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"You know, Mrs. Johnson, when I look up at the moon, I sometimes wonder if my a.w.o.l. husband Paul, is somewhere else in the world, gazing up at that same moon right now, with Minnie Pearl at his side..."  :'(
Lol Bob, from Collinwood to Grinders Switch, and with her famous fried chicken, no doubt. [clap] [chkyy] [laughing_devil]

Oh Ghost of Bad Hair Days Yet to Come, I fear you most of all...!!!

Current Talk '06 II / Re: Dark Shadows Music
« on: July 07, 2006, 04:20:34 AM »
The switch to carts is a near certainty. At that time, they would have been much more reliable than vinyl records. In fact, I own two carts of DS music cues I've bought at the festival auctions. I have played them at the radio station I used to work at. One cue was not used much, but the other is pretty familiar. Carts are similar to 8 tracks, but can only be played on special studio players. Although they were the standard for about 30 years, especially for commercials for example, few radio stations use them any more with the advent of digital audio formats such as Cds and MP3 formats.


Hi Darren, just to add an important note, "Quentin's Theme" was originally written for the Dan Curtis production of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" with Jack Palance, which aired  more or less a year prior to it's use on Dark Shadows. The arrangement was different, more "cockney" fiddles. You can hear it in the dance hall scene with Billie Whitelaw.  [gorgeous] (I am never sure to blame Cobert or Curtis for all the music recycling in the various Curtis productions, but honestly it was probably Dan)

Michael  [gramophone]

Current Talk '06 II / Re: Dark Shadows Music
« on: July 06, 2006, 06:43:49 PM »
hey Josette, I see Stuart has provided your answer. I would recommend getting KLS's books like the Dark Shadows Almanac if you don't already have them. They are great for general information. No, I don't get any kickbacks for plugging them, they are just essential. (Even if there are a few tiny errors and omissions, most notably Violet Wells not listed among the Production Staff or on the In Memorium section)

Michael  [book1]

Nicholas Blair presents Maggie Evans as Helen Keller and Victoria Winters as Annie Sullivan "The Miracle Worker", now at the Little Theatre of Collinsport, directed by Joseph Papp. With Chris Pennock as Captain Keller.

All congratulations on your academic achievement!  [9050] We are as proud of you as I hope you are yourself!

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I just wanted to make a few short comments having now picked up the latest "Scary Monsters."  :-[  I was a bit chagrined, first, while it's flattering to be called a "Dark Shadows" expert, I can tell you I know I bow to many others, such as Bobubas, Guy H., Helen Samaras and several other of our board members among them. I don't remember anyone from the magazine identifying themselves as such while visiting our table, I would most certainly have identifed my "friend" as my own "Josette", my wife Diane.  Lastly, the items on our table were not for sale, only part of our collection just to to share and  open conversations and memories on Dark Shadows. With that said, it is an honor to share even a mention in an issue that also features our dear Penny Dreadful and also one of the nicest collectors I've met, Dan Roebuck. While in  Los Angeles last year for the fest, I met Dan and we played phone tag until on my last day I went over to see his incredible collection. He has a Planet of the Apes collection to die for! And a life size Lugosi, and Black Lagoon Creature. As always, Scary Monsters back pages are the best wish list since the late Captain Company. I hope to be part of the Chesapeake Monster fest again next year. Rob Floyd and I are both big fans of the "Phantom of the Paradise" and have talked about possibly doing a history of the "Phantom of the Opera" in his various incarnations.

Burke: Okay Bob, you can't fool me. #1 is Coke, #2 is Pepsi, and # 3 is RC, and I like RC best.
Bob: Wow, right,  you won a Moon Pie.

Polls Archive / Re: Trask taken to task.
« on: July 05, 2006, 03:15:17 PM »
You do have to give some regards to the Reverend in 1795, he actually right about there being a witch.   [_witch_] If he wasn't so boneheaded about his being right as to who on his first, incorrect guess, he might have been almost a hero, albeit a rather slimy one.  Gregory is the blatant hypocrite. Jerry Lacey was great as all the Trasks, even the butler in PT.

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Happy Birthday to Cassandra! Have a great day, but don't get all wigged out! 
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Caption This! - 1970 Parallel Time / Re: Episode #1050
« on: July 04, 2006, 09:58:10 PM »
So Timothy Stokes has done what other mad scientists could not, create a woman with the actual proportions of Barbie... [laughing_devil]

Happy Birthday to you Devlin!
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When you are through celebrating, Burke, call Dick Tracy, he wants his chin back!   ;)

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Current Talk '06 I / Re: Happy 40th!!!
« on: July 04, 2006, 09:51:18 PM »
This is a great anniversary. I remember so well when the show came on. I had, this is the truth, just finished Kindergarten, and my mother, knowing how much we both loved classic horror films, let me watch this "new show"  with her. I was caught up in the great sets and atmosphere, and a layer of spookiness as rich and delicious as hot fudge!   [icecream] Somehow I new it was going to have ghosts, REAL ghosts!   [Ghost00] I have been running through a lot of the Pre-Barnabas episodes all week as part of my celebration. What I've been noticing while really enjoying the "black and white" period, is that while arguably the two most popular characters to be were almost a year away, the show did have so much going for it and all the seeds to grow into the fully blossomed classic it became;  the family with more secrets than closets, the mystery of the missing mother, but most importantly the great settings; the decrepit Old House, Widow's Hill, the Blue Whale, Eagle Hill cemetery   [grim], and of course, the greatest set ever on daytime TV, Collinwood. While everyone agrees the writers were never really checking for continuity, I think the elements which made this show better than other attempts of supernatural adventure, like say "Friday the 13th, the series", "Passions" or even the '91 revival worked so well because of the freshness and originality. I think however DS was so much of its time, I often wonder how they could do it today; would Willie be able to create a pseudo background for Barnabas with internet tinkering for example? We just don't have those kind of "drifters" today do we? I can't imagine The Blue Whale without its waltzes and rocking surf instrumentals.   [gramophone]
 Nonetheless, this show has been a big part of my life since June of two score years and I hope it will be for 60 more. You know, when you look at the world in 1966, with all munsters on TV,¬† [frankie]¬† superheroes in dark blue capes, cartoons that didn't pound us with messages, and toys like Creepy Crawlers, Captain Action, and Barbie secretly dating GI Joe, I feel so lucky to have been a kid then. They don't make decades like that anymore.

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By the way, congrats on your mention in the new issue of Scary Monsters (#59 - Monsterfest 2005 Article)!!

Wow, I hadn't seen Scary Monster's new issue yet, I'll have to go by Borders on the way home.  That's really cool, I've now been in both Famous Monsters and Scary Monsters. I was in FM # 206, Wolfman cover , in a photo with, you guessed it, CONRAD BROOKS, lol! [goofg] Well, knowing I'm in Scary Monsters makes my day! Thanks again!

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