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Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0733
« Last post by patrickm on Today at 01:44:21 AM »
J: Are you dressed for mourning a recent passing or just your marriage to Gregory?
Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0734
« Last post by patrickm on Today at 01:38:17 AM »
R: Oh great ... I'm in Yogi the Bear's cave.
Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0732
« Last post by patrickm on Today at 01:30:48 AM »
B: I think you should back up a bit .. the fountain is peeing on your shoes.
Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0730
« Last post by patrickm on Today at 01:16:27 AM »
N: You're making that up Jamison ... there is no such a thing as an anti crime utility belt.
Motherland: Fort Salem
1 HR * 2022 * TV-14 * Drama / Fantasy * NEW
S3 E3 * Oh Elayne...
With the Cession Marshal on their heels, the unit splits up; Scylla and Nicte attempt to draw the Marshal away, while Tally, Abigail and Adil meet an old ally; President Wade's political stance puts her in danger.
July 5, 2022
Fort Salem POTUS In Danger, Titans Encores and More

"On TV this Tuesday: ..., and Motherland: Fort Salem deals with a threat to national security National Treasure Sheryl Lee Ralph. ..."

Motherland: Fort Salem
President Wade’s political stance puts her in danger; the Unit splits up to avoid the Cession Marshal; Tally, Abigail and Adil meet with an old ally.
Perform a water ballet like Esther Williams
Wonder if Barnabas would give her the Music box

Oh, of course he would have - that goes without saying!

I can just see the bat perched on the edge of the opened/playing music box, dancing and flapping its wings to the tune.  [ghost_wink] [ghost_grin]

and have someone do alterations on the wedding dress?

That would have been a bit more problematic. But hey, who knows...
Current Talk '22 I / Re: Barnabas and Bats? An Odd Thought or Two
« Last post by Bob_the_Bartender on Yesterday at 08:45:09 PM »
I would have liked to have seen Barnabas make Count "Grandpa" Dracula's acquaintance on DS. Maybe the  two creatures of the night could have exchanged "war stories" about their varied adventures over the past few centuries?

I remember an episode of "The Munsters," where the family purchased some vacation land at an old ghost town in the West and they enjoyed it very much. It would have been fun to have seen the Munster clan travel to Maine on a vacation and stop by Collinsport for a week or so. Grandpa would have liked visiting the Eagle Hill Cemetery and perhaps, have looked up some old friends, buried there?

If David Collins happened to meet Eddie Munster, I think the two boys would prove to be kindred spirits, with both sharing a great interest in the occult. No doubt, Herman and Lily would have found Collinwood as charming as their own home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The secret passageways, the parallel time room and Quentin 1's Stairway-Through-Time would have intrigued and delighted the entire Munster family. I'll bet that the Collinses and the Munsters had mutual "friends" and "acquaintances" in Angelique, Nicholas Blair, Judah Zachary and the Leviathans.

Oh, if only DS had lasted another season, so we could have seen Mrs. Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and Mrs. Lily Munster, exchanging bon mots over a glass of sherry in the Collinwood drawing room. [ghost_sad] [ghost_sad] [ghost_rolleyes]
If you want to learn about or refresh your memory concerning the background of yesterday's quote -

Page 104/Scene 225 - Quentin: 'She's in there! We've got to get her out!'

- check out -

Picking up Scene 223 as scripted, dealing with Scene 224 as scripted, and moving into the start of Scene 225:

- this post - and check out -

Getting back to the parts of the script that were dealt with in reply #547, when Quentin reaches the door, he actually says -

- this post to learn about all the major differences in Scenes 223, 224 & 225...

(And ignore the references to "yesterday's and today's quotes" at the end of the second linked to post because this time around those are today's and tomorrow's quotes.)

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