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Robservations 9/5/02 - Reclaimed in Hellfire - #632/633_634
« on: September 04, 2002, 02:53:36 PM »
632 - (KLS) - A brilliant morning sun illuminates the walls of Collinwood and all is serene in the great house. But not far away in a strange house by the sea, a desperate man waits. This day will decide his fate and the fate of the young woman he has chosen to be his bride.

Nicholas wonders where Tom is, and Adam, why has HE disappeared? Everything is going wrong, he frets, my his time is running out!--I must have Maggie!--I must have her now. He turns on a multi-colored lamp and summons Maggie. Hear my voice, he calls, and do as I bid you to--you will come to me, you will decide you want me. You will decide you need me as much as I need you. Listen to my voice and come to me, come to me!  Maggie, wearing a quilted blue robe, starts walking. Nicholas says, "You will come to me, and we will be united forever--in death."

Adam comes in, slamming the door like a petulant child. He tells Nicholas he was "away", and wanted to be alone to think. Nicholas says he's glad to see him, he has something important to tell him--tonight, he says, you will have a new mate--Barnabas and Julia will do the experiment over, and Eve will live again. No, barks Adam. Nicholas assures him she will be better this time. The new Eve will not pretend, she will be tender, warm, loving--the mate Adam always wanted--she will truly love him.
Adam doesn't believe him, but Nick admits he made a mistake that won't be repeated. Maggie will provide the life force, and she will be as tender and loving as Maggie herself is--I will persuade Maggie, he assures Adam. The latter isn't sure he wants this--I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than live with a woman like Eve. She will be beautiful like Eve, but there the resemblance will end, Blair says. Adam wonders why he's so anxious for him to have a mate. Because I am, says Nick--I don't want you to be lonely. Adam is skeptical. Nicholas says he'll be honest-this is something he must do, but cannot tell him why--it's vitally important. Adam considers. He doesn't trust him, and there are too many questions he won't answer. Allow me to furnish you with a mate, says Nicholas, then decide if you want to keep her or not--it can he your decision, what do you have to lose? Perhaps nothing, agrees Adam--all right, but if she's anything like the first Eve, I'll kill her. She won't be, promises Nicholas. There's a knock at the door. That's Maggie says Nick, and sends Adam out--I'll call you when it's time to go to the Old House. Maggie, dressed in a sailor suit, is joyous when she comes in, and he compliments her. He hangs up her coat, the welcoming grin dropping from his face as he contemplates what is going to happen. Maggie seems puzzled. They sit down. He asks why she came. You're going to be leaving soon, she reminds him, so I must decide on your proposal. I don't mean to press you, he says. Maggie, however, has decided--I'll marry you! Nicholas is ecstatic!--of course I want to marry you! he says excitedly. They hug. He tells her she's made him the happiest man on this earth. It's odd, she says, this morning, I still hadn't decided, then suddenly, I did. (ah, that ol' black magic!) He takes her hand in his and says he's immensely happy. She promises to make him a good wife. We'll be married tonight, he says--why postpone it? She is flustered, but reminds him that marriage is a serious step--to get married tonight and leave Collinsport so quickly. He regrets that they must leave, but he wants her with him as his wife. He must take care of business interests abroad--they can move into his flat in London. It's happening so fast, I can't think, she says. I don't want you to think, he says. Maggie insists there are some considerations. Do you not want to marry me? he asks. No, she says, I do. They hug, and the warlock really does look regretful over what must happen now.

A nurse at Windcliff warns Chris that his sister is very disturbed and he must be patient (this is probably DS' worst acting job, thank God it was of such short duration). Chris understands. The nurse says she'll send her in. Chris looks at the fish swimming around in a large tank, checks out a newspaper and sees the forecast is for clear and cold--with a full moon. This upsets him. Please, not again, he begs, gazing out the window.

