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Current Talk '18 / DSF's Importance to Me
« on: June 30, 2018, 04:36:37 AM »
I wish we had a section for unspecified discussion.  Anyway, I just posted this to me sister, and thought I'd put it here also.


I don't know how I'd hold onto myself over time, if Dark Shadows Forums went away or if the old posts were deleted.  I had a period around 2016 where I'd just basically had it with humor, that's how bad things had gotten.  I stopped identifying with that section of myself.

Some time after getting here, I looked at the old joke captions on DSF, and saw someone I'd forgotten about, and saw my head operating at a higher level, and I remembered the jokes kept the darkness from overwhelming me and damaging me too much.

So then, I went through a period of posting there and trying to join myself back to that person who made those jokes.  I think I have. 

Calendar Events / Announcements '15 II / OT-- My Condition and My Situation
« on: November 12, 2015, 12:29:16 AM »
I have out off bringing this eye/neurological/chemical-allergy condition
(and my life situation) up here for the whole ten years I've been here on this board.  I have to start reaching out to the world through what few connections to the outside world that I have, meaning the Internet.  I don't have family to turn to, and my one friend's help is very limited. 

I won't explain much in this first post.  I can't.  I'm struggling just to get an intro written.  The severe neurological state I'm in makes forming thought and getting it said in words hard to impossible,  I just wanted to get the ball rolling, and get people's attention, so they know an important issue is happening, and that more explanation is coming.

I have to start talking, before my ability to do so goes away.  If DS Forums posters could tell me they're ready to hear it, please, that would help very much.  It's going to be very hard to explain, and any encouragement helps.

Caption This! - 1970 Parallel Time / Episode #1005
« on: October 31, 2015, 03:40:05 AM »

Calendar Events / Announcements '15 II / OT-- Help needed
« on: October 24, 2015, 07:07:47 PM »
I'll make this short since I'm in bad shape medically.  I have a severely reactive system that can't handle light or many, many chemicals, mainly man-made ones.  It's basically a matter of being allergic to the world.

I've been told I have to leave my apartment after 15 years, because they don't want tenants who get assistance from the state with rent.  I'm too sick and limited to do the work involved in moving or even looking for a place.  Travel and going into daylight and reading anything but very blown up print (and only briefly) is damaging to me.  I'm too generally sick for anything but lying or sitting almost all the time.

I'm between Chicago and Milwaukee.  Gov't org's aren't any help, nor regular charity org's because the condition is so unusual and there's no way of gathering evidence that proves the symptoms. 

I can't even hold in my head all the stuff I'm supposed to do, can't do paperwork because of eyes, can't even be up usually.  Can't go out to look at places.  Can't even pack.  It's very hard to explain the symptoms but it took me a YEAR to get halfway packed to be ready for a move.  I had to stop.

I have several months.  They'll go be fast.  I'm thinking of some sort of "networking", where perhaps you might know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone in my general area, who might be good enough to step in and help.  This is a major extraordinary sort of help.  I only see it happening through personal contacts my internet friends might have.  I don't know many people online.  It's too excruating on the eyes to do much online.  I tried FB but people just shrug and say sorry.

The nightmare scenario coming next year is my being thrown out on the street, into DAYLIGHT, with no access to the completely darkened room that I need every day.  Light basically semi-electrocutes me.  It's horrible.  Ordinary homelessness would be a picnic by comparison.  Torture.

Church groups... I have yet to make those calls.  I'm horrible on the phone.  I go blank and sound like a nut, because the symptoms are so severe.  I'm not religious.  I'm not a sweet grandmother, not a case that warms the heart.  I can walk, my limbs work, so my severe disability does not show.  My experiences with churches have been so judgmental that I dread putting myself through calls I probably am in no shape to make anyway.

Sending me a PM on this forum may work, but I know I can't respond due to some quirk of my computer or the site.  I have some trouble with e-mail too but it's at least usable.  I can give you a phone number.

Please see if you can figure out some way to help.  It may not seem possible at first, but don't give up on this too soon, PLEASE.  That sort of "networking" might work even if no one you know is near me.

This is embarrassing.  I wouldn't ask for help if it weren't needed.  Thanks for listening.  I couldn't make it short, sorry.

Testing. 1, 2, 3... / What's a 'Frame'?
« on: January 09, 2015, 04:27:40 AM »
I was given a new (refurbished) computer recently.  Now that I'm using it, it won't take me to this board, saying that it can't display in a "frame".  Now that I've switched back to the old computer, no such problem.  The old computer has Windows98 and IE6.  The "new" one has Windows 7 and IE8.

MB, do you have any idea why this is happening?  What's a frame?

