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Current Talk '21 I / Re: Discuss - Ep #0020
« Last post by dom on Today at 02:01:53 AM »
Will this night never end?

Roger drives Vicki into town at midnight with the top down and neither's hair is worse for the wear. Roger has Vicki wait in the diner while he heads upstairs to confront Burke (past the night clerk, who'll sell info to anyone for five bucks, and believe it that Roger KNOWS this to be true). Vicki, uneasy, tries to persuade Roger to go to the police. She's also smart enough to know that Burke may not be guilty. Her pleas fall on deaf ears. Roger must do things his own way, because, well, you know.

Restless Sam shows up at the diner and engages Vicki in small talk in hopes of learning why She and Roger have come to town (so late at night?). I don't believe Vicki is happy to see Sam and who can blame her after their first (and last) encounter on Widows Hill? She shuts him down (Vicki still has plenty of NY in her veins) but he soon concludes that Roger has come to confront Burke. Why he needed to talk to Vicki to figure this out is beyond me, but as Roger is Roger, Sam is Sam.

Roger gains entry to Burke's suite talking and acting like the cat that swallowed the canary. RobinV found it annoying but I found it amusing. I admit it was slightly corny but I enjoyed the scene and Roger's sarcastic dialogue. And Mitch Ryan's Burke is excellent here. I thought he was very convincing. Burke finally asks Roger to get to the point, and he stands, accused of attempted murder. Of course Roger drags Vicki into it to try and get Burke to admit it but we know Burke can't do that. And Vicki pretty much backs up Burke that Roger's evidence is circumstantial. Burke warns Vicki, once again as he did the first night they met, to leave town. It looks like things are about to get ugly around Collinsport. He has heart enough though to warn an innocent.

Five'll get you ten that the night clerk is on the phone with somebody right now. Vicki no doubt will soon be know around Collinsport as, "That tramp from NY". Poor Vicky.

Sam returns home. The phone rings. It's Mr. Wells. He's inquiring about Maggie's well-being since she left the diner early with a headache. Sam blows a fuse because it is too late for phone calls to people in ill health. Maggie lets slip that Wells is calling to report on Sam. Could Mr. Wells be the five dollar night clerk? I can't believe that. Not no way, not know how! After fussing with each other over it, all is forgiven as Sam heads off to bed with a kiss and a loving smile for his caring daughter.

Roger and Vicki, arrive safely back to Collinwood. Vicki tries to talk sense into him once more but he'll have none of it. He tells her not to even think of heeding Burke's warning to leave Collinsport. I wonder if Roger stopped by the police to report this crime? Or if he intends to take care of things his own way?

I wonder if Liz even knows that Vicki is gone as well with Roger. I bet if Mrs. Johnson were around she'd know. Come to think of it. I bet Mrs. Johnson was the first person the five dollar clerk called!
And don't you think that if it's cold enough to wear a trench coat that it is cold enough to put the top up?!
Sam's missing a button.
Burke doesn't seem very hateful with Roger at first. An act?
I guess it's a pretty solid episode if all there is to piss and moan about is trivial and speculative.

Calendar Events / Announcements '21 I / Re: On Absent Friends
« Last post by Bob_the_Bartender on Today at 01:28:19 AM »
Dom and Annie,

Thanks for the very kind words. Let’s hope that many of our missing “cousins” do drop by to discuss our favorite television show.

Worth Watching:
And don’t miss ‘Legacies’ on The CW.

The CW's Legacies (9/8c) kicks off its third season with Alaric (Matthew Davis) sending the students off-campus for their first field day, which becomes inconvenient when a medieval monster shows up looking for a challenge…

King Arthur’s sword Excalibur needs a champion to fight an evil knight in this fantasy series. But the best candidates — Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) —are out of commission.
Thu, Jan 21 9:00 PM CW
S03 E01 * We're Not Worthy
In order to get a handle on some urgencies at the school, Alaric sends the students off-campus for their first-ever field day. But when a medieval monster arrives with a challenge, the students are left scrambling to guess which one of them may be a worthy opponent.
January 21, 2021
Legacies and grown-ish Return, Young Sheldon Starts
College, Jared Padalecki's Walker and More

"On TV this Thursday: ..., and Legacies and grown-ish are back. ..."

