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Caption This! - 1795/1796 / Re: Episode #0426
« on: February 13, 2006, 03:31:49 PM »
Barnabas: Oh Gepetto, I'm finally a boy, a real boy!!!   [noseinair]  

Caption This! - 1840/1841 / Re: Episode #1169
« on: February 13, 2006, 03:16:52 PM »
Angelique: You can't cancel our wedding now, I already picked out a silver pattern at Braithwaites.
Barnabas: No...I ...can't marry anyone who got a wedding dress from Orbach'ssssssss.   [8393]

To answer your query, the head (and hands) snap back on pretty easily and securely, again its just that when you replace the head you do have to rearrange the collar and tie. While it is in a way like getting a new GI Joe when I was 8, then again, I won't be putting Barnabas in a scuba outfit and playing "rescue team" in the bath tub anytime soon.
      The reason I suspected Chris Jennings is conceivable is the fact you mentioned, he could be changed into a werewolf in contemporary clothes. As for Nicholas  [devil], the package would be great. Plus he's got the strong connection to Angelique.  Elizabeth, Carolyn and Vickie? I would buy them. (Then again, in the meantime, there's probably a well known fashion doll out there in a 1960's outfit that can fill in, "The part of Carolyn Stoddard will be played by Barbie for this dsplay..") I mean I have about 30 Sideshow Universal monsters in that series and about 14-15 Planet of the Apes, so I'd love it if these did well enough that Majestic does do a dozen or more different figures. But folks, we have to make sure to let them know we want more. Okay, I'm gonna quit before I sound like I'm interning in sales and distribution. Just love my collection. Gotta go, the Hugh Jackman Van Helsing figure just grabbed his crossbow.


Well, now that I have taken one out of the box, I can tell you a little more. First, a few quibbles. Barnabas's eyes are the wrong color, they are kind of aqua, where they should be brown.  [signerror] I opened the 1795 Barnabas. What appears to be a white shirt under a red vest is a bit of an illusion. The white shirt is really what we used to call a "dickie." It's just a small piece of cloth that inserts into the top of the vest, not much more than an extended collar. So, as you take it out, the coat opens and you also notice there is no say white shirt or sleeves under the red vest. The shirt cuffs are a piece stitched at the end on the coat. ( I will note Sideshow's Dracula does the same, with a shirt and vest together in a single piece sewn to give the illusion of two articles of clothing, with shirt cuffs at the end of coat sleeves as well.)  On the one hand, I didn't but these to play dress up either, so as long as the "dickie" is tucked in correctly, the illusion is in place. Now as the head are able to come off and be interchanged, that's just what it did as I took it out, kind of rolled off like Chas. Tate's. So, I did have to arrange the collar and tie when I snapped it back. The coat does have the nice detail of those medals we saw Barn The problem with the 1795 cape is that it only snaps in the mid front, so when you pose it, you more or less have to drape it over the shoulders. I made later need to put a little piece of elastic to hold it better. To be honest, the thickness of the material doesn't allow it to drape but so well. Its kind of a felt or flannel feel. I suspect, it will relax more after its out of the box a while. With all that said, however, once I placed it in the stand's grip, and posed it, it doesn't look too bad at all. For right now, I have him on the hall table next to a framed photo of Seaview. One nice thing I found about the package you wouldn't notice until you took it out was, the inner box background has one a photo of a real cemetery often used on the series for establishing shots.
        The question was asked to compare this to Sideshow. Really, at first perusal, you wouldn't notice much difference. The packaging is pretty much the same, the size of the box, the opening flap that reveals the figures behind the clear window. The main difference is that I can't think of any Sideshow's that have interchangeable heads, so you don't have that slightly jarring image of the "floating heads" like something out of "House of Wax," but it does have you from having to buy two of the same figure in the same costume, but different sculpts on the head. Sideshow, for some reason, made for example The Planet of the Apes Taylor astronaut and "slave Taylor" Charlton Heston Taylor's clean shaven, then offered a "special limited edition" with the beard, which is especially odd since 4/5ths of the film he spends with a beard. So, you can make the Barnabas you want, pensive, cursed or aged to suit your mood without having to buy a second "limited edition." The advantage the single head of then Sideshow has is that it won't tumble off when you move it around. I think Sideshow's clothes are a bit better tailored, which as I said previously, is not easy with 12" figures.  [2Bats] I would say my Lugosi's Dracula cape drapes much better since its a softer fabric, and the lining has a satiny feel. So the contrast is a thick flannel-like cape to give the impression of the wool Inverness coat compared to a polyester that drapes like silk and satin. Oddly, although Barnabas's clothes look a little bulkier, admittedly much less so without the cape, the head is in a little better proportion to the body than the Bela Dracula. The nice thing about both is they convey details in the face that well capture the features of the respective actors at the age they were when playing their signature roles.  [gramophone] I agree though that the telephone would have made a nice prop for the Quentin figure, especially as Barnabas has his cane.  Maybe they can make a box of little props like the portraits or a box containing Petofi's hand?
        I would definitely advise to pick these up if you want them to extend the series. I've been wondering, who would be next. Angelique is the most obvious, then Josette. I wouldn't rule out Adam, Chris Jennings or Nicholas Blair due to the fact they might have some appeal to collectors who might otherwise find Dark Shadows peripheral. I know in our hearts we want Willie and Dr. Hoffman, but note that the Sideshow Dwight Frye figures of Fritz and Renfield which great ideas and important supporting characters, sold much less than the comparable Karloff Frankenstein [frankie] or Lugosi Dracula, and likewise, Larry Talbot wasn't the hit the Wolfman was. So, if you want the more esoteric figures, you have to make an enthusiastic showing for the leads.