Complete This Phrase / Fill In The Blank(s) - 1897 / Episode #0822
« on: December 03, 2014, 02:57:53 AM »

Pet: "I command, with all the powers that this Hand can muster, that your hair bump begone NOW!!"
CDT: "Good luck.  I've even tried ________!"

(I don't remember noticing the bump on CDT, but never mind)

Current Talk '14 II / My DS Reading List
« on: November 21, 2014, 10:18:21 PM »
I've been trying to get through all novels that DS storylines have been based on, so please, could everyone help me put together a complete list?  I've now listened to (on Talking Books) Jeckyl and Hyde, and Dorian Gray.  Maybe one or two others, I forget just now.  The Turn of the Screw... I'll Google that today, but I think it's a short story, by... Samuel Butler??  It might be hard to order, since I'm not sure Talking Books entries list short story contents of collections.  Anyway, your help would be appreciated, DS friends...

B: "I assure you Elizabeth, that __________ was fresh when my servant bought it... Oh.... well, that may have been some time ago...."
ECS: "I'm suing you for ___________!"

Testing. 1, 2, 3... / Private Messages Problem
« on: October 10, 2013, 01:22:20 PM »
Hi mods.   For a long time now, something, presumably site upgrades, have made me unable to send private messages... or occasionally, I can send one only before the window goes tilt, and shuts itself down.  I'd gotten used to the problem clearing up whenever a holiday format was adopted for this site.   This time though, the same thing happens with the Halloween version.

This has been a great, big crowbar stuck into my ability to socialize personally on DS Forums, and get to know people here better.   If at all possible, I need to get help fixing this problem.  It probably isn't possible without an upgrade to my computer that I can't do, because it's too old, and getting new equipment is just out of the question, money-wise.

Maybe though, Benefactissimo, Midnite, dom, or others may have a genius idea as to how to get around this problem with my existing computing equipment.   Please help if you can, it would be much appreciated...

 [skelleton_runs] [skull_winks]


Tony the P: "I want to grab your ________!!!"
C: "And I want to grab your _______!!!  Alright, on the count of three, we rush at each other and make our dream come true!!!  And-a one, and-a two...."


TP: "You've robbed me of my free will, Casseliquandra!!!   My ego is weak as a little kitty!!!  How can I possibly be Bogie NOW??!!"
C, from offscreen: "Oh shut up and _________!!"

Testing. 1, 2, 3... / Deleteable MB message....
« on: June 10, 2013, 06:27:27 AM »
Hey there, MB, or Midnite or dom.   Please enable us to post captions in Caption This!, the 1968 section!

Thought just occurred:  I've been disappointed by the end of 1795 every time, because it seems during 1795 as if some climax has to happen, where Barnabas becomes increasingly more "evil", and he eventually has to be forced into the coffin and chained.   On my first adult viewing (2002), the gloom hanging over the whole thing was because I thought I knew for sure that that had to happen, at the end. Seeing Barnabas agree to being destroyed in an almost casual-sounding conversation, brief at least, with his father was an anti-climax.

What just now occurred to me is that if his family and maybe others too had coerced him into the box, certainly his family at least since he went into a family crypt, Barnabas would have risen in 1967 full of rage against his own family.  He didn't.  He was honestly affectionate and protective of his new family, without even knowing them.   He had rage built up inside him, but not in that direction.   I suppose it could have turned out that Jerimiah alone had sealed him in the coffin (he was bitter toward him), but still, his total lack of bitterness against the whole modern Collins family makes me think otherwise.

A larger subject for a thread might be the many times, I feel, in which a plot point seems hasty and clumsy and illogical, then upon repeated viewings one can think of very sensible reasons for things to have gone that way... and then, was it intentionally and subtly written that way, without their feeling the need to spoon-feed us an explanation, or did they just luck out?

Current Talk '13 I / I Have Tilted in an Anti-Bradford Direction
« on: April 15, 2013, 02:02:58 AM »
I'm afraid I must announce that as of today, I have turned against the character of Peter Bradford, after having lukewarmly defended him for several years.   Once the witch trial starts, he (and I'm repeating my WP remarks here) turns into one of those intolerable, insufferable yappy little dogs who are always nipping at your heels, under the delusion that they're really pit bulls.   Arf, grrr, yap, bite, nip bark.    He gives being the good guy a bad name.   I almost want Trask to tie him up with whatever's handy, a curtain maybe, and kick him thus disabled roughly to the floor, in the corner of the room.   A Vicki conviction might seem like a small price to pay for this.

We'll see if Dirk and Tate can be tolerable to me when 1897 rolls around in the Watching Project again.


Milly: "My newfound cynical outlook on life demands that I go immediately into town, and __________ so that the populace shall curse the name Collins for all eternity!  Besides, it'll be fun!"
Everyone else present: "AAAAAAAaaaaa!!!!!!"

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