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Collinwood Mousketeer Roll Call...

Last minute laundry, fresh batteries for the camera...bottled tap water so we don't have to buy it at the check...done. Must be soon to head down the road. So who's coming this year... and when do we have "a board meeting."

Diane and I are leaving Thursday morning so we can take our time, its a good 6 hour or so drive. Plus, we both like Tarrytown and the Hudson Valley area. For those who can, don't skip a trip up to Sleepy Hollow cemetery and the "Horseman Diner." We've never gone to the Kykuit estate so I think we will do that rather than Lyndhurst this year. (Nothing on Lyndhurst, but it would be visit # 5?) Anyone been to Kykuit?

So, Cousins, who will be at the family reunion this year...

Michael  :)

You know only on this board could someone else relate to this, but...ever since I heard the news that Merv had passed away, two things keep playing on the old memory banks..."We'll be right back with Orson Welles who will do a magic trick for us" and Merv leaning in to Frid, asking" it sick mail?"  lol  ;D             (Merv was asking about Frid's fan mail)

Michael  ;)

Oh, I miss her so much, and yet, whenever I put on Satan in High Heels, or Night of the Iguana, or one of her stratospherically-megafabulous Magda episodes, it's as if she's never gone.  Her flame still burns brightly in my heart.

And whenever I put on high heels, I feel the flames of Satan.  >:D   ;) (just kiddin')

     So much of what made DS work and keeps us all in its spell was all the wonderful chemistry between Grayson and Jonathan.  I hope she would appreciate all the sincere affection you can feel here and at the festivals. If she were still with us, she would rule the gatherings.


Calendar Events / Announcements '07 II / Re: Happy Birthday, Midnite!!
« on: August 12, 2007, 09:04:02 PM »
  Hello Midnite,
All the best wishes to someone who gives us all the support (and discilpline!) we need to keep it going here in virtual Collinwood.
Here's some birthday thanks and appreciation...

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    I found this book at the Monster Bash film show in Pittsburgh in June and don't recall ever seeing it before. Obviously, the cover image of our Carolyn Stoddard from "House of Dark Shadows" caught my eye. I haven't read all the text, but it seems there mostly to serve as an excuse for a collection of stills from vampire films, most especially as they became increasingly lurid through the 1970s.  Not many actual references to Dark Shadows in the book, although the Dan Curtis/Jack Palance Dracula gets a fair coverage as does John Karlen's Euro-opus, Daughters of Darkness . A curio, not worth going out of your way for. Interestingly, like the festival guest, German Robles, star of many Mexican vampire films, images of Nancy as Carolyn from the House film show up in a lot of vampire books with little reference to the source. As the book isn't too common, so I thought some of you might like to see the cover. The book was published in 1975.

Michael [vampire]

Helllo Ms. C.!  Hope your birthday was the very best. There's no better excuse to go all to heck in a handbasket.
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Hope Quentin sings you a birthday melody.  [gramophone]   [92c5]

Michael  [thumb]

Calendar Events / Announcements '07 II / Re: Happy Birthday, CrazyJenny!
« on: August 12, 2007, 08:41:02 PM »
Hope you had a great birthday CrazyJenny! August birthday people rule!

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Dear ol' Merv,
       He was a big part of the late '60s and '70s as was Shadows itself. I can't tell you how many times I watched his show to see his many interviews with Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock.
        Speaking of which, I wish someone would locate  the "Tonight Show" Interview with Johnny and Lara Parker, unless his estate is keeping too tight a lid on leasing out such.
        RIP Merv. This time, you  won't "be right back."


A full Barbie size Kate jackson figure, pretty cool Charles  ;D I was a ravenous collector of the Sideshow Universal and classic monsters line, that although I have not taken the opportunity to yet become a "Buffy" watcher, I bought the Drusilla figure just because I thiought it could be a good companion to the Lugosi Dracula figure, so, I truly understand your interest. I've pondered getting some of the Barbies in the sort of 19th century eastern Eurpoean outfits to perhaps create a "Universal"  villiage scene.   [frankie]  [ecstasy] Again, I love your idea. Take some pictures. Now when will Majestic do a DS series 2....
Michael   [headbang]

Current Talk '07 II / Re: Johnny Depp Movie Cast ideas
« on: August 01, 2007, 04:59:03 AM »
I'm surprised none of you have mentioned this, but if its a Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration, you a re going to get...Helena Bonham Cater as Julia.

Not in the role of Julia, but J99 posted this to the sticky topic.  You may have seen it by now:  ;)
I'm not so worried about Burton or Depp, i think they have the chops. . the issue in my mind is (if they went Team Burton-Depp) who would Helena Bonham Carter (Mrs. Burton) portray.  I like her but she's Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd?  That one threw me .. i don't see that.  she'd be a good Aunt Abigail or maybe even Natalie duPres?