A day to remember! My three (one of each) Dark Shadows 12" Collector's Figures were on my porch when I got home yesterday. Each box is different. The "present day" (funny since it's the 1967 incarnation, but whatever) Barnabas has the big fang-baring close-up   [vampy] (which Mr. Frid probably dislikes, but it's classic) on the front. The top has him clutching the cane in a profile view. The back is the classic pose before the portrait, with three smaller photos and text, They are of old Barnabas, another  fanged shot and a blue washed shot of Bar sitting up in a coffin. Box #2 variation has the close-up reduced with the 1795 red-vest photo (as on the Almanac cover) on the right. The top has the image from the 1795 "Old House" shoot, and on the back, the pose before the portrait in blue, with three smaller photos, old Barn again, another Old house shot of Barn and a shot of the Old House by itself.  [gramophone] The Quentin box has a nice recognizable shot of Quentin on the left with the fanged Barnabas over his shoulder. The top is a nice profile shot from 1897, and the back has a medium shot of him holding the pistol, one color and one b&w shot taken in the drawing room, and one shot of the werewolf.  [Wolfie]
        I actually like the figures themselves overall. I'm sure there will be some quibbling but you can definitely tell who they are supposed to be. The shape of the faces, down to the contours of the head, shape of the nose, etc., are pretty darn good. They really shine on profile or 3/4 profile. The costumes look pretty good as well, although its always hard to pefectly tailor something the size of a Ken doll. I haven't taken one out yet, but they look like the are styled to recognizable series costumes. Both of the Barnabas figures as you may know come with two interchangeable heads, as well as an extra set of hands (for gripping) and the trademark cane.  I would say that the way they are displayed in the box, the hands especially look like parts from Dr. Lang's experiment.  [frankie] Overall, a very appreciated attention to detail. The figures also include stands with the DS logo.
      I suppose sometime later this weekend, I'll carefully take one out. Maybe I'll set Barnabas on a table top with my Lugosi Dracula and Drusilla from Buffy, both from Sideshow and the Hasbro Lon Chaney, Jr. Son of Dracula and let them have a "vampyre summit."  [_Vampire_]  I feel like I'm 8 years old again with my GI Joes. I have to admit, I would have loved these when I was a kid watching the show.
      I really appreciate that Majestic has taken the time to do such a good job with our favorites. This kind of thing was our daydream as a kid. Now, I can daydream of who they may add next.

Michael  (who is one happy monkey today [banana] [a_monkey])

I just reviewed my email confirmation, and it says: "Deluxe Room, You have requested, 1 King bed, Guaranteed, Non-Smoking Room, Guaranteed" further down it notes Dark Shadows in the "Rate Information area." I did call the hotel at the phone number listed, the evening of 1/27. The gentleman I spoke to, which I wrote down at home, I want to say was "Julio". Good luck to anyone who needs to call back.


Both of your comments don't concur with my experience two weeks ago. The person who booked me asked if I wanted a king bed or two doubles, as well as asking smoking or non-smoking. If fact, he was so accomodating that when Diane asked if we could get an upper floor (for the view) he said he would notate that. The only thing he did ask out of the ordinary was , "We also offer Marriott Rewards customers a discount on Hertz, may I make  a reservation for you?" To which I replied no, you still offer parking right? They did, and rates were like around $13 a day more or less. I remember Sunday through Thurdays was about $2 more per day than Friday and Sat.

