of Scary Monsters. KLS has these with her at table at Chiller.


[frankie] My Chiller Report
This was my second Chiller experience. Our ladies of Dark Shadows had great tables just to the left of the autograph tent entrance. Immediately on the left was Katherine, who really did look lovely, as always. She had an especially beautiful outfit on Saturday with a golden yellow dress and black cape. (It was a little chilly by the doorway) Marie as always was a burst of energy in a red blazer and matching scarf. I picked up Marie's autobiography, which I reminded her she sold out of in Hollywood. (BTW, I do recommend the book to all of Marie's admirers.) Diana was in great spirits in a pretty black outfit. Next to Diana in the corner was a table for MPI. From the corner, next was "Count Yorga", Robert Quarry, star of the vampire film I always thought was AIP's take on Barnabas. Next to Robert Quarry was Leonard Stone, aka Mr. Beauregard from the original "Willy Wonka." he was pretty easy to talk to and happy to take a photo. He also had photos from his "Lost in Space" appearances as "Farnum." Next to Mr. Stone was our Denise who was doing a brisk business with Wonka photos as Violet. This may be her's and Leonard's first show together, but you Denise fans will have to tell us. I didn't have a chance to speak to Denise as she was  out from her table when I got my Leonard Stone photo.  I talked to Katherine and Marie several times over the weekend. (Just to the left of the DS ladies was the very dear Zacherly, who was still flying the Ghoul flag high! Got my CD signed.)  [gramophone]
     Katherine was especially interested in which of the guests were getting traffic. I notes to her that Barbara Eden's line was 1 and 1/2 hours long when I was in it Friday night, and I heard it averaged 2-3 hours Saturday and Sunday. Larry Hagman's line was generally shorter. I should note that Larry sat back behind his table and was really chatting with the autograph buyers. Barbara Eden did talk with you a bit when you finally reached her table, which by the way was about 2 feet higher than any else's, which I hear was her manager's request. She looks great, and gave everyone a nice smile. She was charging $20 for regular signatures and photos, but $40 for toys and it was $10 to have a photo with her. That one I paid. Larry Hagman was charging $25 per signature and $15 for a "photo opportunity." I passed on that one but got a photo with Larry at the concert Saturday night, for free.  ;)  Bill Daily was next to Barbara and is a real sweetheart, one of the most approachable people there and no charge for photos. Bill said he was having a great time and appreciated the fan attention. He said he lives in Mexico now "where no one cares what I did." I told him he was funnier on Newhart than Jeanie and he said, "Well, yeah. Newhart had great scripts, but Jeanie's scripts were Katherine notes she had been at a TVLand show with John Karlen doing autographs and they both noted Barbara Eden's lines were much larger than Larry Hagman's. I think Larry's "handlers" put people off a little, and although perhaps an okay guy, just not as approachable as Bill Daily (or our DS ladies.)
       I also told Katherine how "Batman" [Bat] Adam West and Burt Ward "Robin" were doing good business. Burt doesn't do many shows, so I was happy to finally meet him and get a bat-photo and bat-book signed. Burt was charging $30, but I heard Adam West was charging $40 !!! (over the weekend, rumors flew around he was $50 or even $60 on Saturday.) Adam's business was a bit middling due to those prices.  The second longest line at the convention was the auteur of the original "Night of the Living Dead" and most of its sequels. Average wait, 45 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours. There were plenty of zombies and zombie fighters with shorter lines. I would say my favorite was the original "Barbara" of the first film, Judith O'Dea, who is a super friendly person. My ex roommate has a severed arm prop he has the NOTLD people sign, and she though it was a real hoot!
       I also enjoyed meeting Clint Eastwood regulars William O'Connell and Geoffrey Lewis (also in Salem's Lot), Karen Allen, the "Blood Feast" gang who were a hilarious bunch especially Gore director Hesrchell Gordon Lewis, along with KLS's fellow former bunny Connie Mason (my wife says Connie was among the people KLS mentioned in "The Bunny Years." I forgot to ask KLS if she said hello to her), the gorgeous Kari Wuhrer, and Bobby "Boris" Picket of the original "Monster Mash." The latter especially meant a lot to me as when I was in 8th grade, being the "monster kid", on "Dare Day" at school, I had to sing "The Monster Mash" in front of the class. You know, its ironic that hardly anyone remember the original song, "The Mashed Potato" that is was a parody of.
      I picked up a few cool toys, a greatly discounted Sideshow Karloff Frankenstein's Monster and the companion Fritz, two Planet of the Apes chimponauts, and a really cool DS item, which was a Philadelphia area newspaper photo of Jonathan as Barnabas which folds out to be a full newspaper size page. It's circa 1967 or '68, and in tinted color, similar to the cards. Its one of the largest Barnabas photos I've seen available. I hope to get it framed and matted. As with any old newspaper, its somewhat fragile, but otherwise in good shape. (The back side is the color funnies.) If any DS fan from PA remembers any context or story about this, please let me know.  [vampy]
         Last thing I wish to mention is the music bands on Saturday night.  [6283] They opened with the Ubangis, who reminded me of the Cramps with a mix of psychobilly and surf, then the Pete Best band, who did classic Beatles songs (Pete was the original drummer, prior to Ringo), then the Dead Elvi, Chiller's house band, who did some Halloween rockers and backed up Zacherly and Bobby "Boris" Pickett on "The Monster Mash." Zach and Dr. Skull (I think that's his name), did "Dinner with Drac."  Later, Pete best came back and with an introduction by TV's Charles Manson, Steve Railsback, (in the TV movie with DS's George DiCenzo) performed "Helter Skelter" with the Elvi.
        Chiller is crowded, Chiller is long lines, Chiller is expensive, but it can be an experience like no other. This is no the "family reunion" of the Dark Shadows conventions, but its a heck of a great way to spend Halloween.


Current Talk '05 II / Re: Why was DS pre-empted on October 23, 1970?
« on: October 27, 2005, 05:32:21 PM »
[hall_angry] Personally, I've never forgiven President Johnson for all the time he pre-empted "Batman", especially if it was the second part of a cliff-hanger!  [Bat]


[hall_grin] Well my fellow Collinwoodies, my friends and I are about to hit the road. I may not have net access until next week. I wish everyone a HAPPY ans SCARY HALLOWEEN!!! I will have a report on Chiller at my return!

Michael  [hall2_grin] [hall2_angry] [hall2_smiley] [hall2_kiss]

[gramophone] The really fascinating thing to me is that Shatner quickly realized he had no business singing, and only did the one LP, whereas Nimoy did 5 (!!!!!) lps warbling offkey through a combination of originals, spoken word pieces, and "contemporay hits" like "I Walk the Line", "Sunny", "If I Had a Hammer", and Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy" as well as the aformentioned "Bilbo Baggins." Nimoy went on to commit musicaltheatrecide by touring in "Fiddler on the Roof."  These albums are fascinating in the way bad movies like "Plan 9" or "Blood Feast" are. I suppose at some point Nimoy thought he could carry a tune, without a forklift. He's a nice guy, but singing is not high on his talents. The interesting connection to Dark Shadows is that most of Nimoy's music lps were produced by the late Charles Randolph Greane, who had the top 20 pop hit cover of "Quentin's Theme"

musical Michael  [hall_grin]
  who used to play all this kinda stuff on his own radio show... [9126]