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I reckon this is as good a place as any to pop in with this — a little piece on my blog about the music from the Big Finish audio dramas.

The Blog Where Horror Dwells: Music From the Shadows

Hi peoples — I'm stopping in after a very long time away. Particularly over the past year, time constraints have forced me to prioritize my online activities, and I've curtailed quite a few of them. I do remain active on Facebook and try to keep my blog regularly updated. I'm glad to see that the return of Labyrinth to my website was announced here, and I sincerely appreciate the kind words so many of you have offered. I do hope those of you who've recently discovered it will enjoy it. Fair warning: It never progressed past the first draft — I doubt it ever will — so what you get is the first and only draft. If I had the time and some hope of it ever seeing professional publication, I'd love to go back into it and give it a full polishing, add some back story, flesh out the characters a bit, etc. Perhaps when I'm retired (although I have determined that I will be able to comfortably retire sometime after I'm dead). Again, my thanks for so many gracious comments, both here and via email.

MB, you said "fans," plural. I like yoooouuuuu!

Thanks much for the birthday wishes. Had a fine one indeed. Working on some new scary stuff, which is keeping me very busy. :)

The dramatic readings that I wrote are definitely meant to be stand-alone projects, at least as far as continuity with the audio series goes; of course, it certainly helps to have more than a passing familiarity with the original TV series, particularly for Curse of the Pharaoh, which fills in some blanks left by the Leviathans storyline. Blood Dance really does stand alone, as far as continuity with either, as it takes place in the 1920s and doesn't directly tie in to any of the DS storylines, apart from the characters' backgrounds.

Calendar Events / Announcements '10 II / Re: Dark Shadows & Lyndhurst
« on: October 27, 2010, 11:09:19 PM »
The stairway at the north end is a relatively recent addition, so said the guide I was talking with — for the very reason that, in order to conduct tours, there had to be a second route to the ground in the event of fire. Interestingly, there is no sprinkler system in the house; there are nozzles that emit gas, which smothers the oxygen and thus a fire, which would hopefully minimize a fire's collateral damage.

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« on: October 26, 2010, 08:14:55 PM »
MB: I have an idea of some of the fans you're referring to. Of course, every segment of fandom has its contingent of jackasses, and DS's is no exception.

I did get quite a few beautiful shots of the mansion and the grounds, as the fall foliage is just about at its peak. Perfect Halloween atmosphere! There were 500-some scarecrows all around the grounds, set up by local students, which were kind of cool. (There are several more shots from the trip at my blog.) Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow were all done up for Halloween as well. There was a Halloween parade on Friday afternoon, but we bypassed it because there were five bazillion raging muggles all crowded into the area, which made getting around a bit problematic.

The ten-to-midnight lantern-light tour of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery was a winner too.

Calendar Events / Announcements '10 II / Dark Shadows & Lyndhurst
« on: October 26, 2010, 05:52:37 AM »
I spent a most enjoyable weekend in Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow (recounted here) this past weekend; was at Lyndhurst most of the day yesterday and got to talk to a couple of staff members at some length. One of them told me the estate manager(s) had lobbied long and hard to get Burton/Depp to consider filming the new DS movie at Lyndhurst, but they had been unsuccessful—sadly, as it would have been my first choice of filming locations. She was quite enthusiastic about the whole DS business and was thrilled to find out about the Big Finish audio dramas. Conversely, one of the other staff members (an older gentleman who'd been there for quite a few years) indicated the Lyndhurst staff strongly disliked the DS gatherings since "the fans take over the whole place" and some were inevitably unruly, to the point of going up in the tower (which is illegal). I suspect this recounting is one to be taken with a grain of salt, particularly since, in my experience, DS fans are among the most mature and most "mellow" that I've been associated with.

At any rate, it was a beautiful weekend at Lyndhurst, and sure got me in the Halloween spirit. (I watched both movies just before the trip to make sure the spirit was alive.)

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« on: October 04, 2010, 02:03:54 AM »
I'm really enjoying the show a lot. Great characters, just the right amount of wit, and occasionally cool music.

I saw the Trilogy of Terror sequel way back when. Lysette Anthony is pretty good in the stories; in the "Amelia" sequel, she plays the sister of Karen Black's character, if I remember right...but otherwise, it's exactly the same story, down to the detail; more a remake than a sequel, really.

The most disturbing story is the second one, I believe it is, where the little dead kid....

[spoiler]returns as a demon to avenge himself on his mother (Anthony).[/spoiler]

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« on: July 26, 2010, 11:37:19 PM »
My good friend King Ghidorah is insulted. We are not happy, no sir.

I've written contributed a blog entry about writing for DS at Elder Signs Press, which you can check out here:

Endless Shadows

Enjoy.  [ghost_smiley]

I might have to pick this up. I did enjoy the orchestrations in the series. Can't stand that photo of Ben Cross on the cover, though. Not one of the better shots of him as Barnabas.

I really enjoyed Inception; one of the best movies I've seen in quite some time. JGL is excellent in it.

Current Talk '10 II / Re: Why Dark Shadows Scared the Hell Out of Us
« on: July 08, 2010, 05:39:37 AM »
When I was around eight or nine, there was a time that DS scared me, more for its overall effect than any particular scene or characters. There was a day in third grade that it snowed heavily, and we got out of school early, and I went to stay with a friend. We watched DS that afternoon, and that night, mental images of a menacing Barnabas Collins haunted me horribly, and I couldn't go to sleep. That day was the episode when Nathan Forbes shot Barnabas with a bolt from a crossbow but missed Barnabas's heart. That may be my fondest memory of DS ever.