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Some hopes for the new show

Don't necessarily agree; I think it needs to be current.

Yes, we can see certain characters (matriarch Carolyn), but, new characters.
I wouldn't want a new monster each week, let's lead up to it.

And, of course, certain characters could make appearances, or be in on a semi-regular basis.
I personally think David should be out of the picture, in South America (truth/stranger/fiction).

Maybe a nice, elder gentleman who takes Carolyn out to places could be something more than he seems to be.

Maybe a 10-year old & a 15-year old (nieces?), so we'd need a governess.

A grounds keeper, who has all the New England silence & loyalty to Ms. Carolyn.

Cuz I'd like to wish you a very happy & healthy birthday.

I miss you!!



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I have a FB friend (I'm sure most of you know her) who would always update us, especially in the last 5-6 years, about Johnny's life.

His family belongs to no DS sites, so, condolences for his family can be made on the above url.

Calendar Events / Announcements '19 I / Re: RIP, John Karlen
« Last post by patrickm on Today at 02:15:09 AM »
Very sad to have heard the news. We all knew his health had been failing for several years - but like Jonathan Frid, you just kind of expect them to be around forever. He was always a pleasure to be around every time I met him at the fests. He was also one who attended fests out of kinship to his fellow actors and appreciation for the fans and had no interest in selling photos or merchandise. A fine actor who deserves his share of credit for the success of Dark Shadows. Will definitely be missed.
Calendar Events / Announcements '19 I / Re: RIP, John Karlen
« Last post by Midnite on Today at 01:53:38 AM »
The attached image was shown during today's broadcast of Cagney & Lacey.  That it was a sad episode (the death and funeral of Cagney's dad) added to its emotional impact.
This one has a nice photo from the night Karlen won his Emmy:

John Karlen of 'Dark Shadows,' 'Cagney & Lacey' fame dead at 86
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