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Charles, I'm sure he's making a joke about how you said you had a bone to pick with the Collector's Show staff, as I'm also sure he'll explain when he returns.

Indeed Charles, this was never meant as an insult, simply a good natured nudge, after your response to my previous post on the Hollywood show. I am truly honest when I say I look very forward to seeing that great smile of yours in Brooklyn.  ;D

BTW, I do ask that if anyone is able to go to FANEX please make sure to stick up for Dan on that panel. He's gotten some mixed reviews there before, although I do acknowledge myself the "Dracula" with Jack Palance was less than a masterpiece.


FANEX, a long running fan convention that is held in Baltimore, will have a panel discussion on Dan Curtis and his legacy as part of their two day mini-con, to be held the weekend on August 18-19, the weekend just prior to the DS festival. The panal on Curtis is scheduled for 7:00 pm Friday evening. Here's a link to their site:

Disclaimer: Charles Ellis has not been contacted and to our knowledge has "no bone to pick" with FANEX. FANEX is an independent convention, of fans, no guests other than local filmmakers. This notification is for information purposes only.

With that said, FANEX can be a lot of fun, and has a few good dealers. I wish the panel was Saturday as I don't know if I can get up there for Friday night.¬  :-[


Caption This! - 1970 Parallel Time / Re: Episode #1059
« on: July 25, 2006, 04:19:33 PM »
Barnabas: I think we should leave this alone, it says it belongs to Marsellus Wallace's wife. I don't want him to pop a cap in our ass.   [cool9]

Ho, is this a dagger I see before me? No, thank God its a drink!  GULP!   [8285]

I would imagine the problem is that all the stars mentioned are based in the L.A. area.  That means no one has to pay to get them to the show.  If the show was held in the N.Y. area, they would  either have to bring those stars to NY....or showcase NY stars.

When you think about it, the situation in New York is  very different. You know exactly where to find the performers.  If you want autographs of Broadway stars, all you have to do is buy a ticket to the show, and be prepared to wait at the stage door when it's over. They are, for the most part, very happy to spend time with the fans. My daughter's collection of autographed Playbills is turning into a paper tower.

That's basically the case. Most of the people at the Hollywood show can literally drive over, so they get to go home at night. many of the people at the Hollywood show are seniors and need the rest at the end of the day. The expense of flying people to shows has grown enormously over the past few years. I had asked a convention organizer I know very well about say,  Shane Bryant for example for a Hammer themed show, and Shane lives in Australia or New Zealand, and its not that he didn't want to attend, its just the number of flight hours and the cost of flying someone from that distance. The Hollywood show is able to have the number of guests as so many live in the area, or relatively close so travel expenses are reduced.

the Chiller show happens twice a year in North Jersey and always has a great guest list. I used to attend Chiller when I lived on the East Coast & got dozens of autographs.

Chiller is probably the closest thing we have. Now, admittedly, the "personality" of the two shows are quite different. The same can be said of most different conventions I've been too. The Hollywood show is more general movie and TV actors, and Chiller is more horror film focused. Nonetheless. last fall's Chiller had cast reunions for "I Dream of Jeanie" and "Batman" 1966.  [Bat](Not to mention four of the ladies of Dark Shadows.) Chiller has more grown more general outreach, although lately, its been more to wrestlers than anything else beyond the horror stars lately.

Bottom line for any show nowawadays is cost, travel and availability.

One has to realize too, that although some people may not be as big a star as say, Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson, which would be unmanageable at a regular autograph show, but "cult" status also makes some guests appearences difficult to manages. I can only speculate that it might be impossible to have say Tim Curry or Eric Braeden at a show for example. In the case of the latter, I would love to ask him about his work in "Escape from the Planet of the Apes," but after decades on the soaps, his appearence would likely be flooded.


Here's a nice alternative for west coasters who may not be able to make the official 40th anniversary festival. Several Dark Shadoows actors are scheduled to appear at the Hollywood Collectors show at the Burbank Hilton on the weekend of October 14th, 2006. So far, they list David Selby, Katherine Leigh Scott, Lara Parker and Roger Davis. Be aware this is a "pay"show, all stars sell their autographs. I have been to the show before and they usually have a great line-up of interesting persons, as well as a good selection of all types of movie memorabilia. Here a link: http://www.hollywoodcollectorshow.com/Burbank.htm
I would expect regular updates between now and the show date.

Michael¬  :D

"..it was" Oh Elliott, I like big butts, and I cannot lie.  My feelings for you I can't deny. Shake it Elloitt. Break it down... [9126]

I forget which one of the Smith brothers he was, but living here in Maine, those cough drops are worth their weight in gold.

Current Talk '06 II / Re: the hemline switch of 1970
« on: July 21, 2006, 02:31:49 PM »
Diane and I will often be watching an episode together, especially the later '60s,  and she will give me a smile and punch me saying, "KLS's skirt is practically indecent." To which I usually reply, "Yeah, guys hate that."  ;)
Michael  ::)

Find a Grave has the following information on Grayson (and a very pretty photo of her as well)...

That's my question! The information I have always heard contradicts Find-A-Grave. I appreciate your work, but I just don't know definitively the answer.

Michael  :-

Willie: Okay,Barnabas.  I'll wash these again in Rinso, but I ain't gonna touch no 200 year old dress shields.

...plot holes, inconsistencies, bloopers and Bon Ami. Also attactched is a note, "Don't worry, no one will see these more than once, D.C." ::)

Victrola Needles, Afghan yarn, lost body parts, and Edward's mustache wax.

But Triple A recommended Fawlty Towers as 3 Star accomodations...

...trying to get your money back from the Zsa Zsa Gabor wig company.