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Well, unlike most of the DS alumni, he was only in one storyline .. and it wasn't very good.  So I don't hold that against him. It was pointed out in the variety obit, Dark Shadows was his first acting role.  I never watched Dynasty but did like him as the quarterback in 1st and Ten with Delta Burke. And as fans of Cannon, Josette and I liked him as the doorman in a few episodes.

V: Ok Maggie, you've got 10 seconds to spell Closed due to botulism outbreak ...Ready .. Go!

won jitterbug contests before she married Paul...

Calendar Events / Announcements '21 I / Re: OT: Kate Jackson on Match Game
« on: February 21, 2021, 07:56:22 PM »
Funny thing, we just got back Buzzr on our cable a couple weeks ago. It was dropped over a couple months ago when the signal switched over to the local Fox affiliate - which our cable didn't carry any of their sub channels. It was just a screen saying technical difficulties. Was supposed to be Byron Allen's The Grio Channel but I suppose either they couldnt work things out or they got blowback for dropping Buzzr. Either way, after losing Decades and Antenna TV, glad to salvage Buzzr.

You are right about their schedule though ... no real way to tell for sure until you watch enough shows to see a pattern. Their episode guide isnt much help. You might want to try tomorrow from 5-6 pm.  It will be 2 Match Game 76 episodes .. which might be the next 2 Kate Jackson episodes .. or maybe not.

Calendar Events / Announcements '21 I / OT: Kate Jackson on Match Game
« on: February 21, 2021, 05:32:16 PM »
Sorry for short notice but Kate Jackson is on Match Game on Buzzr now. 12:30pm. Her other shows might follow after.

E: Whats going on in there?
D: Nothing ... ( while Sarah hums London Bridge is Falling Down)

R: Dr. Reeves, it hurts when I do this ...
Dr. R: Well, don't do that ... That will be a hundred dollars.

That diner should be listed with Uber Don't Eats ...

B to himself: So thats why there aint never any clean napkins in this place ... Maggie is always wearin em ...

B: Look Joe  I know you're depressed because you haven't scored with Carolyn. but playin I Fall to Pieces 27 times is enough boy ...

Due to a new city ordinance, Bob reluctantly gives Joe a sobriety test.