Thanks MB, as you know I don't get here as often as I used to so I had missed that post, but well GMTA I hope. I usually appreciate J99's opinions. [thumb]

       I know who would be a good Sam Evans, Dan Roebuck (Dr. Arzt on "Lost", was in Matlock, River's Edge...") Dan is a big classic horror fan as well and would bring the proper respect to the part.
        Here's speculation for the group, as we all like's Tim Buton's style, most especially his design in for example "Batman",, but many of us do have some concerns with putting too much humor (or the dreaded "c-word", camp") I wonder what M Night Shyamalan or Christopher Nolan might do with DS? There's so few horror/mystery directors around now suited for DS. As much as I like them, I'd rule out Sam Raimi, Tobe Hooper or George Romero for obvious reasons. (great storytellers but too graphic, although Raimi's "A Simple Plan" shows great subtlety.) Another very good but less well know direct is Robert Tinnell. I highly reccomend his 1996 "Frankenstein and Me" especially for people who have adolescent kids that like scary films. The film takes place in the 1960's and the kids are even watching Shadows in one scene. Tinnell's was especially good at working with the young actors in the film, as well as getting one of Burt Reynold's best performances ever. (really)


Happy Belated Birthday Blessings Gothick
Sorry to hear you can't do the event this year. The thought of moving to me is on a level of scary somewhere between Reanimator and Phantasm. All the best [thumbright]

     Hope you had a great birthday  [milestone]  [a175]  [occasion15]  [occasion13]

     And had a blast  [Blow_Up_IE]

Michael  "who has two turnatbles and a microphone"
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Current Talk '07 II / Re: Johnny Depp Movie Cast ideas
« on: July 31, 2007, 03:07:03 AM »
I'm surprised none of you have mentioned this, but if its a Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration, you a re going to get...Helena Bonham Cater as Julia. Then maybe Paul Reubens as Willie, Jeffrey Jones as Roger and Michael Gough as the Eagle Hill Caretaker.  (I would have liked Julianne Morre as Julia as remember Julia should be only slightly older than Barnabas but more mature than Vicki.)
       I like the choices mentioned of Anne Hathaway as Vickie/Josette, and Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansen or Angelina Jolie as Angelique. I hope they keep Josette a brunette and Angelique a blonde, I didn't care as much for the reversal on the WB pilot. I like Tom Welling as Joe/Nathan too. Welling is pretty underrated. What about Jaclyn Smith, Leslie Anne Downe or Jane Seymour as Elizabeth?
        Do realize Depp is very much going to put his own "twist" on this, please reference his takes on Willie Wonka, Ichabod Crane (he didn't go all Don Knotts/Jeff Goldblum there), and Ed Wood (as Jon Lovitz?) Thinking it over, the closest to Barnabas that Depp has done may have been Gilbert Grape, which for me bodes well as it may be his most under appreciated performance.
         To me Burton can be brilliant (Beetlejuice), reviatlizing (Batman), heart breaking (Ed Wood, which is one of the best films about friendship ever), but he can also be too campy (Mars Attacks I still don't know what THAT was all about) or just plain mssing the target (Planet of the Apes, did he not realize astrnaut Taylor needed a Real Dr. Zaius to play against, what a lost opportunity). For too many years, I have hated to hear "Dark Shadows referred to , over and over as, "the campy vampire soap", so that's the very last thing I want to see happen for real. Don't make it so. So, who knows, be careful what you wish for...

Michael  ;)

I heard about this Sunday but was waiting to find a confirmation article before I posted this.
Kerwin Matthews, best known perhaps as Sinbad in Ray Harryhausen's classic, "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad", has passed away at 81. Readers of this board will remember him as the star of the Dan Curtis pilot "A Darkness at Blaisedon", which is available from MPI. Blaisedon as most here know was an attempt by Dan Curtis to have a prime time weekly series in the DS vein. (All puns intended  ::) ) The show is also notable for the appearence of both Louis Edmonds and Thayer David, as well as acquainting Dan with Michael Stroka who auditioned for that show but was cast on DS instead. Matthews  survived by his companion of 46 years, Tom Nicoll, and was living in San Francisco. Below in a link to his obit in the SF Chronicle. RIP  :-[


All the best to each of you for a Happy Bithday!!!
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Michael  [vampire]

A belated birthday wish.   [occasion13] [occasion15] Abigail has your present waiting.   [occasion1] Traskkkkk....Come to the Old House [ghosty]
All the best, Michael  [grim]