Chris' sister, renamed Amy from Molly, comes in to see him. (Denise Nickerson is an excellent child actress and adorable with her long red hair and big brown eyes.) When Chris greets her, she simply stares at him. He gives her a gift, but she doesn't say a word. He asks if she wants to open it, even know what it is, but she remains silent. He says he'll open it, and tells her it's a box of paints--you still likes to paint, don't you? He asks. He kneels and tells her he brought it for her, won't she even take it? She takes it, then tosses it violently onto the floor. She looks at the fish. Chris joins her, begging her to say just one teeny word to him--anything? "Why didn't you come before?" she demands. We see them, distorted through the fish tank. I wanted to, says Chris, but couldn't. Nobody came, she says sadly. I wanted to, he repeats, I wrote you. "Nobody came," she repeats accusingly. I know, I stayed away too long, he admits. "You did what you had to do," she says coldly--"You brought me the present, you can go now." Chris protests he came because he wanted to. Is that true? She asks. You're my sister, I care about you, he says. She asks if he's going to stay. Chris looks guilty. "You're not, are you?" she asks, angry. He says he can't. Amy turns away. He wants to stay and take care of her, he says, but she runs from him. "Please go away!" she cries, "Go away, go away!" She cries and tells him to go, if he's going away. He asks if it would make a difference if he stayed. It won't, she replies. I'd like to. . . he says doubtfully. I know you won't, she says. He promises he'll change his plans and stay. Amy gazes heartbrokenly into his face and says, hardly daring to hope, "You will, really? You won't change your mind?" A promise is a promise, Chris says. Amy hugs him, begging her to please not leave him.
He hugs her back, assuring her it's all right. (This is one of DS' nicest, most human, scenes.)

Chris returns to the Collinsport Inn and asks desk clerk Conrad Bain, who will later strike it rich on DIFFERENT STROKES, if he can change his room. Of course, he is told, but why? His room is too close to the street, too noisy, and he needs something more isolated because he writes. He asks about the room in the back, is it vacant? Yes, but it's tiny and inconvenient for most guests, replies the clerk. Chris insists on having it without even seeing it. They go upstairs so Chris can check it out. The window is barred in the shabby little room, and the clerk is surprised Chris wants such a small, stuffy room. Chris insists it's fine and asks him to bring up his luggage in the morning--lock me in here, adds Chris--and if you hears strange noises during the night--I act out what I'm writing, moving around to get myself into it--don't pay attention. The clerk is puzzled, but Chris gives him a nice tip and reminds him to lock the door from the outside. Sure, says the clerk, and he complies with Chris' request. Chris checks it and tells himself this has GOT to work. (He really is cute.) He goes over to look over the bars on the windows.

Blair House - Maggie is wearing a simple white dress with a lace veil. She looks very pretty. Nicholas hands her a bouquet and she expresses, nervously, wondering why the minister isn't here yet. He'll be here shortly, he assures her. Maggie feels so confused.
Why? he asks. Getting married, leaving Collinsport tonight--it's all happening so suddenly, she says. He asks if she's unhappy. No, just nervous, she admits. He tells her he has an antidote, and kisses her cheek. Champagne, he says, he was saving it for after the ceremony, but a toast now seems appropriate. He pours the bubbly, then drugs her drink with something he takes from his pocket. (He wears a sparkly diamond on his right hand, very nice.) Nicholas hands Maggie one of the drinks as she studies her bouquet. He clinks his glass with hers and toasts to their happiness. She repeats it and sips her champagne. Church bells toll. Maggie stands. She tells Nicholas she feels strange. "Do you?" he asks--it's the champagne, he assures her, you'll be all right in a moment. When she faints into his arms, he lifts her and carries her away.

The full moon has risen and we see Chris' closed door, his voice moaning, "Oh, no, not now." We hear the sound of things breaking. "Please!" be begs. "No!  I don't want it to happen again." The clerk hears the racket and bangs on the door, calling to Chris. There's no sound. The clerk thinks for a few moments, makes up his mind, and unlocks the door. He cautiously opens it and walks in. The room is a shambles. "Mr. Jennings," the man murmurs. We hear growling, and the clerk's face contorts in terror as he backs against the wall, then screams, "Oh, no!" as something or someone attacks him.

Nicholas carries Maggie to a table and places her upon it. The room is filled with many lighted candles. He begins the ceremony. "And you will be my bride throughout time," Nicholas says, holding up a small cup above her body.
The clerk's obviously dead body, his face covered with scratches and blood, is dragged across the floor of Chris' hotel room. (Looks like some blue paint mixed in there with the makeup.)

Nicholas dips his fingers into whatever is in the cup and anoints Maggie with "the blood of the owl, the raven and the bat. You will dwell with me forever in the land of the dead," he intones. "You will live, as I live, as one of the damned! Your spirit has united with mine." He drinks from the cup, then kisses Maggie's mouth. He raises his arms and calls out, "Let the legions of the damned salute you!" We hear the souls of the damned screaming in pain. Nicholas lowers his arms.

