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I really enjoy the show. Though I'm sure one of the initial reasons for that is that I really enjoyed Antony Starr on Banshee. Plus, I'm also familiar with many others in the cast from other shows they've been in that I've watched. I think things like that help. But none of that is to say that the show itself hasn't captured me because it has...
Some personnel material from SG #73 that's worth sharing and/or commenting about:

Well, we know his remake of The Night Stalker never came to be. And who knows why he even wanted to remake it considering the original is so good? But then, we all know how DC loved to redo the same thing...

And could that bit about him having other projects in development be a subtle reference to the proposed '91 Series film(s). Maybe I was wrong when I said it looked like SG had finally come to the conclusion that there weren't going to be any developments on that front and that's why it wasn't mentioned in SG #73. Maybe it was here, just not specifically. I suppose we may have to wait until SG #74 to really see which situation is true...

It's no secret that I love Dracula: Dead and Loving It. One reason is because it does a hysterically funny complete sendup of a sequence from DC's version of Dracula (a sequence DC ripped off, er, paid homage to, yeah, that's it, in Ep #2/Hour 3 of the '91 Series).

Lysette Anthony and Michael T. Weiss could have gotten together to compare working with Steven Webber...

I watched the series premier (S1 E1) last night. It didn't grab me at all. I've heard nothing but excellent opinions and reviews about this show so I am going to give it a chance to grow on me.
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Victoria is beautiful and pensive by the fire in the drawing room. She tells Elizabeth she is going back home. I wish they had elaborated on where home was to her and why?  Elizabeth comes in and I’m always taken by the resemblance between the two. Elizabeth is remarkably candid and says she is afraid for David and she no longer thinks of Vickie as a stranger. She wants her to stay and can’t answer why. She wants her to give love and understanding to David. Davis is eavesdropping and is upset. Vickie agrees to stay and goes into town.

In the drawing room Elizabeth says David cannot  deny he tried to kill his father. He will not be Sent away. Elizabeth says she will never stop loving him. She takes David to bed.

Roger is furious but more hysterical over the Burke situation. He lashes out at his sister that she has always run things her way. I wish they has explored their past more. Roger is hysterical again when Vickie comes in. Elizabeth makes a frantic call to a Ned Caulder. 
If you don't want to know the circumstances surrounding Wednesday's entry in this slideshow, then don't read any further...

[spoiler]Wednesday's quote:
Ep #771 (1897) - Carl - 'Oh, she MUST have ate it. I gave you the wrong one. Well, you know how women eat when they're nervous.'

From "Robservations 1/16/03 - #770-771 -  Pansy, Carl's Tart; Dirk Causes Trouble"
We must find and get control of him, says Barn--come, he orders.  He closes the secret door, and assures Beth, Dirk will not harm either you or me when you are with me.  Beth starts to ask questions, but Carl enters the house, all excited.  He's frazzled, flustered, unsure if it's a good evening or not.  What a time I've had, he blathers--do this for me, Barnabas, it's the only way out, you can't imagine what a time I've had, sitting on that train, not sure of what I'd do or say, and then I thought of my cousin, and it made all the difference.  Barnabas asks, what are you talking about?  Carl searches through his valise for "a gift I got for you, fresh from Atlantic City, NJ--salt water taffy!"  Carl goes on about how a taste of it is like feeling fresh air blowing from the sea.  Barnabas thanks him.  Beth reminds Barn, there's something we must do.  Carl has other concerns, however--first, open the box, and then I will tell you what happened to me.  That's got to wait, says Barn--Dirk has disappeared mysteriously.  Then Judith will just have to find someone else, babbles Carl (ah the mind of a child)!--open the box.  Barnabas does--it's empty!  Oh, she must have ate it, says Carl, you know how women eat when they're nervous, I gave you the wrong one.  He takes back the empty box and searches for another in his valise.  Barnabas, anxious to search for Dirk, suggests Carl return to Collinwood.  I'm too nervous, insists Carol--I must have your assurance that SHE can stay here.  (Carl looks like Sherlock Homes in his cloak.)  Carl decides there's no reason Beth can't know, she will anyway, everyone will--I thought this would never happen to me, I thought I'd go through life being one of the unmarried Collins brothers.  "You've gotten married?" guesses Barnabas.  Oh, no, says Carl, I wouldn't do anything like that behind my family's back, as if I'm ashamed--you don't know Carl Collins, or for that matter, Pansy Faye.

The Robservations transposes part of the quote, but at least it's all there.

This has to be one of the funniest scenes on DS - and it just gets funnier the longer it plays. It was definitely a gift from Sam Hall to all involved and they all play their respective parts wonderfully.

And a bit of trivia about this ep: When this ep was shown in '80s syndication, it was shown a year out of sequence. Believe it or not, it showed up between Eps #511 & 512. One minute it's 1968 and Trask's ghost has Barnabas prisoner in the alcove in the basement in the Old House, the next it's 1897 and Barnabas and Beth are fretting over Dirk and Carl is announcing his engagement to Pansy, then it's back to 1968 and Trask continues his revenge against Barnabas. And what was amazingly frustrating is that WorldVision was told the ep was out of sequence but they never corrected its placement. Thankfully things were corrected for the Sci-Fi showings. (But then WorldVision managed to screw up the sequence of some other eps when they were shown on SciFi. Though at least those were only a few eps from the same storyline (Leviathans) that were misarranged.)
(Checks calendar, sees it is not April 1...)


Now that's a shocker!

Indeed. Though I suspect what has a lot to do with it is that it's a virtual event. He'll be joining in from the comfort of his own home. Who knew we would ever have something to be grateful for because of the pandemic?!
KLS just posted that David Henesy will also be joining in!  [hall2_shocked]

(Checks calendar, sees it is not April 1...)

Now that's a shocker!
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