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If I may speculate my 2 cents worth, I tend to think the closing of Dan Curtis Productions many have been simply the closing of actual Dan supervised productions, such as films which he  actually produced and or directed or Dan himself was actively involved in.   [director] I would think holding the "rights" to past productions and characters, also known as intellectual property would still be active even if a division that did worked with new productions was closed. So, yes, Jim P is still the "go-to" man   [deal2] if you want to license DS for toys, jigsaw puzzles, radio dramas, get clips for a film or documentary, etc. Anyway, that's how I interpret it.
      Consider, if we live long enough, or are undead long enough,   [_Vampire_] we could possibly see Dark Shadows pass into the public domain, the way say Dracula   [vampire] and Sherlock Holmes have. From what I understand, the way around this is to "Trademark" a character rather than just copyrighting it. This is what the Burroughs estate did with "Tarzan" (tm), and what I believe has been done with say Superman or Spider-Man. Some of you legal minds here may elaborate.


After all these years, I've come to the conclusion that there's a fan base for every single performer who ever appeared on DS....no matter  how small the part they played.  If Ms. Durkin wants to show up and see if she's still got fans, I say go for it!!
Amen!!! You know, after many years in music retail and fan conventions, I have concluded that anyone who had two hit singles or two appearences on any "Star Trek" show will have  fan club for life! I can tell you I have seen tables of rabid fans for Morgan Woodward, Duncan Regehr, Bobby Sherman,the Bay City Rollers,  etc. And as anyone who has gone to DS or Chiller, etc can tell you, most of the actor themselves are both a little taken back but then again appreciative that at least part of their work was well remembered. So, while I do understand that Ms. Durkin indeed had a more challenging and debatably more thankless job in filling in for a character necessary to finish a storyline, most especially a favorite cast member, I as a DS fan indeed welcome Betsy Durkin no less than I would James Hall, Carolyn Groves or Brian Sturdivant. They are all welcome and... sign my book, please!  [beg]  Lol!
Michael  [a_monkey]

Where have I been?  :P  I wish i could say I've been in Florida all this time, but that was scarcely over a week.   [drunken_smiley] Well, two weeks ago after our return, my basement decided to become a swamp! It  on Sunday night and I had just finished putting all the vacation snapshots in an album where I noticed a damp smell at the basement door. When I went down to look, the floor,  was wet and all the carpeted areas were soaked. Now, I was lucky in that most of my valuables and major collectible were on bookcases, but everything sitting on the floor was wet,  especially anything in a cardboard box. In fact, some box were sinking and the boxes atop them were ready to fall.  At this time, I wasn't really sure to what extent  the water had crept in, and no sure idea where it came from. We had had a rainstorm that night, but even during Hurricane Gaston we hadn't had a drop. I spent the next week dealing with the wide array of people a homeowner deals with in a crisis,
   Anyway, after the usual array of plumbers, insurance people, the Service Pro people who take up the carpet and haul away everything too damaged to save, and the lady with the alligator purse, no one had been able to determine where the water was coming from until the floor was up and everything was out. The after washing dishes Friday night  the water started again. It was the hot water heater with a slow but deadly leak. Seems the water only came out when it was actively flowing through it.
      It's amazing what we collector's can put aside over a few years. The good news is I haven't lost too much beyond. When Diane and I married we both had some of the same dark Shadows items. The duplicates were in the basement. What I did lose was a number of old SciFi channel VHS tapings, most of my old DS Marilyn Ross books, a few of the good DS fanzines, and a few other misc items. The good news is we still have a complete collection of MPI tapes which was upstairs in a bookcase by itself. Diane has a complete collection of the novels and paperbacks including the rare "Dark Shadows Cookbook." The funny thing is some of the stuff I found, like a rather worn but still very good poster of Barnabas from one of the Gold Key comics; some issues of "The Dark Shadows Files, " edited by James Van Hise. Anyone remember these? I found two different once, and a third the same contents with a different cover.   Actually, I had lots of "Files" magazines. Luckily, all the DS one were good, although the James Bond issues have been "sanctioned."   [grim]
      In other collectors things, I lost the long saved original boxes to two "Major Matt Mason" toys with most  contents okay however. A few sharp DS watcher may recall seeing David Collins having a Major Matt Mason official Space Station in his room. All my Sideshow figures are okay, they were up on book shelves. I found a run of "Castle of Frankenstein" and Forest Ackerman's "Monsterland," [frankie] which was the pseudo "Famous Monsters" magazine that took up the slack between FM's original run and the 1990's run. I think overall, we were pretty lucky. While it was relatively costly and certainly exhausting and frustrating   [frkoff] ,  I now have a better  appreciation for what people go through after real disasters. Its amazing what just a couple of inches of water can do.  [duckie] [duckie] [duckie]


All the best for a big  [occasion13]  to Mr. Juggins. Be sure to have a stiff one in celebration!  [8285]
  [beer]  [occasion18]  [banana]    [band]    [dancing_skeletons]

I am excited about leaving for a vacation today. Diane and I are flying to south Florida where I will be best man in a close friend and fellow DS fan's wedding. Later we are going to spend most of a week in the Keys where we plan to go on the Key West Ghost Tour. So, I probably won't be posting much for the next 9-10 days.
See you all soon,

I was even more disappointed that "Dance of the Vampyres" closed so quickly, more than anything else as a chance to see Michael Crawford, as well as that I always liked the Polanski film. I had hopes it would be running when the DS convention was on. I suppose it may be "Phantom of the Opera" for us in August as Diane has not seen that one on the stage.


