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Alexandra (thinking) This style is both simpler and sexier,  I don't understand why they made me wear that damn wiglet for two years... [gorgeous]

or...Prof Stokes:Now when I saw the line, "Up from the slab he began to rise, ...and did the Mash ..." then you jump up and dance...very good Adam!   [frankie]

Adam: Putting on the Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Carolyn: Please Joe stop, he didn't take your favorite Wham! '45 out of the jukebox...I did.

Carolyn: See Vicki, I was right. After 3 shots of Captain Morgan, Burke is more than willing to play the lusty pirate and the serving wench... 

Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0788
« on: July 03, 2006, 10:32:55 PM »
Quentin: Oh why did I ever think beekeeping would be a good way to unwind...

Hi Penny,
 I got my disc and we put it in this weekend. I didn't realize you had the whole film of "The Terror" on it. Its all very nice! Thanks so much for the spooky treat! I really enjoyed your location footage. I remember when we were there a couple of years ago, I made Diane recreate the Vicki Winters running down the deep back lawn in her ladies trench coat. Its so nice to see the Horror Host tradition being upheld. Count Gore Devol is making a convention appearence in Baltimore next month.¬† [vampy]

Diane and I met Jonathan Haze, one of the Corman regulars,  at a con in Baltimore a few years ago. He was with Jackie Joseph and we got them to sign not only my favorite book, "Graven Images", a history of horror film posters, but a still from "Little Shoppe of Horror" which I later got the late Mel Welles to sign. I'm an inveterate collector,  ;)  I have never met Dick Miller, but a friend of mine wrote him and got a three paged signed letter explaining why he wasn't signing auotgraphs, lol.  ::)
 Likewise, no matter how much Shadows stuff I have, there's always more out there. I have the View Master reels, (they cover the late Adam storyline) but I hope to get the jigsaw puzzles down the road.¬† [2Bats]¬† I just wanted with all respect to your work to let you the three Dark Shadows model kits (Barnabas, the Werewolf, and Barnabas's Groovy Vampire Van¬† ¬†[blackbat][iroc]<<you can't make stuff like that up) were actually put out by MPC, a competitor of Aurora Models. If like me, you have a soft place in your staked heart for the classic Auroras, you may be interested in picking up "Illustration Magazine"'s current issue # 16, which has an article and interview with James Bama who did many of those beautiful Aurora box paintings. He also did the old "Doc Savage" paperback covers.

Michael  [vampire]

American International presents...Kathryn Leigh Scott as Ray Milland's daughter, in "The Waitress with X-Ray Eyes..." "C'mon buddy, you can tip better than that...I can see in your pockets"

The House of Collins...Creighton Collins, thief, scoundrel, Horace Collins, pirate, slave trader,Sheba Collins, harlot, child killer, Vincent Collins, assassin, rogue, mercenary,  David Collins, imp, mischevious and his monkey Mr. Noodles...

Calendar Events / Announcements '06 I / Re: Festival Banquet
« on: June 30, 2006, 09:04:28 PM »
The programmong usually consists of films, which can vary from DS clips edited together, DS actots on commercials, fan videos, videos made by actors just for the fest who couldn't be there, and one memorable collection of film trailers featuring DS actors, including a cheesey but racy one for Robert Rodan's "The Minx". The vdeio programming can run anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour.  There is usually a fun, random giving away of door prizes, sually done by the DS actors like Roger Davis, Donna Wandrey, Diana Millay or Marie Wallace, with Jim Pierson hosting it all. There's usually some "thank you's" and some general announcements. It may not sound like much, but it can be very entertaining.

Michael  [joker]

Jason (after a few drinks): I wish I could go to South America like you, Mr. Collins.  I'd buy a monkey and name him Mr. Noodlles, and I'd hug him and love him and feed him and he'd be my friend.¬† ¬†[a_monkey]

Elizabeth: This is Paul and I on our honeymoon, in Death Valley. The lovely couple with is Morticia and Gomez Addams, also newlyweds. 'click' Now here we are in the Bermuda triangle...

Calendar Events / Announcements '06 I / Re: Festival Banquet
« on: June 30, 2006, 07:43:57 PM »
The best part about the banquet is the fellowship of fans. If you want a good meal while in Brooklyn, there's some good restaurants nearby. But the meal is adquate and the service problaby would get more than a $1.00 in most places. Try getting your first glass of ice tea, much less a refill! The program is really a lot of fun for the dedicated fan, such as ourselves. Most of the actors are still at the festiavl, (don't count on all of them being there), and some mingle around, like Marie who  loves to drop by every table usually to say hello. If you're lucky, you may get an actor at your table, Diane and I sat with KLS about two years ago and she and her husband were very gracious and a delight to be with, but  I can tell you its just as much fun to sit with new and old friends. While its okay to ask to have a photo made with an actor at the banquet,when its not an intrusive moment, it's not polite to ask for an autograph at it. They have usually spent hours signing by Sunday night. Its a little overpriced, but worth it to me in memories.

Michael  :D

Carolyn: That's Prof. Henry Higgin Collins. Family legend says he committed suicide from frustration after trying to help a young girl named Pansy Faye. Some say she only sang this one song, over and over and over... 

Nicholas: Rule # one, don't talk about Fight Club. Rule # two, don't talk about Fight Club. Rule number three, we eat out Chinese once for every two we eat Mexican. Rule # 4, don't talk about Fight Club.  ;)