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Still hoping for Juliet Landau to play Dr. Hoffman, but HBC will probably get that role.

I'm a huge fan of JEH, so this is an excellent casting choice.

Not familiar with the  young lady though, will keep my fingers crossed for Juliet Laudau to be cast as the Doctor.

But something tells me that Burton's GF Helena Bonham Carter will snatch up that part.

Current Talk '10 II / Re: DS DVD Sale At
« on: December 02, 2010, 05:05:01 AM »
Those are still great deals compared to Mpi's prices. I have no idea why anyone would pay their prices!

I 've seen these sets priced as high as $80 each, makes no sense.   [snow_huh]

Current Talk '10 II / Re: DS DVD Sale At
« on: December 01, 2010, 07:54:48 PM »  has droppd the price again.

Dark Shadows DVD Collection   $26.49

Dark Shadows: The Beginning   $26.99

Not as cheap as the last time, but still a good deal IMHO.   [snow_smiley]

Hope that everyone had a great Turkey Day!

This is based on one of the early novels the in the Jim Chee book series, written by the late Tony Hillerman.

Haven't read it, but it's supposedly pretty faithful to the source material

Been a while since I've watched the dvd, but i recall a major reveal about Karlen's  character.

Need to watch this one again soon.

Always get the "creepy uncle" vibe everytime Carolyn and Burke are together.   [hall2_sad]

Current Talk '21 I / Re: hoDS/NoDS DVD Release?
« on: November 08, 2010, 02:21:32 AM »
With filming to finally begin next april, I'm guessin Burton will opt for a 2012 release.

Wonder if he will have some of the original cast make cameo appearances in this version?

Episode #35

The bad seed has resurfaced, hide all the sharp objects!
Why didn't Carolyn go  back and  hang up the phone in he foyer?
Can't wait for Vicki to return, Carolyn is pissed about her being in Devlin's hotel room.  I smell a catfight!
HAHAHA kid called out Blondie on her jealousy.     
There's a new actor playing Sam, this disappoints me. Rally liked the 1st one a lot.
Burke didn't have the waiter take back the extra steak dinner, maybe Sam will eat it.
Oh oh Vicki's  home and about to suffer Carolyn's wrath.  I just love the way David lurks in the shadows and how he stares right into the camera. Barely blinking, face so stern and angry.
Ummmmmmmm Carolyn, you're protesting waaaaaaaaay too much about not being jealous.

Did she just call her an idiot? LOL!  Don't care much for this new Sam at all.  [hall2_cry]
Now I think Carolyn is nutty like the rest of the Collins family, at least she apologized to Vicki.
"You're going to be sorry you ever came here."  That kid needs a good spanking, I'll do it.

Robservations / Re: #0033/0034: Robservations 06/11/01: Into the Whirlpool
« on: November 07, 2010, 06:41:50 PM »
Victoria, please change your shirt.
Little Monster huh, not much love for Davey from Carolyn either. Poor Joe is back, drunk and broken hearted.
Those dancers need to move out the shot or sit their behinds down.  [hall2_rolleyes]
"If you like it, go someplace else."  Ummmmmmmm Joe, that appears to be the ONLY bar in town,lol!
Aside from the usual angst/drama with Blondie, Joe's plans for a boat fell through.
I'm guessin Devln will try to weasel in on the deal, time will tell.   Carolyn should take her mom's advice, get the heck out of Collingwood.  Even if she doesn't marry Joe, just G0!
Joe just called himself a mouse, this is quite sad to watch and I bet Devlin is giggling like school girl inside.
Oh no, think Joe's about to go do somethng he'll regret.  Those Blue Whale dancers are starting to get on my nerves.
Am I the only one who wants to hug Joe right now?   It was rude of him to barge into Collinwood all drunk and go on a rant.  But there' some truh to what her said and Liz knows it.  Oh God not those dancers again, twirl out of the shot already!   Hmmmmmmmmmm, wonder what Vicki wants to see Devlin bout?   [hall2_huh]

The ugly shirt and drab skirt is gone, Yippee!
Carolyn is really understanding about Joe's drunken tirade, I'm suprised.
Vicki spilling her guts to Burke, how does she figure into his plans?
And is he sincere about wanting to help the girl learn more about her past?

