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Dear Angelique Wins, I want to join everyone from New Orleans to Salem in wishing you a bewitching and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
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This is good stuff! Its the best set of links I've seen in a long time. I will recommend this site especially to newbies. I bow graciously to your good work. [a345]


Julia: "Oh Barnabas, you were chained in that coffin for so long, I had no idea you didn't know ... gasps... that Little Nell was dead."
Barnabas: sobs..."Ben never read me the last chapters.. " weeps incontroably    :'(

Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0729
« on: April 16, 2006, 01:48:27 AM »
With nothing else left to say, Quentin literally begins to just whistle "Dixie."       :-*

Vickie: Burke, please explain why you bounced my suitcase off the station roof.  I don't understand."
Burke: "TV ad...gorilla..Samsonite...oh forget it!"

Barnabas: "Follow her down to a bridge by the river, with marmalade trees and looking glass ties, wait...those aren't the right words to the dream curse! Wait 'til I catch that David... "  [flower]

Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0719
« on: April 16, 2006, 01:29:56 AM »
Announcer: Which twin has the Toni perm...

Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0729
« on: April 16, 2006, 01:26:48 AM »
Received in email: Hello my name is Quentin Collins, I have found millions in Sadam Hussein's hidden caches. I need your help to bring this money into the US. I will give you 10% if I can use your account number...Delete-Spam!  :P

Current Talk '06 I / Re: Why Didn't Quentin and Gerard Meet as Ghosts?
« on: April 15, 2006, 06:58:58 PM »
Buzz, to my knowledge while Woodlawn has tours year 'round, the tour Diane and I went on was pretty much exclusive to the Halloween season, and was accordingly at the end of October. While I'm sure the regular tour references the supernatural, it wouldn't be the sole focus as that one was. The supernatural events there focus on a mysterious well. On  our tour, one lady fainted and I saw a "person" where no one could or should have been. I do think the Harpers Ferry WV and Williamsburg tours are around most of the year though. Downtown washington and old town Alexandria have some tours as well.  [Candle] [Ghost00]

Some references:




Conrad Brooks, oh yeah, oh yeah...If I never mentioned it before, I have a photo on my mantle from the DS 2001 show World Trade Center of me, Conrad Brooks and Roger Davis together, because, well, you can't find bigger hams in Smithfield

Current Talk '06 I / Re: Why Didn't Quentin and Gerard Meet as Ghosts?
« on: April 13, 2006, 07:46:14 PM »
A friend of mine who does amateur ghost huntings notes, "The phenomenon is known as a 'residual' haunting. Like a stuck record, a spirit will constantly repeat the motions followed in life."

Michael  [Ghost00]

Current Talk '06 I / Re: Why Didn't Quentin and Gerard Meet as Ghosts?
« on: April 13, 2006, 07:14:06 PM »
Diane and I love to take the "Ghost Walks" and bus tours whenever we go on vacation. After you take a few of these, you note some pattern in spirits and their haunts. I think arashi's experience and what she was told is pretty consistent. Ghosts still "see" much from the perspective of when they met their demise.  [ghosty] I will give another example, on the London tour they noted a frequently seen spectre is a prisoner from Newgate. While the prison is gone, the pub where he often went to on his escape and was all too often found sleeping next to an empty flagon of ale is still in operation. What was curious about the ghost was he always seemed to "hop" over some barrier on the way into the pub where his form dissipated into the doorway. When researching the area, it was later discovered there was a short wall that had been taken down from the exact area where he would "hop." So, though the wall is gone, he still "sees it" as it was in his era and leaps over it as to him its still there.
         Really, outside of "Casper" [ghost] cartoons, and Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion, ghosts don't appear to really hang out together and party. I think while they have some perception into the present, they are linked inextricably in their own era.

Michael  [Ghost00]

PS: Recommended tours, Newport RI, Savannah GA, Harpers Ferry WV,Woodlawn Plantation (near Mt. Vernon Va, seasonal) London, Edinburgh ...Looking forward to a new one on our vacation this year [fangs]

Current Talk '06 I / Re: Dark Politics
« on: April 13, 2006, 06:12:52 PM »
I hope we don't make too much of this poll. I have always been happy that this board is relatively pretty free of divisive politics, as was the series. Or did I miss the scene in 1897 when Quentin confronted "Cousin Barnabas", "So tell me dear cousin, how are Cleveland's immigration policies being perceived in Great Britain?"   ;)

One would hopefully mean that as in as many cases actors reprise their original parts. As this is as they say episode 1 and 2,  as sadly some people are now gone. I would say they might consider David for Roger Collins and perhaps Marie for Elizabeth. Again, like many of you I hope this is some slight indication that Alexandra may attend. As Diane said to me today, imagine when SHE speaks "My name is Victoria Winters..." The crown might not die down for 10 minutes, lol.  :D


      A grand and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our gracious Mysterious Benefactor!!!!!!!!!!
[banana] I hope you had a great day and your wish came true!  [occasion15]

Also "He Cannot Be Named" sends his best too!   (Who is it, is it "Spongebob?") [nerv]

And now from the crew!

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