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Not necessarily the way every DS fan sees things, but this episodes breakdown of the various DS storylines from the DS Almanacs can prove to be a useful tool for anyone who might not be sure from which storyline a particular screen capture has been taken:

Victoria's Arrival (episodes 1-6)

The Revenge of Burke Devlin (episodes 1-201)

Matthew Morgan Kills Bill Malloy and Kidnaps Victoria (episodes 46-126)

Laura the Phoenix (episodes 123-191)

[Apparently nothing really happens in episode 192.  ;)]

The Blackmailing of Elizabeth (episodes 193-275)

The Introduction of Barnabas (episodes 202-220)

The Kidnapping of Maggie (episodes 221-261)

[Similarly, nothing must happen in episodes 262-264.  [wink2]]

The Introduction of Julia (episodes 265-365)

1795 (episodes 365-461)

The Dream Curse (episodes 461-536)

The Creation of Adam and Eve (episodes 486-626)

Return To 1796 (episodes 657-667)

The Werewolf and Quentin's Ghost (episodes 627-700)

1897 (episodes 700-884)

The Leviathans (episodes 885-980)

Quentin and Amanda (episodes 904-934)

1970 Parallel Time (episodes 980-1060)
[Actually, this should be 969-1060 because glimpses of PT are seen well before Barnabas actually goes there.]

1995 (episodes 1061-1070)

The Ghosts of Daphne and Gerard (episodes 1070-1109)
[Though, of course, both appear in 1995 as well.]

1840 (episodes 1110-1198)

1841 Parallel Time (episodes 1198-1245)
[Though, similarly to 1970PT, this should be 1186-1245 because glimpses of PT are seen well before the focus completely shifts there.)