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It was unannounced, but I discovered Spectrum our cable provider just added Decades today...YAY...

Sorry about not posting this earlier but it was a real long shot that I even stumbled across it.

The game show channel Buzzr just ran a To Tell The Truth episode from 1958 with Joan Bennett as a panelist. I checked their website and even though they don't post the panelists names on their episode guide, they do put up the original air date when it first aired. Using that as a reference, the episode will be repeated 2am on Sunday morning October 16th. Allow 40 minutes due extra commercials including the original network commercials.

Just saw on ME TV's website Dark Shadows was on a list of 8 groundbreaking shows celebrating their 50th anniversary. Also on the list was Star Trek, Batman, That Girl, The Monkees, Mission Impossible, The Newlywed Game and Family Affair. Pretty good company.

The time hasn't been posted but Chloe Moretz tweeted she will be speaking Thursday at the Democratic National Convention. Pretty impressive for a 19 year old.

For those who might be interested, Get TV will be showing Diana Millay's  Whispering Smith episode Dark Circle on Saturday July 23rd from 1:20pm - 2pm. Never seen this show, so looking forward to it.

Current Talk '16 II / Cool Dark Shadows article in our newspaper
« on: July 06, 2016, 05:22:03 AM »
The Orlando Sentinel printed an article written by Susan Trotter on the opinion page in today's paper.The online link is:

For those who might be interested, Kate Jackson's episode on The Jimmy Stewart Show entitled The Identity Crisis will air on Get TV on Tuesday May 10th at 7:35am. If you are recording it, allow for 40 minutes in that Get runs extra commercials w/o editing down the show.

On Me-TV's website now, they have a list of 1966 television show schedule conflicts and last on the list is Dark Shadows vs. Secret Storm vs Match Game. Pretty cool

Calendar Events / Announcements '15 II / OT: Grayson Hall on Man From Uncle
« on: December 09, 2015, 09:49:50 PM »
For those who might be interested, Grayson Hall's episode of Man From Uncle entitled Pieces of Fate Affair will air on ME TV December 14th at 2 AM Eastern (Mon morning.)

I happened to be watching Match Game last Friday on GSN - during the big money star wheel, the phrase asked was Dark (blank). The contestant was pretty much stumped for an answer but finally came up with Dark Alley. Fannie Flagg wrote Dark Shadows. Gee, if only one of us were on the show, we would have won big 1979 money....

For those who might be interested, Diana's The Man From Uncle episode entitled The King of Knaves Affair will air on ME-TV this Sunday November 30th at 10 PM Eastern. Check your local listings.

The August 18 issue of Globe magazine had a 2 page article on the actors from the original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and what they are doing today. This is what they had on Denise Nickerson:

Blueberry Violet triumphed over tears

Forever known as gum chewing Violet Beauregarde, who gets turned into a giant blueberry, Denise Nickerson landed plenty of gigs as a child before she suffered a series of bad breaks. In 1976, she was hit by a car, wore a full leg cast for eight months and soon after gave up acting. Her first husband, Rick Keller, tragically died of a brain aneurysm at age 25 in 1983. Now an accountant in Colorado, 57-year-old Denise says people are stunned to learn she starred in "Wonka." But when they doubt her, she replies, "If I was going to make up a lie, I'd be Demi Moore in Striptease- not a fruit in a kids' movie."

For those who might be interested, Kathy Cody's and Mitch Ryan's episode of Cannon entitled Perfect Fit for a Frame will air on ME-TV today Sunday May 18th at 5pm - check local listings.

A small editorial - while it's always cool to see something with Dark Shadows alumni in it - this episode had something of an "ick" factor to it - you'll see as the mystery unfolds.

Calendar Events / Announcements '14 I / Status on the Frid Book?
« on: April 21, 2014, 08:55:29 PM »
I was inquiring as to the status of the Jonathan Frid book. Prepaid orders were taken almost a year ago - does anyone know when the current expected publication date is now? Thank you.

For those who might be interested, Lara's episode of Remington Steele entitled Steele Threads will air on ME -TV on Sunday April 13th at 3pm EDT.

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