NOTES: GOOD episode! Conrad Bain's makeup looked really fake and hastily applied, but we can't quibble about such things. I remember being scared, wondering what had happened to him, and Nicholas' incantations over Maggie (and his earlier expression of guilt) really got to me. Notice she never tells him she loves him. This is certainly one-sided. So is the ceremony complete? Will Maggie die now and become whatever Nicholas is? Wouldn't it be fun if she became a witch and gave Angelique hell?

633_634 - (Grayson Hall) - Night over the great estate of Collinwood, a night which many feel will never end--and when it ends, no one knows who will be alive and who will not. For one man is engaged in a frantic effort to appease the cruelest, most evil master of all. And to do this, he must bring a new convert and then with her spirit make a dead body alive. In this house by the sea, the first ritual starts in a small room with an alter draped in black.

Eve's body lies on a surgical table. She is wearing what appears to be a different, more modest dress. Barnabas tells Julia this is the last time they will do this experiment, ever. Julia reminds him they're at Nicholas' mercy, and quotes "'Poor, motherless Eve'--there's a poem about that." She wonders who will be used to bring the body to life. At least not Tom Jennings, says Barnabas. Nicholas, in a jaunty mood, joins them and asks why they are so reluctant. Everything is ready, they tell him. Nicholas pats Eve's head and says she's getting another chance. Sarcastically, Barnabas remarks, "You specialize in second chances," citing Tom, accusing him of sending the vampire to Collinwood. Nicholas calls him tiresome and assures him he disposed of Tom Jennings.
"No, I did, Mr. Blair," retorts Barnabas. Nicholas' mouth twitches in a smile and says destroying Tom must have been traumatic for him--he asks Julia if she agrees. She doesn't respond and just eyes him coldly. Nicholas reminds Barnabas that, not so long ago, someone could have done the same to you. I am well aware of that, retorts Barn. Nicholas advises him not to forget what he was. What do you mean by that? ask Barnabas. Nicholas doesn't get a chance to answer before Julia cuts in, reminding him they have a job to do. Nick agrees--we shouldn't waste time on personality conflicts. He goes upstairs to retrieve the life force. Barnabas starts to go after him, but Julia stops him. Barn wonders--if Eve lives, will we be able to forget what we've done? Adam comes downstairs, smiling. This time it will be different, he tells Barnabas, because this time SHE will be. Barnabas barks that he doesn't want him here, but Nicholas insists that Adam is staying. When Maggie comes downstairs, Julia cries out her name. Nicholas tells Barnabas he has met one of his conditions--Maggie volunteered. Maggie greets Julia and Barnabas, marveling how she's been here so often, and this is where it will take place. Barnabas refuses to go through with this, and insisting on speaking to Nicholas alone. Maggie tells him she knows it's to talk him out of using her. Julia chimes in about the risks. Maggie tells them no amount of risk will change her mind. Barnabas says he told Blair to stay away from her. You have no right to interfere, says Maggie, a tad belligerent. (They were going to use Maggie before, weren't they, so what's the big deal now?) Nicholas assures Maggie he'll settle it, and tells her not to be angry. It's my life, says Maggie, and I want to do this. I promised Vicki, protests Barnabas, and orders Julia to turn off the equipment. Julia turns to do so. Adam and Nicholas both start to argue with Barnabas. Barnabas refuses to listen to Adam's threats. Blair takes Adam's arm and assures him as long as HE is here, threats are not necessary. Nicholas places his middle finger on Adam's chest and tells him, I feel your blood rushing through your body--faster than ever before, your heart is pounding, you feel dizzy--you can barely stand.
Both Adam and Barnabas react to this, gasping for breath. Julia begs Maggie to make Nicholas stop. Why should I? demands Maggie--stop it yourself, she orders Julia--do what he wants. Julia agrees, Nicholas halts the spell, and both Adam and Barnabas return to normal breathing. To avoid further arguments, Nicholas leads Adam to a cot away from the action and tells him to lie down there. You will sleep, deeply, Nicholas tells him, and will not awaken until I wake you. Adam sleeps. Barnabas watches, stunned. Nicholas points out how slight Adam's breathing is--if I say three more words, Adam will stop breathing forever--and I will say them if you don't do as I say. Julia tells Barn they have no choice; the dazed Barnabas realizes she is right. Barnabas reminds Nicholas Maggie will be in great pain, perhaps die. Nicholas tells Maggie not to be afraid, he will be with her. That's all I want, Maggie assures him. Julia prepares a shot. Barnabas tells Maggie to lie down on the other table beside Eve. Maggie observes how beautiful Eve is--"and soon she will live."--I'm beginning to learn many things now. Nick helps Maggie up on the table, where she lies down. Julia tells Barnabas to fix the straps. You will be conscious, Julia explains to Maggie, but only at first. I will be here for you, Nicholas assures Maggie. I know you will, she says softly. Barnabas mutters that Nicholas must have done something to her. "I have given her my love," responds Nicholas, and kisses her hand. The experiment is ready to begin. Barnabas places a sheet over Maggie, who is feeling drowsy from the shot Julia gave her. Maggie begins to count and falls asleep by the time she reaches. Julia instructs Barnabas to watch the gauge and let her know when it reaches 10. Don't touch Maggie, warns Julia, it could be dangerous for both of you. Nicholas plants a kiss on Maggie' face, then steps back. Julia listens to her heart. Barnabas, standing at the controls, looks sick. Julia nods for him to turn on the juice. He does so. Everything begins to hum. Lights flash, electricity buzzes. Maggie moans in pain. Barnabas does more fiddling with the controls. Maggie screams. Julia listens to her heart. "I want to do this," Barnabas hears Maggie repeating in his mind, along with Nicholas' assertion that, "I have given her my love." Maggie cries out. Barnabas turns to look at her, even more upset.