Robservations / Re: #0031/0032: Robservations 06/08/01: Son vs. Father
« on: November 07, 2010, 05:29:44 PM »
Episode #32

Liz is back, she missed all the fireworks at Chez Collingwood.
Ummmmmm Roger, you just found out that your  OWN SON tried to usher you into the afterlife.
Perhaps notifiyng the authorities and seeking out a Child Psychologist would be a good idea now?
Young David clearly has serious issues, that need to be addressed.  [hall2_sad]
In fact, he could use a bit of "couch time" as well, in order to get to the root of his hate for his OWN child.
Though I do suspect what it could be.  Why does everyone says three quarters of an hour, instead of 45 mins?  [hall2_huh]    That valve should be featured in the end title credits, it's getting more screentime than some cast members.  YAY Malloy is back on the scene, Liz could use some support right now.  Yep that's it, Roger doesn't think the bad seed is his.  Carter is on to the kid, wonder what he will do?

GOOF: You can see "Carter" exit the set(stage right) when he leaves Collingwood,lol!

He really didn't want to persue the investigation, once it was clear that David was the culprit. Liz just gave him a convient way out of it.  So it looks like the youngster got away with attempted murder.  [hall2_huh]

Robservations / Re: #0031/0032: Robservations 06/08/01: Son vs. Father
« on: November 06, 2010, 11:21:09 PM »
Episode #31.

The infamous valve reappears, what now?
LOL@ David tryin to make run for the border, not so fast sport!
So Burke decided to cover for him, on the road, really?  Hope Roger doesn't buy this BS.
Now he has an ally in the Collins family, you will pay dearly for that favor David.
Have a feeling Devlin will cash in on it very soon.   [hall2_sad]  Poor Vicki, she's been made to look like a fool.
Wait a minute, Carolyn just indirectly poked holes in Devlin's story about picking up Damien(oops I mean David) wandering the streets in town.  Will somebody please take a paddle to this kid's backside?
Must agree with Burke, Roger does appear to be more disappointed that he wasn't the culprit.
Roger's on the rampage, David is terrified and Vicki looks totally clueless.
I'm sure Devlin is enjoying all this turmoil and chaos, grinning like a fat Chesire Cat.

The story is a bit of  a slow burn, but I'm intrigued and want to see where it leads.

Night has come and David is still on the Lam.
Elizabeth is the only one who seems to be geniunely concerned. Carolyn is too non-chalant about it and Roger doesn't give a crap.  Ummmmmmmmmmm perhaps it's time to call Sheriff Carter, so he can put out an APB on the boy?
"If anything happens to him, I'll never forgive Miss Winters.... Never"
Excuse me but, how exactly is this HER fault?  [hall2_huh]
Showing up at Devlin's room, this kid is a BOLD one!  Dude is workin that "Doe eyed innocent waif" routine again.
Don't think Devlin is buyin it though.  As I suspected he planted the evidence in his room, what a bad seed.
Storm is coming, still nobody calls the Sheriff about David, guess he will fly home in the bad weather.
Elizabeth is beginning to face the truth about David, glad she apologized to Vicki.  Could David be Devlin's kid, would explain why Roger is hostile and cold towards him.  HAHAHA Devlin is on to you kid, can't wait to see how this will play out.     Nice interior shots of the house with Vicki's voiceover, very ominous and creepy.  Oh man that shadow in the doorway, freaked me out a little.  [hall2_shocked] [hall2_shocked]
David still isn't home and Roger doesn't give a crap, oh yeah DEFINITELY Father of the Year right there. [hall2_rolleyes]

"Now that's a combination, isn't it?  My son and Burke Devlin, the two people in this world I dislike the most."

