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Current Talk '06 I / Re: David Hennesy, all grown up!
« on: June 17, 2006, 08:59:12 PM »
I read somewhere that David and the little girl that played Sarah were selling sandwiches to the cast and crew on set  :D
Was it Sarah/Sharon Smythe? I always thought that the lunch service was opened with Denise as his partner. I think they also had a hot plate and offered soups and other dishes.
    BTW, I also very much agree that David H was essential  [9050]  to the success of the show. As I've stated before, he allowed us little boys to "project" ourselves into the series. David was OUR vicarious character. I may suppose that Denise and Sharon did the same for the young ladies in the audience.

Current Talk '06 I / Re: David Hennesy, all grown up!
« on: June 16, 2006, 10:26:09 PM »
I'm not sure if he looks more like they cleaned up Danny Bonaduce or the guy at Santini's who told me about the Pesce specials of the day. "Hey, try the tilapia."   [fish] Either way, remind him its the 40th! He's invited!!!!

Michael  [occasion18]

Calendar Events / Announcements '06 I / Re: Audrey Campbell Passes...
« on: June 16, 2006, 08:35:43 PM »
i don't think i've seen anything else she has been in reading her bio
Bless her heart, I doubt many of us have seen her films. They sound like they would have been run in bachelor parties circa 1965!   [flower]   [whistle]       [gorgeous]    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0132221/   I bet most of these are available through "Something Weird" in the "nudie cuties" section.  [love10]  I read Psychotronic regularly and they seem to indulge in reviewing them.

Michael  [happy10] 

Current Talk '06 I / Re: Parallel Time
« on: June 16, 2006, 07:29:20 PM »
My knowledge of this will earn geek points but so be it!  Ha! There was this gothic horror tabletop role-playing game called Ravenloft in the 90s that did the exact same thing DS did.  Ravenloft took classic horror literature and film characters/storylines and restructured them to create their own mythos based on those classic tales.  All of those classic character archetypes existed in the Ravenloft world similarly to the way they did in DS.  I think it was cool that DS incorporated all those classic stories into the fabric of the show.  Some worked better than others, but it was a neat idea to take those and work them into the DS story.  Supposedly the writers had a rolodex of classic horror stories which they'd rifle through to find new storyline ideas.  I wonder which ones were in that rolodex that never made the cut? 

The only two I ever heard a reference to being actually considered were the Mummy   [egypt] and Dickens "A Christmas Carol."(That is a topic in itself, which I think we should do in the proper holiday season)  Dan Curtis once made a remark along the lines "I couldn't figure out how to get a mummy up into Maine." Actually, I've always said, "Just tie it into a Laura Collins story!" which we did on old AOL DS roleplaying.  I have some ideas I always wondered if they could have been incorporated into the show...
A Phantom of the Opera type story   [fangs]
Creature from the Black Lagoon type story:  Seems a natural for all those beach fronts   [tongue2]
Ghost Ships:   While they briefly touched on these, a full on Flying Dutchman story could have been very good.   [Ghost00]
       I don't think I would have liked trolls or leprechauns on DS. Likewise, I'm iffy on an "Island of Lost Souls" story. Do we really want Roger interbreeding with alligators or sheepdogs? Now a weird circus in Collinwood...hmmmmm   [clown] [clown] [clown]


Current Talk '06 I / Re: Parallel Time
« on: June 15, 2006, 10:24:44 PM »
[True, Jenny was very maternal, forgot about her.  But I don't know that I necessarily agree about Mrs. J.  Don't get me wrong, I simply ADORE her (she's a hoot and a half!) but she was always verbally abusing Harry, saying he was a troublemaker etc...and of course, the abuse started at birth when she named him Harry w/a surname like Johnson!   >:D  Makes me wonder how she treated her mentioned, but never seen, daughter.
Do you suppose the Werewolves on Dark Shadows had Hairy Johnsons?      [Wolfie]   [banana]

Okay, me bad  [angel12]

Michael  [laughing_devil] 

Big Birthday wishes to Brooklyn's best friend, Mr. C
 [dancing_skeletons] [dancing_skeletons] [dancing_skeletons] [dancing_skeletons]
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It will be good to be back in your neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, in August.
Celebrate each day 'til then,   [beer]


All the best Birthday wishes.
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Barnabas may have given away many music boxes, but we know you are One of a Kind!   [toothy9]


Just a reminder, our own Roger Davis and his co-star from "Alias Smith and Jones", Ben Murphy will be at the Western Film Fair in Charlotte in just a few weeks. The dates are 7/12-7/15 (I Believe) Here's a link to the site:
http://westernfilmfair.tripod.com/  (I can't access this at work, but I'm pretty sure on the dates.) No doubt the focus here will be on the new book on the series.  But as roger is not officially listed for the DS Show this year, its your opportunity.

