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Sequel Series That May Still Come to Life

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tapioca pearls the size of marbles

an entire bottle of bitters

horse radish

Dick and Jane The Complete Collection of short stories that are easy to read.

I bet it would be pretty funny.  Hehe thanks

 . . . tonight is __ the debut of the Nail Salon Olympics __

Real chuckle outloud dom  [ghost_smiley]

Sheriff:   Okay Rodger you're free to go.  You're chin doesn't match the print at the crime scene.   I guess someone else robberd the Collinsport Fish Circus.

Hehe dom :-)

Rodger:   I usually don't do mixed drinks Elizabeth.  But just tell me what to do to make this Long Island Egg Drop.

Elizabeth:  It's the same as a regular one, but you add leftover egg salad.

Victoria:  I really don't think we should be doing this here what if David finds us?

David:  They're doing tidel calculations without me!

 [ghost_grin] good one dom :-)

Elizabeth:  Rodger, I think it's time we talked about the elephant in the room.

Rodger:  I really wish you'd stop calling me that Elizabeth.

Elizabeth:   Sorry Victoria.  Matthew noticed our stock of baked beans was expiring soon and worked it into every meal recently. 

Victoria:  That's quite alright.  I brought my gas mask from the foundling home. 

Rodger:  Bravo Sheriff!  I've never thought anyone could imitate an owl call with their fart.

Elizabeth:  Sheriff perhaps Vaudville could use your tallents.

tympanic membrane piercing was the latest fashion trend that was hip

the tear duct system

1800s tax law in cities with small populations

a handsome spider she just saw on the ceiling eating a fly

a large grasshopper smoking two clove cigarettes

Elisabeth:  Really Rodger I have no idea why you think Im dressed provocatively. 

Elisabeth: Rodger I think we put the doz pills in the No doz bottle by accident