Barnabas keeps hearing Maggie's and Nicholas' voices in his mind. Julia calls for a gauge reading, and the distracted Barnabas tells her it's just 10. Nicholas is distraught at the sight of Maggie's pain. Barnabas calls for Julia. The level is too high. She tries making adjustments, no good--it goes up! "I'm going to die!" shrieks Maggie--"JOOOOOE!" (Interesting, hmm?) Eve's hand moves. She flexes her finger. Barnabas suddenly yells, "No, I won't go through with this!" He shuts down the power. Julia calls out his name. Nicholas holds up his hands in a "spell gesture" and tells Barnabas, "You will stop!" Julia warns Barnabas Nicholas will kill him, but Barnabas, seemingly unhearing, begins trashing the lab. "You cannot move!" intones Nicholas. Barnabas battles the spell, still knocking things down, crying out, "NO!" Barnabas appears to be free from the spell. Nicholas suddenly looks heavenward and implores, "Don't take me now, I can stop him!" He tries to force Barnabas to stop, but his powers are gone. Out of control, Nicholas races to the cot where Adam lies and begins to throttle him. Barnabas and Julia drag him off Adam wakes up and realizes his so-called friend was going to murder him. "Why did you hurt me?" he demands of Nicholas. "Your powers, where are they now?" asks Barnabas. Nicholas struggles away from Barnabas. Adam races out to find that Eve's body is nothing more than a skeleton with red hair. (would that ever really happen?) Adam, heartbroken, accuses them of doing this. Barnabas denies it.  "You wanted it this way!" blares Adam. "Eve. . ." Barnabas tells Julia he must go after Blair. He will kill you, protests Julia. No, says Barnabas, I will kill him! Maggie regains consciousness. Julia checks her heart. Adam sobs, "Now I have no one!" and wanders away. He sits down and mutters, "All my life, alone. . ." Julia calls to Maggie, encouraging her to open her eyes. Maggie doesn't react. After Julia gives her an injection, Maggie comes to. Julia asks her to get up. Maggie gazes at her blankly--who am I?--where am I?--what's this room?--I must get out of here. Julia calls her Maggie, a name the young woman doesn't recognize.
Maggie's cluelessness frightens Julia, who laments, "What's happened to you?--what?"

If you aren't Maggie Evans, who are you? asks Julia--do you remember Nicholas Blair? Maggie walks over broken glass, wondering what this place is, and where. Come upstairs, urges Julia--you'll remember. Maggie isn't so sure.

Adam, left alone with the skeleton, looks morose. He stands, covers what was intended to be his mate with a sheet, and says "Barnabas!. . .Nicholas!" like he doesn't know who to hate more. "Always Barnabas!" he screams. "I want him to be alone!--I hate him!--he doesn't deserve to love!" Adam literally spits. He heads upstairs.

