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Current Talk '06 I / Re: Roger Davis: Most and Least favorite
« on: March 27, 2006, 05:11:43 PM »
Re Dirk... exactly.    I love the moment when Dirk is gradually clueing Judith in on how their "relationship" is about to "change".     RD obviously relished playing crazy, obsessed people, and as for it being absolutely intolerable for an actor's enthusiasm for a role to show, loosen up, I say.    I have little  tolerance for shallow, melodramatic overacting, and I've never found anything to object to in Davis.    Another great moment is approximately 100 year old Tate in 1970, with his crazy laser light show and department store dummy stand-in.    Subtlety is not called for when playing unsubtle characters.

His reputation at conventions may be coloring people's responses to his acting.    His acting seems average for DS.     Not the best, not the worst, with an enjoyable individual personality to it.   I've never once looked at DS and thought, "That damn Roger Davis touches his hair all the time."   Now, the next time I watch, I'll end up fixating on it only because everyone here talks about it.

I'm pretty much with you here Magnus T. I never thought of Roger as accomplished as say I do John Karlen or Thayer David, but I never really found him one of the worst. I think he does shout sometimes too often when he attempts to emphasize. I could easily name a few other performers who I thought were less interesting or as annoying to me as Roger appears to many on the board. (I won't name them here as it seems everyone on the show seems to have some kind of loyal following on some level.) I like him the most when he's doing more ernest scenes like when Jeff Clark is asking David to be in the wedding, or when he is in 1795 going to the gallows.
     I think you are dead on about the fact that as Roger has gotten on people's nerves at the festivals, that this colors their impressions when they watch him on the show.  I can't say all of his remarks or actions at shows are appropriate or even at times defensible. But again, I will say he's always been nice to be personally.
     I will also agree with the person who suggested he's more suited to westerns, which may be true overall. "Alias Smith and Jones" is probably his best work. I liked Roger in the seldom seen "Ruby" and for that matter, his old "Busch Gardens Williamsburg" spots.
Michael    [angel12] 

Caption This! - Leviathans / Re: Episode #0976
« on: March 24, 2006, 04:42:24 PM »
Michael Stroka tried hard to convince Dan Curtis to license the Dark Shadows characters to Pez candy dispensers, without success. 

Current Talk '06 I / Re: Least favorite DS writer
« on: March 23, 2006, 06:44:01 PM »
I liked Violet Welles' stuff too.

I'm a big fan of Francis Swann and I'm really coming to appreciate Malcolm Marmorstein's material.

When I watch DS now, I play a little game where I try to guess the writer (and lately the director). I've never been able to get a handle on either Ron Sproat or Gordon Russell's style. They're both very generic for some reason. I have come to dislike Sam Hall's scripts (please don't stone me).

I've played that game too. I think sometimes you can tell when Violet ghost wrote  [ghosty] for Gordon Russell. My way of telling Gordon/Violet/Sam is that Sam Hall's scripts focus on moving the plots forward, Violet's scripts are very character focused and they  have character's talk about how they feel and Gordon's scripts have elements of both, ie plot but with some character exploration. I couldn't put a style to Ron Sproat off the top of my head.  [idontknow]

One thing Lela Swift likes to do is set character's around mirrors. She does this more than anyone. She's often less frenetic than Henry Kaplan.  [kaiokn] (I enjoy reading Chris Pennock's hilarious comics for insights on their styles on directing actors.)

Now, if we can just figure out why there's so many times we go to "bongo man" instead of full Cobert music.  [gramophone]


Calendar Events / Announcements '06 I / Any info on Vala Clifton?
« on: March 22, 2006, 06:51:11 PM »
Okay Collinwood scholars, a friend of mine was watching the 1795 episodes and became quite curious about Vala Clifton, who played the denizen of the docks, Maude Browning. I wasn't able to find much information on her, anyone here know much about her or her career?  [idontknow]


Current Talk '06 I / Re: Gold Key Comics
« on: March 21, 2006, 09:42:03 PM »
Thanks Buzz, [wavey]

Very good article Stuart, I found out recently Arnold Drake is still around. I believe he worked on the actually funny very Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope comics at DC. When was that story written? It answered so many questions I have had on the Gold Key comics. I was always quite happy, slightly fascinated and rather curious the series ran over 3 years after DS was off the air.


Current Talk '06 I / Re: Gold Key Comics
« on: March 21, 2006, 07:55:40 PM »
The only time I ever saw Gold Key do a collection of their stories was for "Star Trek." Maybe I've been out of the comic collector's world too long, but I don't remember collections of sat Gold Key titles like "Turak, Son of Stone" or "Magnus, Robot Fighter."  I could be wrong tho.  Since Marvel and DC are essentially make books of "in-house" titles they wholly own, like Batman or Spider-Man, its easier for them. I would also consider if the rights to reprint on a leased title is still available or of they would have to renew with DCP, probably through Jim Pierson.  [deal2] I think while the DS comic prices, like all Gold Key TV and movie titles seem to increase each year, a large part of why people collect them is the covers, not the stories. While the stories are in some ways a little closer to the series than the "Marilyn Ross" paperbacks, they are often far flung. I never liked the way Quentin's werewolf looked, almost like a really pissed off Huckleberry Hound rather than like Alex Stevens, and the fact Barnabas's fangs protrude far too often.  [book1] The issues with the posters intact are rare and commonly run over $100.00 these days. The early issues with the photo covers, often great shots of Barnabas generally run between say $40 and $100 each now.  [read3]

*** One interesting piece of trivia, Gold Key as generally a family title, didn't submit their comics to the Comics Code, which at the time Dark Shadows comics began publishing, forbid the use of vampires and zombies, so DC, Marvel or Charlton could not have done them. The code was finally changed in the early '70s. The code had been established to punish the great but lurid stories of the legendary EC line, like the then notorious "Tales from the Crypt" and "The Vault of Horror."