Just a bit of fun, my wife was saying she remembered Ben Murphy from "That show where he gave people a check, and it changed their lives." Sort of a retake on "The Millionaire", it was called "Lottery"   and ran one season. She couldn't remember the name of  boss who sent the checks. I tried to convince her his name was "Mr Fancypants."   [walk] So each week, Murphy, as Patrick Flaherty would give someone a check for say, $2 Million to some brick layer, and say, "Mr. J Biltmore Fancypants would like to give you your winnings in this check." Then the winner would say, "Oh yeah, well tell Mr. Fancypants I don't need his money, okay!"   [vryangy] or some such. Memory gets fuzzy on one season shows. (Okay, so it wasn't Mr. Fancypants, but it should have been.)  ;)


Speaking of lost opportunites, is is just me or wouldn't Kate Jackson have been awesome as the mother of Jennifer Love Hewett's character on "Ghost Whisperer"?   [ghosty] [Ghost00]  [ghosty] Not that I don't like Anne Archer, but just to have that DS connection...

Michael   [ghost]

A belated addition of well wishin' for you, Pansity!
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Hope you had a great day and you get a mysterious phone call with soft, old timey romantic music   [gramophone] 

Shoot for the moon!!!  [a144]                     Umm, shoot for THIS Moon >  [2Bats]

All the best, Michael  [banana2]

Calendar Events / Announcements '06 I / Re: Happy Birthday, Nancy!
« on: June 13, 2006, 09:06:01 PM »
All the best to the best friend a Frid could have!!!
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I hope its more fun than a barrell of,  [a_monkey]  [a_monkey] [a_monkey], well you know the saying...

Michael  and Diane [occasion5]

We got our flyer on Friday. Am I correct the long running 2-for-1 adult admission is no longer in effect this year? Anyway, it all added up to a little more than last year. Nonetheless, when else do you get a day trip with Johnny Karlen.

Michael   :D

The fest is really starting to shape us nicely. It really sounds like Donna McKechnie will be there this time. I think we all have a little breath held waiting for at least one more "Big Gun", and we all know who's on that list, to be added. Nonetheless, while Shadows is but a small part on Donna's career, she's a very notable name outside DS and it's a significant appearence. I also definitely want a copy of the biography on Grayson, os its nice to see our fellow Cousin on the official list. While I lost some major vacation days in my recent ordeal, I kept enough days for the show and my reservations are intact!

Michael  [2Bats]

I appreciate everyone's support. Most especially Charles' offer, you're such a sweetheart. Actually, the main things I lost DS wise would include some of the novels with the alternate covers. I appreciate your willing to look, but unless you have 2-3 copies of the first books with both covers, then I will just pick them up as I run across them. I haven't lost any sleep over them. I will run a list of the soggy fanzines I lost when I can identify them.

With appreciation,

Michael  [blackbat]

Brooklyn for sure, 8/06!

In Tarrytown, they showed a few clips from the pilot, and in Hollywood, the showed the pilot in its entirety.

Now I remember, they DID only show a couple clips, I remember seeing them actually (DUH!).  I now distincly remember remarking to friends how the opening was exactly like the NBC show (train going up the coast etc...)  ;) Forgive, the brain is DUSTY, LOL!   ::)
What I remember most about the clips was, Barnabas had been reinvented as Shane Bryant's Dorian Gray, even down to the fact they had used what appeared to be Shane's Dorian Gray portrait, probably repainted the original with the new guy's face. (sigh, I hate to see it wasted like that.) I would not be surprised if that's one of the ways they cut corners. Somehow, the whole thing with the larger portrait worked against it. I think the more classic "bust" works better for a vampyr's portrait.

Michael  [batang]