Julia shows Maggie around the Old House living room, explaining to her that Barnabas lives there. Julia shows her Josette's music box, plays it for her, tells her to think. Does the name Josette mean anything to you? (why take the chance of bringing Maggie's memories of Barnabas as a vampire back to life?) No, says Maggie. Julia insists on taking her to look at Josette's portrait. Maggie is not happy with this.

Adam leaves the Old House.

Nicholas, standing in Widows' Hill, desperately begging Diabolos for another chance. I'll make them do it over!--you must let me explain!--I'll make it right--I'll force them to make a new woman for Adam. Give me time, that's all I need--a week is nothing to you, seven days! It's so small to you. Give me seven days and I'll give you everything you want! PLEASE!! Barnabas is hiding in the bushes, listening to this pitiful supplication as Nicholas continues, "You can take charge of Adam and his new wife--guide their destiny. Just remember that I brought them to you! Let me bring Maggie--I'll come to you!" His us surrounded by flames. "No! You've given me chances before!" he pleads. "I will not fail you this time, I swear I won't. It almost worked, It will work the next time, I swear it will. Don't take me now!" He screams as the fire reclaims him, his arms raised in entreaty.
Nicholas Blair disappears into the conflagration. Barnabas Collins, watching his enemy being snatched from the mortal world, has the biggest, most joyous smile on his face we have ever seen or will see.

Adam sneaks into Collinwood and stealthily goes upstairs.

NOTES: Does this mean Nicholas Blair is dead? One would hope not, given that he is one of the most delectably evil characters ever produced on DS. So suave and cool, he's one character you've got to miss if you appreciate a good villain and great acting.

And what deal did Angelique work out, we must wonder, for tattling on "brother"?

Where is Adam going? To Vicki first, then everyone else in the house, to kill them with his bare hands? That was his original plan, and now that Eve is nothing more than a skeleton and Nicholas gone, he truly is alone. What will become of Adam? Will he be killed, forcing Barnabas back into a vampire state?

Quite an excellent episode. Did you feel a bit sorry for Nick, begging for another chance that way? He behaved in a similar way toward Cassangelique, didn't he? Perhaps in the DARK SHADOWS milieu, what goes around DOES come around!

Lots of cast in this episode, all at once, too, a rarity. It was a melodramatic farewell for Nicholas, and let's wish him well on his way back down to Diabolos. One wonders why he was begging the heavens for help, but it looked a lot better than looking down, didn't it?

Love, Robin


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Re: Robservations 9/5/02 - Reclaimed in Hellfire - #632/33/34
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2004, 08:49:48 PM »
DVD episodes for June 21st and 22nd.
The 9th and 10h episodes on Set#11/Disc#2 (4th and 5th episodes on MPI tape Volume #80)

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Re: Robservations 9/5/02 - Reclaimed in Hellfire - #632/633_634
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2009, 02:12:12 AM »
I'm so disgusted with Barnabas' revolting hypocricy, and his petty, moralistic 'smile.'  It is ok for him to kidnap, rape, abuse, use, almost starve to death, threaten to kill, hypnotize, lead on, objectify, feed off of, and do all manner of things to maggie but we are supposed to sympathize with stupid ugly viki durkin and this idiot when clearly Nicholas was better for Maggie than Barnabas ever was, and I really wish he had won. 
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Re: Robservations 9/5/02 - Reclaimed in Hellfire - #632/633_634
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2009, 08:22:50 PM »
Yes, I do agree that Nicholas should have gotten the girl. Maggie and Joe were so goody-goody together, at least this couple had some diversity. I was really disappointed when Nicholas died or disappeared - he stuill remains one of the best, if not THE best villain ever on Dark Shadows.  [diablo]

Barnabas' attitude towards Maggie is too late, since he has already done irreversible things to her mind and body. Has he ever heard of the expression "the pot calling the kettle black" . . . ? [ghost_tongue]

Frankly, I'm pleased that Eve didn't come back to life. Although her scenes with Nicholas were vewry good indeed, seeing more of Eve means seeing more of Adam, and I was never much of an Adam fan. Maybe now we can move past all this nonsense about the rehashment of Frankenstein. [ghost_azn]
There has to be more . . . More . . . MORE!!!