The CW
Season 3 premiere: The students encounter a medieval monster when Alaric sends them on their first-ever field day.

Interesting photo...
If you don't want to know the circumstances surrounding Wednesday's entry in this slideshow, then don't read any further...

[spoiler]Wednesday's quote:
Ep #1131 (1840) - Angerie - 'Harriet Collins, return again to the waters that are your grave, but know, you MUST COME to Daniel whenever he thinks of Angelique.'

From "#1131/1132: Robservations 10/20/03: Julia Under Zachary's Control"
Don't let her touch me, says Daniel, you must make her go away!  If I do, says Angelique, will all your memories of Barnabas and Angelique disappear with her?  Yes, yes, please, please! he says.  You must understand, warns Ang, that anytime you start to remember, she will come to you.  I won't remember, he swears.  No, says Ang, you will not remember anything, even this!--but it will lie deep in your consciousness.  Daniel, nearly sobbing, Harriet still reaching to touch him, promises he will not remember.  Angelique says she will send Harriet back to the waters that are he grave, but know that she  must come to Daniel whenever he thinks of Angelique.  Daniel is sobbing as Harriet's ghost fades.

The Robservations references the quote quite well though not as a direct quote...
Current Talk '21 I / Re: Discuss - Ep #0019
« Last post by dom on Yesterday at 07:07:59 PM »
Uncommon opening shot of Collinwood. Night time view of the portico with a zoom-in on a lit double glass mosaic window. I would guess it is the eat-in kitchen window.

Unable to sleep and pacing with worry over Carolyn being out with (the attempted murderer!) Burke Devlin, Liz takes a call from Bill Malloy who has yet to find her in town. A short report leaves Liz back to pacing and Bill back to searching for the heiress and the monster Devlin. Bill checks The Blue Whale but to no avail. He does find Sam Evans and they play a game of cat and mouse. Sam finally convinces Bill to spill. Bill finds Sam's desperate interest very curious. (Sam's sloppy desperation is becoming tiresome and annoying to me.) Bill eventually finds the couple via Sam who stops by the diner to pick up Maggie. Bill notifies Liz. He lets her know that Carolyn is headed home, aware of Roger's accident and shaken by the news, suggesting she go easy on her. Not one smart enough to let sleeping dogs lie, Sam tries to ease Bill's curiosity in his interest in the accident but ends up back where he started - uneasy and defensive.

Carolyn & Joe set up shop in the diner to talk. Joe is clearly headed toward a breakup. (I'm all for that!) Carolyn doesn't quite catch on (I guess) and the two head to Collinwood after burgers with seemingly nothing resolved. For what it's worth, Carolyn does eventually relax into a more honest and sympathetic mood with Joe than is usual.

Liz greets the couple with relief. Carolyn leaves to check on her uncle. Liz pumps a reluctant Joe for info on the evening's events and Carolyn's behavior toward Burke. Joe tries to play it down. She accuses Burke of attempted murder just as Carolyn returns - Roger is gone. Liz has Joe check the garage. Liz tears into Carolyn about her immaturity and shenanigans regarding Burke. Joe returns - the garage is empty and Liz sends Joe home assuring him that they will be okay. Carolyn then gets the whole true story of Burke Devlin's relationship with the Collins family including tonight's accident. (That Carolyn had no clue about Burke having been in prison is beyond my comprehension.) Still, after all the gory details, Carolyn does not believe Burke could be responsible for Roger's accident. Liz warns her against siding with Burke.

Joe cleans up very nicely and looks absolutely delicious in his evening suit. What a f**king hunk! And Nancy looked as lovely as ever. Frank is growing on me this go 'round. He's a very good actor and handsome. Bill Malloy may even grow on me.
A lot of closeups in this episode!
Maggie wants to buy the diner!
Sam leaves The Blue Whale without finishing his drink!
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