Current Talk '06 I / Re: barnabas collins...skirt chaser
« on: April 27, 2006, 05:39:45 PM »
I think it was one thing to learn how to use in-door plumbing and talk on a telephone, and quite another to re-learn how to be with women.  In the 18th century, a man of Barnabas' station knew that there were women one married and women one "enjoyed", and all other females of the species were outside his concern.

In the 20th century, there were hardly any rules for him to understand at all.  Add to that his bred-in-the-bone belief that he was "better" than ordinary men, and you had one very confused, out-of-his-element man who couldn't  behave the way he was taught, and wouldn't  behave the way he was now expected to.
You know, one of the biggest problems with the '91 revival is that Ben Cross played those notes of the character over and over, like those days when you can't get a bad song out of your head.  But unlike Frid, he didn't know how to balance Barnabas with sufficient sympathy. I think stefan is right that Frid comunicated so much of the character within his eyes.

Michael  [blackbat]

Current Talk '06 I / Re: King Johnny Romano
« on: April 24, 2006, 10:25:22 PM »
If I remember right, King Johnny's in about 8 episodes altogether.


Calendar Events / Announcements '06 I / Re: Is it just me....
« on: April 24, 2006, 08:12:19 PM »
I don't think its just you. I think convention notices are getting later. Chiller for example has only just started their listings for June 2-4. It seems to me we used to get flyers and updates on the website in February or March for the summer's show. Its somewhat ironic that no flyers have gone out and the official website information is minimal and yet we are hearing the hotel rooms reserved for the convention have been sold out.
Now on the other hand, this is the BIG ONE, the 40th. So, we in-tune "rabid" fans do keep up with the boards and emails, but I would agree, you'd think the website if nothing else would be more up to date. I can only speculate with the recent passing of Dan Curtis and his wife that many key players have been working on issues of priority related to those events.


Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0737
« on: April 24, 2006, 07:09:45 PM »
Laura: You leave me alone or that nutty buddy of a caretaker will be wandering around muttering, Dirk Wilkins...died by fire. Dirk Wilkins... died by fire. Dirk Wilkins...died by fire.  [firedevil] [egypt]

Caption This! - 1970 Parallel Time / Re: Episode #0999
« on: April 24, 2006, 06:09:01 PM »
Quentin and Alexis try out the new rides at "Six Flags over Bangor".   [banana]

Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0729
« on: April 21, 2006, 05:44:16 PM »
David (thinking) I hope I don't swallow another one of Terry's false eyelashes
Terry (thinking) Fear of muttonchop hairs, high,   fear of tongue low,   fear of no tongue..sigh

Antiques Roadshow is brought to you from the Ezra Braithwaite Civic Center in Collinsport ME. Highlights include a traveling afghan, a Charles Delaware Tate landscape, a box that may once have held a human head, and some scrimshaw. [/i]

Julia : "Werewolf!!! Where wolf???"
Barnabas: "There wolf!!!"      [Wolfie]

and of course a bow to Mel Brooks "Young Frankenstein"   [frankie] 

Current Talk '06 I / Re: barnabas collins...skirt chaser
« on: April 19, 2006, 02:58:18 PM »
I've always believed that Barnabas's problems came from his innate fickleness (is there such a word). Who knows, had he been more open and honest with both Josette and Angelique...well then, we wouldn't have had a series. One the whole, I think Jonathan had real sparks with both Lara and KLS, and to a lesser degree with Alexandra. That's why the Barn/Josette/Angelique triangle is both believable and intriguing.  [92c5] The Barnabas/Roxanne thing isn't as natural and therefore has that obvious veneer of contrivance. I like Donna and I think some of her best moments were actually Roxanne telling Trask to bugger off.
        Quentin was more natural as a skirt chaser. I think Quentin/David had a much better onscreen chemistry with Beth/Terry than Amanda/Donna and definitely than Laura/Diana, and I think that's why we feel Beth's hurt so deeply. In 1840, I think Quentin/David had a good chemistry with Daphne/Kate, which also made us feel stronger about their sticky triangle with Samantha, who as played by Virginia Vestoff was  definitely one of the series best performances, so you can feel there would have once been that early 19th romance novel passion that had grown as cold as a search for the north pole.  [tearyeyed]