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The 2 xanax that Vicki snitched from Elizabeth is kicking in.  [sad8]

B to C: Care to try that move back at my place?
J: Oh brother ...

On our cable, it's clustered in with the other over the air digital channels like Buzzr, ME TV and Cozi. Perhaps you lost it like we did with Decades and Antenna TV when the corresponding local channel dropped it for something else. Even though it has commercials, I like the channel and watch it quite a bit.

Carolyn's grab and squeeze helps Joe hit a high note.

After effect of David putting Elmer's glue in Carolyn's shampoo

For those who haven't seen it before, I see The Missiles of October will be airing on the Movies TV Network on Friday May 7th at 11:05 pm. I'm sure there will be additional showings.

ask Bill to pay because Bronson stole his wallet.

if she ever played naked twister at the foundling home.

need to get drunk and entertain in your own bed.

Mr. W: Sure thing Burke ... Never mind what I said about no visitors after 9pm. I see nothing ... Noth-Thing

C to herself: Wish I brought my paddle...

R: I can think of a few other places to stick that pencil of yours..