Michael  ::)

Caption This! - Leviathans / Re: Episode #0946
« on: February 10, 2006, 04:27:21 PM »
The Levaithan Gazette:This year's convention's entertainment was highlighted by our leader Jebez Hawk's impression of Clem Kadiddlehopper. Other attendees included five women who sang "I Wanna Dance with You" offkey.    :-X

Caption This! - Leviathans / Re: Episode #0946
« on: February 10, 2006, 04:15:24 PM »
Jebez (in squawky voice): I'm the leader of the Leviathans, so if I want to give all orders in my Donald Duck voice, I will. Rrwrwrwquackquackquack!

Caption This! - The Return of Laura / Re: Episode #0164
« on: February 10, 2006, 03:45:59 PM »
Dr. Guthrie: Sam, I know you're a painter not a sailor, but can you help me with my book, "Bawdy Sea Chanties and Naughty Nautical Limericks"?
Sam: I suppose you have the one about the Nantucket man, what about the good ship Venus?

Caption This! - Leviathans / Re: Episode #0928
« on: February 09, 2006, 07:39:16 PM »
On their first date, instead of sweet nothings, an oblivious Elliot regaled Julia with all the details of 400 years of Stokes family history...
J (thinking): Damn, I'd rather listen to Barnabas babble about Josette and Vicki and Roxanne...
[clap] [laughing_devil] [banana] [crowdhappy]  Michael

Caption This! - 1841 Parallel Time / Re: Episode #1206
« on: February 09, 2006, 07:31:46 PM »
Another Collins bites the dust in a desparate but vain attempt to locate a bathroom in Collinwood. (If any family member ever stood around like his bladder was about to burst, it was Morgan!)  [bawl]

Current Talk '06 I / Re: Who else loves Parallel Time?
« on: February 09, 2006, 06:34:37 PM »
Well, from my nick I obviously enjoy PT, but with some qualifications as well. I do get tired of Quentin's painfully short temper and that he has such little trust in Maggie. I know they have to have conflict, but this is the least likable Quentin. I have to say as well Quentin doesn't have as much chemistry with Maggie as he did with say Beth or would with Daphne, IMO, or even Samantha, as Virginia was such a good actress, I can see at some time in their past, their was romance. On the other hand, I had trouble believing Quentin and Laura even more, so its kinda in the middle. I agree Bruno is all too often a one-note (all puns intended) character.  [gramophone]  Likewise, its awkward when Barnabas disappears for weeks at a time, and we get too little of Trask.
     Now, on the positive, I do like Cyrus. One thing I think is overlooked is the genuine friendship between Cyrus and Quentin. My wife always says Cyrus reminds her a bit of the King Tut  [egypt] character on "Batman" when he reverts back to his non-criminal state, "Oh dear, I've been bad again, haven't I?" But I like Cyrus with all his inhibitions although I find Yaeger a bit vulgar, and a hint of the more extreme characters DS may have developed in the '70s had it ran longer.
      I love Louis' s character in PT. I love the moments when he talks to the portrait. Its some of the very best acting he did in the series, on par with Joshua's emotional cracks at the end of 1795. I like the rather wan and dissipated Carolyn with all her demons, bottled and otherwise. I bet Grayson had great time playing "evil" Hoffman. I also love the little ghost touches.
      That said, the only other parts I don't like is that the "evil twin" story's a bit padded out in length, although I doubt any soap has ever passed on the lure of that story, and I bet again Laura enjoyed playing it. The whole "sleeping beauty" is a bit awkward, although I think Donna Wandry added some good, flesh blood to her era.  [_Vampire_] Barnabas proved once again, how fickle his love longings were. I can see why Julia (and her legion) want to slap him into reality now and then.
      Lastly, its a great concept, as where else in the series is anyone susceptible to being knocked off and really die. Overall, I rate it a fine middle of the pack story, better than the "Eve" half of the Adam story, but certainly no match for 1897 or 1975.

 [a_monkey] Monkeys are still your best entertainment value

You were quick on that Midnite. The early Willie has a great James Dean quality, doesn't he?

Current Talk '06 I / Re: Least favorite DS writer
« on: February 08, 2006, 11:22:27 PM »
Hey Criseyde, you know it was literal in the old Greek plays. Perhaps in this instance, we can use the more common current expression, "He pulled that one right outta his butt."