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Charles my good fellow, I have hired Barnabas Coillins,   [blackbat] well known attorney to defend your right to be shown innocent until proven innocent. I'm sure this is a difficult concept for some, but it is a specialty peculiar to his practice.   [deal2]

Michael  [walk] "Brooklyn is just a few miles and days away..."

Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0785
« on: June 29, 2006, 03:11:11 AM »
Believing him to be a risen Abraham Lincoln, the rotting corpse of Secretary of War Edmund Stanton pays Quentin an uncomfortable visit.    [grim]

Again Julia99, while it was exciting piece or trivia at first, I had begun to come back to reality. The next thing you know a certain someone on here may have started claiming the boys were also the founders of Brooks Brothers suits! On the other hand, all the stuff I did post about Conrad himself and myself is true. All too true.

Michael    ;)

All the best birthday wishes for Penthea
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Michael  [crowdhappy]

Hi Julia99, thanks for clearing that up. I had begun to have my doubts by dinner time tonight. The big clue was the Ted Brooks on Grayson's listing did not link to Ted Brooks, Conrad's brother. Also, its a common enough name. make sure to plan to give Charles a spanking at the festival for running me in circles today. [-forgottosave-]


Most likely I will run into Conrad at "Horrorfying"  [frankie]  in Baltimore the week before the DS Festival. Rutger Hauer and George Romero are Guests of Honor this year

Michael, who else is on the bill for Horrifying in Baltimore?  Is there a web link you could provide?  I may check that out, maybe get Selby D. Pearson to go along too.  ;)
¬†Perhaps I need to go to a spelling bee, lol. ¬ Its Horrorfind. Here a link www.horrorfindweekend.com/state/maryland
Dates Aug 11-13. Some other guests include Denise Crosby, Priscilla Barnes, numerous zombies from the Romero films, Tony Todd, and Michael Rooker ("Henry:Portrait of ¬ Seriel Killer") among others. ¬  [grim]

Michael    [Ghost00]

I have to admit I've always been just a Sears "Dad and Lad" pants guy but these Farah slacks are really comforable.  [banana]

Major oops- Conrad Brooks is still alive- it's Paul Marco (another Ed Wood alum) who died last month.  Grayson Hall was briefly (apparently for 5 minutes) to Conrad's brother Ted Brooks, a fact unearthed by biographer Rebecca Jamison in her forthcoming book on the Divine Grayson.
IMDB shows Grayson marriage to Ted Brooks lasted about 3 years. I wonder where they lived at that time. I now have a larger if not already big interest in reading Rebecca's biography on Grayson.

Michael   [happy2]

Now, I hadn't heard Paul Marco had passed. Even Conrad said he was "a little wacky." Tim Burton shot scenes with both as cameos in "Ed Wood", but allegedly Paul drove him so crazy his scenes were cut.  Most likely I will run into Conrad at "Horrorfying"  [frankie]  in Baltimore the week before the DS Festival. Rutger Hauer and George Romero are Guests of Honor this year. I'm now looking to inquire about Grayson with Conrad. I'm still a little stunned.

Michael   [spin]

I was just speaking to my wife and she has the answer. I had no idea that Grayson had been married to Ted Brooks. I'm stunned. What you must realize is that Conrad is at every show in the Virginia/Maryland area, as well as many others. He is a real character, as befitting a man who was part of the Ed Wood circle. I have met Ted a few times, usually when he goes to a show with Conrad. Both appeared in the wonderfully awful amateur shot direct on video in and around Baltimore, and direct by David "The Rock" Nelson , the latter of which aspires ti the "new Ed Wood." Anyway, I bought this video and I've had many hours of laughter, most especially from the outtakes. In one scene, Ted was supposed to say, "I'm looking for the werewolf," while brandishing a baseball bat. Instead Ted speaks, "I'm looking for Batman." I asked Ted what happened, and he replied very dryly, "It was hot and I became disoriented." Anyway, I wish I had known Ted had been married to Grayson. I would like to know what he had to say. Its possible Grayson may have met Ed Wood, but unlikely as the Brooks brothers work with Ed was after their divorce.  To my knowledge, both are still around. Ted was living near Baltimore and Conrad over across the West Va line, although he commutes to LA often. A footnote, when Diane and I were at the DS Festival in 2001, Conrad included us in some footage he was shooting for another Shot on video feature. He later claimed, "It would be the last unauthorized film shot in the Trade Center."  This is amazing to me, as I once noted I see Conrad almost more than my own uncles most years.I'm beginning to think I may title my autobiography, "One Degree from Conrad Brooks."  ;)

Michael   [eek]

CryrusL, it's spelled Conard Fowkes- actually, he is a descendant of the notorious Guy Fawkes who plottted to kill King James I by blowing up Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot.


As to the late Conrad Brooks, here's another DS factoid- he was briefly a brother-in-law to Grayson Hall!
And its spelled Cyrusl like, well, Dr. Longworth. Anyway...
You are correct on Conard. I was afraid I might spell canard.
Now, more importantly, when did Conrad Brooks pass away???? I never new him to be late to lunch, much less dearly departed?
And now, please tell, when was he brother-in-law to our dear Grayson????  Inquiring minds want to know! :o


Willie (thinking) : I gotta stop putting Snidely Whiplash on my list of references on job applications. 

And now let's ask this happy customer how he liked his Popeil "Home Mad Scientist Lab."


I get more excited about the Festival every day!!!   [banana] I've been trying to get Lisa Richards in my book and on a photo I have been taking to festivals for years. I either miss her or she get work, lol. By the way, I hope you do mean Conrad Fowkes. Conrad Brooks shows up at pretty much every convention.  :o He's a friend of logtime DS fan John Link. Anyway, other than that, he wasn't on the show. (Okay, inside humor for people who know Conrad Brooks.)  ;)  Can Elizabeth Eis be next?

Michael   [thumb]

I likewise will keep Craig in my personal thoughts and prayers as will Diane. One of the treasures of our collection is the copy of "Big Lou" we have signed by both. I will have Craig added to our congregation's prayer circle.