Wow, I got Nothin....SMH
Now that he has the valve, how will Devlin play his hand with young David?  Who appears to have had a change of heart about framing him for Roger's accident. Quelle suprise, David continues to lie and shift blame to Vicki for the accident. If a person's pants actually caught fire when they lied, this kid would be ASHES at this point.  At last, Devlin plays his card, this should get interesting.

Robservations / Re: #0027/0028: Robservations 06/06/01: A Sundae With David
« on: November 06, 2010, 08:47:26 PM »
So it appears that young David is also a master thief, when will he start wishing people to the Cornfield?
A la Twilight Zone.  [hall2_sad]   Okay Blondie is back now, been off camera for a while.
Did Vicki change her shirt, looks different from the previous episode.  Yes Carolyn, David is a future serial killer in the making. 

:Hello Mr. Boom Mike:
Here comes Bronson, why doesn't Devln want him in Collinsport? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............very shady goings on with those two.   [hall2_sad]  Soooooooooo, what is behind that door and it's the same door David was seen exiting in a recent episode.  That David is a sly one, giving Vicki that Mechanics book.    Devlin s plotting a corporate takeover of the Collins family's wealth, property and Assets.  Oh yes, dude really hates them.
How on earth did David make it to town, did he fly or has a chauffeur on stand by?   Trying to sneek in Devlin's room to plant evidence, this kids has GIGANTIC cajones. Can't wait to see him talk his way out this one.
Devlin sure got back to Collinsport really fast, warp speed,lol!  [hall2_grin]  Carter isn't intimdated by him either, I'm impressed.  Very slick Maggie, distracting the kid with an Ice Cream Sundae. LOL@ at Carter puttin the screws to Devlin, making a point of announcing the call he received was from NYC.

GOOF: Spotted Louis Edmonds(Roger) standing outside the front door of the hotel set, warming up and waiting for his cue to enter the scene:   
Once again P00F David  is gone, must have slipped out the side door in the Restaurant.   And the battle is on between Roger and Devlin, getting even more ugly.   Maggie said she searched all over the hotel for David, never ocurred to her to check the phone booth? R0TFLMA0!

Robservations / Re: #0025/0026: Robservations 06/05/01: Evidence Everywhere
« on: November 06, 2010, 06:25:04 PM »
Okay it's time to get back to Pre-Barnabas DS.

Victoria Winters, You Got Mail!
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm David, invasion of privacy MUCH?
Wonder if Roger snuck a peek before giving it to Vicki?  [hall2_undecided]
Does that kid ever see sunlight or have any friends?Now Liz is attempting to pull Jedi Mind Tricks on her brother, where Ms. Winters is concerned.

The plot THICKENS.....

Go ahead Dame Bennett, swat that pesky house fly.
Oh boy Makaveli Jr. is at it again, this kid has huge cajones and it's entertaining to watch.   [hall2_grin]
Poor Vicki, everybody is tossing BS at her like rice at a wedding.
Now she has found the "smoking gun" that incriminates David in Roger's accident, wonder what she will do?
Kid you are SO BUSTED, wait until Daddy finds out!
Okay seriously, is she going to allow that child to physically overpower her?  [hall2_huh]
HAHAHA, she tricked the demon spawn!
Sheriff Carter has a backbone,  he knocked Roger down a few pegs. Well played SIR!
Now the kid wants to go outside, don't let him leave Liz.  Here it comes, shorty is playing the "Evil Governess is trying to hurt me" card. This family is a piece of work, Run Vicki RUN!  David needs a swift smack on his bottom.
Go get the valve and show it to her Vicki, before David picks the lock on your dresser drawer and swipes it.
Spoke too soon, it's GONE! 

Calendar Events / Announcements '10 II / Re: Happy Halloween!
« on: November 03, 2010, 06:48:39 PM »
Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend.    [hall2_grin]

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