Caption This! - Leviathans / Re: Episode #0975
« on: March 21, 2006, 03:14:14 PM »
Bruno: Really Chris, a blow dryer is nothing to be afraid of.
Chris: Oh oh oh, you said a blow dryer. I ...just misunderstood.      :-X

Caption This! - 1841 Parallel Time / Re: Episode #1232
« on: March 20, 2006, 10:00:15 PM »
Julia: The blue shirt...wait, there's a red S, Morgan is the alter ego of  "Super Victorian Gentleman"
 I guess that also explains that super bulge.  [a345]

Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0711
« on: March 20, 2006, 09:53:02 PM »
Barnabas: ...because Sandor Rakosi...THIS IS YOUR LIFE!  See if recognize this voice from your past.
(offscreen) Hey Sandor, when you geeve me back hand you stole?  :o

Caption This! - 1897 / Re: Episode #0713
« on: March 20, 2006, 03:53:21 PM »
Magda: I know you gots lots questions Miss Judith, but the old gypsy remedy is working and I ain't never found no toilets in thees house and I gotsta go!  :-X

There's actually things  I like and love about each storyline. I am probably one of the few people here who can say the reason I was irreversibly hooked was during the original Phoenix story, because I so wanted to be David Collins, even with the danger. What drags out to me about Adam and Eve is when Adam becomes dislikable after Nicholas evil twisting of his naive good nature. I love Marie as a person and an actress but Eve is not a likable character. She to me is more evil than Angelique. I do love any scenes with Nicholas in any story. I think one thing that would have improved the Leviathans was better special effects, Chris Bernau (sp?) a little less consistently wooden because when he had some good moments he was good although most of the time i couldn't see much difference in him and the furniture most especially the Shadow thingy, [spoiler]not bringing in Peter Bradford to create some awful backstory about the 18th century that was the worst contrived plot twist ever perhaps[/spoiler], and not trying the kitchen sink thing with the werewolf v/s Leviathans business,  [Wolfie] although it rather oddly foreshadows the Kate Beckinsale "Underwear" er um "Underworld" goth films. Actually, although I know in my gut feeling that 1795 is the true heart of the series, I also have such a special place for 1840, just as it pulls together a lot of the essential themes of the series so well, plus I gotta love the "head in the Box Judah" and Gerard workings. Then again Quentin's ghost was soooooo cool.... [ghost]

Current Talk '06 I / Re: The Levithins Are The Best Time Period!!!
« on: March 16, 2006, 09:45:47 PM »
BTW Evan, I think you mean the Leviathan, as Levi Thins are those tasty new Kosher matzos in regular, unsalted, onion and chicken soup flavors.  [tongue5]
Actually I think this story is typical of DS writing, you have this exciting opening with the creepy, ancient altar, the gothic ghoulie druid types, and then some bumps in the road before it wears out its welcome. (Adam and Eve did this the most, IMHO)I think we have a serious bump in Alexander ("Thank youmistahstoddahhd") and then some highlights with Paul Stoddard and Michael Maitland, who has a great other wordly, Christopher Walken at 12 thing going. I rather like the idea of the creature being offscreen, ( [tongue2][spidr] ? or [snake]? ) as it makes us work our imaginations and falls into traditional Lovecraftian lore that even glimpsing an "ancient one" could cost you to lose part of your sanity. I thought it was pretty cool-scary at 9 especially.


John Harkins, who played at least 4 short terms characters on DS, including Lt. Costa (Phoenix story), a Levaithan, chemical supplier Horance Gladstone and Garrrrrrrth Blackwood, is shown in two photos and mentioned in a lengthy article on the making of the film Amityville 3D [ghosty] [ghosty] [ghosty] in the lastest issue, # 124, Mar/April 2006 of Video Watchdog. One may wonder why such a long article on one of a long batch of sequels, but the making of delves into the fact this was the last major studio attempt to shoot a film in 3-D. Plus, it has a pretty good cast including Meg Ryan (her 2nd film), Lori Laughlin (back with the spirits again on a recent "Ghost Whisperer"), Candy Clark, and Tess Harper. John Beal, who played a judge in the 1840 story, also appears in the film. The film was directed by Richard Fleischer who went on to bigger films as well.
      I gotta figure Dan must have liked the late John Harkins for using him several times. I think he was pretty  good each time, even if the "masterrrrrrr of Blackmooorrrrrr" is a bit over the top.


Just in a funny set of coincidences, Dick Diesel aka Count Gore Devol was at the Williamsburg VA film festival on Friday, as he's a member of the "Solar Guard" which is the fan association for "Tom Corbett: Space Cadet". The original Tom Corbett, Frankie Thomas was there along with the original Roger Manning, Jan Merlin. Dr. Madblood had an informational table at the show, but he himself wasn't there that day. Then on Saturday, I ran into Bill Bowman, aka The Bowman Body at a Freemason's regional meeting on Saturday! I think we created a serious "Horror Host" vibe for me with this thread!   [frankie] [grim] [Ghost00] [_Vampire_]


Testing. 1, 2, 3... / Re: Episode #0787
« on: March 13, 2006, 08:58:50 PM »
Question then, how come everyone else's are nicer?  Is there some way to "clean up" the pic once it's been taken off the TV?
I think Buzz that people are pulling screen grabs from the DVDs, rather than taking a photo from the screen.